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#2 Conor Lowell

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Michael Fassbender as Conor Lowell

The golden city before him seemed to mock Conor as he looked at it.  It seemed to large, so close, but it was still so far off, bright and glowing against the smog filled sky. It was a place untouched by black, and it was where all that lived below it wanted to be. Conor was no exception to that wish.

However, unlike so many other dreamers, Conor knew that he was unlikely to get there. He was a hound, hired muscle to guard and protect, bound through promises made of words and promises made of mystical design. He was not in control of his fate unless the holder of his leash broke their bond, freeing him to attempt to breech the golden city’s walls.

Conor palmed the static spear on his back. It was an item that he was lucky to find, a great weapon, that, nonetheless, was troublesome in it’s own ways. It felt solid and strong against his palm; the switch was a heavy thing that wouldn’t be turned on if it were accidently brushed. It was a delicate weapon though, with just as much a chance to backfire and harm the wielder as a chance to harm the intended target. That was why he used it, after all. The danger his weapon posed to himself was just as intoxicating as fighting was for him.

And he would fight. He was a hound. Fighting was what he did.

Iris might not like it, especially when he came back with blood stains on his clothing and hands, the smell of another woman on his skin (he hoped that the second went ignored or not found… but the way that her face would pinch… she probably knew), but she would accept it. She always did, or seemed to.

Conor focused again on what was in front of him as his fellows shifted from wary relaxation, to wary observation. The static spear seemed to fly to his hand as he readied himself and took point. The spasm was coming, the bloodlust bubbling up from the pit of his soul.

The target turned the corner.

Conor switched on the spear. The electricity glowed on his face, giving it the cast of a demon’s.

#1 Katelin Spencer

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Scarlett Johansson as Katelin Spencer

She hated rushing, she really did. Had to get out of one outfit, into another, and all without coffee or a cigarette. And speaking of, where the hell was her lighter? So now add some frantic searching to the rushing, which was making the rushing worse.

… And now she was over turning just about everything while dressed in a slinky dress that barely covered what needed to be covered while still managing not to make her look too much like a slut. The wonders of a half cooch dress over a full cooch dress.

“Gah… fuck it.”

A cigarette hanging from her teeth, she grabbed her hair and held it back while turning on the stove. It was fire, if would work. She leaned over, holding the cigarette firmly between her teeth and over the flame to light it.

Yo, this is Kate here. Well… Katelin, technically, but I never go by that. Just Kate. Anyway! You see that mad woman running around? You know the one nearly burning off her face because she can’t find a lighter? That’s me. Not too pretty I know, I know. But hey, in this economy can’t afford to be pretty 24/7. Not when there are bills to pay, tuition to keep track of and nosy neighbors who always want to get into more than they should.

But hey, that’s life right? Take your lemons and make lemonade out of them while squirting lemon juice into someone’s eye for a laugh.

Though I still can’t find that damn lighter.

Anyway, I work far too many jobs, but I have to keep afloat any way that I can. I have to.


Kate stiffened. hurriedly turning off the stove flame, her cigarette lit.

“Mom, you’re going to get hurt if you keep doing that.” Kate turned and knelt, her son coming closer. “And you’re going out again. You shouldn’t.”

“I know, baby. but I have to go out. This is a date that can’t be missed. but I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“Is it the same man you had a date with two days ago? the one that gave you bruises?”

Kate stiffened again. She had really hoped that those had gone unnoticed, but her son was always been able to see more than she wanted.

“No,” she said. “No this is a different man, I promise. I won’t come back hurt.”

This is my kid, Jay. He’s a sweetheart and smarter than you could ever believe. I can’t believe it sometimes. To be honest, it can be scary, but I’d never let my Jay go for anything.

He’s going to be a heart breaker when he’s older. He’s only ten now, but damn, if you thought Liz Taylor had purple eyes, you’ve never seen the purple eyes that Jacob Spencer has. And with his fire engine red hair… yeah, the girls, and maybe some guys, are going to be lovestruck puppies chasing after him.

Jay is also the best thing about my life right now, and he almost didn’t happen. It was mainly the mixture of not having enough money for an abortion, as well as the way the people at the abortion clinic were looking at me like I was signing away my soul. So, instead of losing my Jay, I flipped the clinic off, and posted a sign saying they were all dickheads on their front door and never looked back.

So, despite who his father is, my Jay is the light of my life and I’m not giving up his too smart head for anything, you can believe that. Means I also give him the best that I can give him to make sure that he learns the most that he can. Even if the other parents and administrators of his school are jack asses that need to look at the real world once in a while.

Jay gave his mother a disbelieving look, but sighed in acceptance anyways. Kate ruffled his hair, “now back to bed big man. and…”

“Call Miss Jefferies down the hall if I need anything.” He ended her statement in a sing song voice of someone who has heard it all before.

“That’s my smart alec.” with a final kiss, Kate got up, found her shoes, purse and jacket, made one last make up check, adding just a little more blush on her cheeks and going over her lips again with the dark pink lipstick. She had a job to do, and she was loathe to be late for “escorting” this “date” of hers.

I’m a court stenographer by day, waitress by evening and “high class” call girl by night. I don’t get enough sleep, I smoke worse than a chimney, I don’t suffer idiots, and I have a temper worse than a mother bear. I might not be proud of all that I do, but I’m proud of who I am.

This is my life, and I got to live it and make myself some sweet lemonade.

2011 Challenger: Mary

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Yo! welp, Name’s Mary, I’m a college student in my final year and I managed to stumble on this while clicking around. Decided that this might be fun to try out my writing skills with and develop ideas in my head.

Hope I can do well on this, and nice to meet everyone.