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#29 & 30; Weasel and; the TOAD!!!

| November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments

These two idiots have decided long ago that beating the absolute TAR out of each other on a regular basis is exactly what each of them needs to bring HIS view of what the world should be to fruition.  The outright skull bashing that these two recieve would kill a lesser man.  These two roam the world Zebra lives in.  At one time or another, they provide Zebra with actual assistance. More often than not, these buffoons show Zebra how NOT to attack his problems.  Thusly; Zebra succeeds in his goals a LOT more than either of these two dim-witted fools EVER will!

#27 & 28; Maverick and Watts

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Maverick is good at just about everything and Watts is his right hand man involving all things computer.  The two work as a main unit in their group.

#26; The Wyvern

| November 27, 2010 | 2 Comments

In my youth (and now middle aged love of all things super hero) I created my version of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi and all the other great Marvel “Street level” characters I love to this day in the form of this character; The Wyvern.

My idea was to create a very different look than the afformentioned characters but to maintain the look of Kung-Fun super heroes.  With the “Bat-Symbol/Iron Fist” crossover on his chest that ends in the fabled Wyvern tail club, I do believe the look had been achieved.

This version of Wvyern was drawn by my friend Greg Giordano (AKA; Flameape) and Wyvern was to be included into our mutually created web comic; “The Mystery Men”.

Hopefully, someday, Wyvern (one of my most beloved creations and now even moreso beloved with Gregs own special brand of costume design) will appear in a published zine of some sort, knocking heads and striking totally awesome Kung-Fu poses!

#25; The Golem

| November 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

The unliving construct created to keep watch over the mountain fortress behind him, the golem keeps silent watch at all hours.

#24; Chrybddis

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

Taking his name from the legendary creature, Chrybddis is one of many of a tribe of under water dwellers.  Chrybddis is unique from his people in a number of ways; his speed swimming underwater is unmatched, he can create whirlpools under and on the surface of the water and he can breathe on land.

The markings on his body are of his tribe.  The markings seen here on his clothes are actually the extension of his tattoos; they glow iridescent like many markings of underwater life.

#23; Nara

| November 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

A contact for Zebra and Szadera from one of the more prominent thieves guilds. Nara is a thief that covers by being a dancer. The dancing profession also gives her a means to scope out new marks and easy prey.  Luring wealthy men back to her place (or theirs), drugging them with a heavy hallucinagen and then ripping them off is a favorite past time of hers!

#22; Szadera

| November 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

A warrior bred in captivity on the frigid tundra where Zebra also makes his home.  She is freed by Zebra eventually and joins him in his efforts to understand how their world went from a rich farm land to a frozen tundra almost overnight.  The weapons Szadera uses are crafted from wood.  She uses them with frightening accuracy and is second only to Zebra  in hand to hand skills. she is, however, much wiser and saavy than Zebra in many ways.

#21; The Walker of the Word

| November 21, 2010 | 2 Comments

Found half dead and naked when he was a boy, the ministers of the Black Fold tended to their charge. They soon found he had a liking for violence and instead of beating it out of him (as is the way with the clergy), they hired the best warriors in the realm to train him from birth to be the ministers black hand of death and leader in the churches crusades.  The boy never had a name until many years later. That name became legend; ” Walker of the Word”. Soon, “The Walker” waged terrible and bloody war on any and all who would oppose the word and the way of the Ministers of the Black Fold.  Until he met Zebra. And then their war began.

#20; the Black Scarab

| November 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

Villain, terrorist, anarchist and all around thief, the Black Scarab can be hired by any agency to do most any illegal action needed to meet their ends.  He takes great pride and pleasure in the jobs that do harm to any person who dares call themselves; “Hero”!

#19; Autumn Dragon

| November 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

Born in China, The Autumn Dragon believes he is descended from a long line of dragon worshippers of pre-history China.  He was born with super human strength, durability, the ability to fly and breath fire.

#16-18; Necros and the Supernauts

| November 16, 2010 | 0 Comments

From Bottom up: Necros-Creator of all things tech that the Supernauts utilize.  He combines steam powered energy with magic to make things operate.  The world that the Supernauts live in is all steam powered.  Necros amped up his game by adding magic to it.  He’s a brilliant man who is shrouded in sadness as he misses his late brother; Emilies Father, Ambrose. Necros is a saddened individual but dearly loves Emilie and would stop at nothing to protect her.

Emilie. The center of Necros’ world and his Niece. She was only one year old when her Mother and Father were murdered by Necros’ 3rd brother; Obadiah.  Obadiah wanted the inate powers he sensed in Emilie for himself. As he was preparing a ritual to kill Emilie and drain those energies to him, Ambrose saved Emilie in the nick of time but was mortally wounded by one of Obadiahs henchmen.  Having some abilities of his own, Ambrose teleported away with Emilie.  Before he died, Ambrose gave Emilie to Necros to watch over her.  To this day, Necros monitors Emilies capabilities and helps her use them to one day defeat her evil Uncle; Obadiah. Emilie is a playful and quick witted girl who loves to dress as her favorite fictional character, Han Solo. Hence the fake blaster depicted here.

Cassius. Created by Necros as a guardian for Emilie, Necros, whether he knew it or not, made Cassius’ personality to be almost exactly like that of his late Brother Ambrose.  Necros Created Cassius out of metal and magic and is forever tinkering on him.  Cassius has developed many of his own quirks (through magic or other means, Necros has no idea).  Among them, he fancies watching old movies with Emilie among his favorite past times.

#15 -Piyo

| November 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

A character sketch of one of the races of the world I’ve been mucking with for a while now.  Very goat like. Mountain goat as a matter of fact.

Piyo is a Warlock of some ability who knew the parents of the young woman, Tujoxi, who ends up meeting Piyo in her travels. Piyo wears a necklace similar to the one Tujoxis Father gave her before he died.  Piyo ends up telling Tujoxi that he and her parents were close friends and that if anything ever happened to Tujoxi, Piyo was to take care of her for them.

Piyo takes the young witch under his wing and trains her in the ways of magic.

#13 & 14 – Talon and the Atomic Wizard

| November 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

NEW JERSEY HARBOR NEWS FEED! On this November 12th, 1943 we have for you today, O’ constant reader; taken direct from the Police files off the New Jersey shore, sketches with insights provided by witnesses who swear to have seen two of the Mystery Men in action! The first is the Atomic Wizard! Theorized to have been a creation from a deranged scientist who is powered by Nuclear energies and then himself went off to learn the mystic stylings of magic to take down his foes!

The second is more notably and quite possibly the escaped mad man Terrence DeFlyer, A.k.a.; TALON! We could only ever know if he decides to take that helmet off one day! Apparently he actually does have the rare ability to fly! However he gained this ability through a terrible accident with an unknown chemical which, at the time, also induced his madness! He claims to be able to talk to birds as well! PREPOSTEROUS!!! Terrance, if you are reading this, turn yourself in! Your loved ones await your return!

And here we have a rare image taken from the interior of the great and mighty IRON DREIDEL which serves as the bunk house and base of operations for many of the vaunted MYSTERY MEN!!! Depicted here are the afformentioned Atomic Wizard and Talon sitting at the conference table with what appears to be a very bored looking Jouster! This image is copyright The NJS Police Dept. 1943.

*Ahem*! So yeah, I designed Talon and the Atomic Wizard for the web comic; Mystery Men.  Along with good friend Greg Giordano, we created a bunch of golden age super heroes and villains to throw fisticuffs at each other for a good long while.  These images are all drawn and inked by me with color and lettering by Greg.  We co-wrote the book and many of Gregs characters are hangin out below also!

#12 – Abra Cadaver

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Very little is known about this strange and seemingly young woman who has the ability to raise and command the dead to do her bidding.  She has remained virtually unknown as she tends to skulk and spend most of her time in graveyards.

#11- Tujoxi

| November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments

Based on one of my good friends, Tujoxi is a young Wiccan who was orphaned at the age of 15.  Through a series of hapless events, Tujoxi’s Mother opened a portal to the dead realms.  The opened portal allowed for a number of evil spirits to enter the living world and kill Tujoxi’s Mom and Dad.  Tujoxi escaped with only a pendant her Father gave her just before he died.  He told Tujoxi the pendant would protect her and guide her.  Scrambling hysterically into the forest that surrounded her home for protection, Tujoxi collapses and falls fast asleep.  She awakens to see the remains of her dead Father coming to murder her.  Her Father had been taken over by one of the evil spirits that her Mother had released.

Part of one of the pages for the main story I’d been working on;

# 10 – Jouster (The many faces of!)

| November 10, 2010 | 7 Comments

This was one of my first characters ever created. I designed him to be the sidekick to my best friends character; “The Acrobat!”.  This was roughly around 5th grade that these characters were created.  I wasn’t very original at the time; stealing direct design elements from Acrobat and the “Electric cattle prod” was nothing I designed myself.

I met fellow artist and good friend Greg Giordano (who got me into this 30 Characters mess!) a while back and we were working on a web comic where I got to add a bunch of characters of my own in.  Since I never got to use him in any comic book action, I thought it would be fun to use my first super hero.  However, the Jousters current costume (as seen above) wasn’t right for the 40’s time line we were working in.  So Greg had me work up a rendition of Jouster for the comic;

and here you see Gregs’ art for Jouster!

#9 – Ziazoon

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

Ziazoon is Zebras’ sister. She was taken by an ancient wizard and trained in the mystic arts as well as battle.  However, she doesn’t have the heart that Zebra possess and tends to use people for her own ends.  Unknown to Zebra and Brannock, Zia is the cause of the great Wyrms erupting throughout the frozen tundra and causing mayhem.  She controls them with her magics so that she may reap the benefits of their destruction.  In a world as bleak as this; Zia learned long ago to drive villagers away from their homes and take what was left. The wyrms do all the dirty work for her and she reaps the rewards.  Eventually, Zebra finds out about all this and eventually exacts revenge on his misguided sister.

#8 – Brannock Stonnspar and Company

| November 8, 2010 | 3 Comments

The Dwarves that employ my earlier post; “Zebra” to help them exterminate the great white wyrms of their northern territories. The middle Dwarf is the field leader; Brannock Stonnspar.  He is a gruff but fair individual who will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of his people. His men are fiercely loyal and heed his every word as gospel.  Brannock has lost many men, friends and even family to the harsh tundra in recent years. He knows something has disturbed the land and he hopes employing the rogue sell-sword, Zebra, will not be a mistake.

#7 – Slayer

| November 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

Slayer is a a member of the villainous group; “The Thrashers”. A band of ridiculous evil-doers with names all based on some of my favorite thrash-metal bands.

He’s not exactly dead but he pushes his body to the limit and beyond and therefore LOOKS dead.  He keeps a mass of protein pills on him but other than that, he barely eats.

His costume is forever smelly and nasty due to the blood of his victims remaining on it and the fact that he never takes the damn thing off (hence the stitches!). His team mates are constantly down wind of him and they are always talking about kicking him off the team except that they are afraid for their lives if they do so!

Slayer is extremely resilient to pain and eerily agile.

His arsenal is made up of thrown together blades from a typical household and he is forever talking to them as if they were alive.  He never gets rid of any of them as he feels he has more in common with his weaponry than a fellow human being.


| November 5, 2010 | 0 Comments

A little early with this but I thought what the hell since I have work tomorrow and things goin on tonight.

Here’s Faegan.  He’s a werewolf hailing from Ireland.  He is from a story called; “The Final Circle” which talks about the final circle, or family, of werewolves left in the world and what that means for our environment.  The werewolves in this story are not evil as they are most often portrayed in movies and popular fiction, In fact, the antithesis of the wolves; the Wraiths, have used such propaganda to ensure fear of wolves among the human populace of the Earth.  The Dread Lord is the leader of the Wraiths and I will be posting a pin up featuring him tomorrow.


#5 – Sidh

| November 5, 2010 | 0 Comments

It never fails. I always end up being influenced by Lovecraft. Characters that have to deal with their own mental instability and inner demons as well as physical monstrosities are very interesting to me.

Sidh is a character from my book entitled; “Full Black”.  Sidh is an inhabitant from deep below the surface crust of Earth. His purpose is to warn the remaining people that live on the surface of the impending destruction in the form of the great ancient ones which destroyed and enslaved his people.

I did the layouts and drawing and character creation here and my good friend JME Wheeler did the colors. I love what Jme did with the ghosts.  Made me very happy!

Copyrights Ethan A. Slayton and Jme Wheeler 2010 yadda yadda yadda, yakkity smackity!

#4; MACE

| November 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

Old man MACE. What can I say about him; crazy? Heart-broken? Highly intelligent? Permanent Metal Mace grafted onto his left hand due to an experimental accident gone awry? SHO’ NUFF!!! Mace’s son; The All-American, died in the midst of a less than heroic battle (he was stomped on by a giant Earth Elemental and crushed to death) and since then, Mace has been slipping more and more into a dark place. Eventually he righted himself just long enough to create his new “son”; the andriod version of the All-American.  This actually helped Mace to cope with the loss of his son and set him right to fight crime once again.

#3; Zebra

| November 3, 2010 | 4 Comments

Zebra is the smaller character in this image. He’s doing battle with a giant fire salamander.  Zebra is a race I created called the; “Ironmare”.  They are a race from the world setting that Zebra exists within. The Ironmare are incredibly agile and able to leap extremely high and run very fast.  They are naturals at hand to hand combat and Zebra is a well trained swordsman.

I have a few stories slated about him but nothing sequential as of yet.

#2 The All-American

| November 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Realizing this must be an East Coast contest after I posted my 1st entry at 11pm Oregon time, it was already day 2 for you other contest goers. I hope I’m not disqualified or anything.  Either way, here’s a second post to make up for the bumble on my end. Enjoy!

Super Hero Andriod built by his father, the aged Super Hero; Mace.  The original All-American was killed (crushed underfoot by a giant Earth elemental) in battle.  Mace, the grieving father, was so emotionally destroyed that he went the distance and entered the annals of insanity by using his genius with technology and engineering to create this new “son”.

#1 Ra, Goddess of the Sun

| November 2, 2010 | 4 Comments

Ra. She believes she is the reincarnated ancient Egyptian God come to spread his grace for modern day man.  Not only does she have slight gender issues, she’s incredibly deadly.  She harness’ the powers of gravity which she mistakes for powers from the Sun.  Her gravatronic powers enable her to fly and create all sorts of mayhem.