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Known as either Tash, Bob or Doug.
I was gonna partake in NanoWrMo this year but once I saw this I joined. Drawing is more of my thing then writing so why not. I've also been in an art slump so I figured this would help.

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Day 1: Ariwn

| November 4, 2011 | 1 Comment

Ariwn is an upcoming mate for the next mating season. He specializes in meal making and feathering grooming.  He is part of a species known as Forian. They are lizard like people with features growing from their bodies. At least in the male forian’s case, the females tend to be more bird like then lizard.

Female Forians are the ones who run the tribe. They happen to be bigger and stronger and more liking to be better warriors then the males. The males are smaller and gentler, and don’t even develop full wings like the females. In most families there tends to be 1 head female and as many mates as her borrow can hold or she can provide for. The average is usually 1 female to 3 males. While the females scavenge or go to war with the other tribes the males (sometimes even females who wish to stay back and be a mate instead) tend to the children and the care of their homes.


Pokemon Trainer Bob wants to challenge you to a battle

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name’s Bob, or so everyone calls me. I come in peace from the great land of the maple leaf. (about an hour away from Toronto in Canada)

I’ve been in an art slump the last year and a bit. So I am here hoping this will fix it. I mostly prefer to work with traditional mediums and colour with markers. I’ve started to try more digital work though but I am not great at it by any means.

If I am not slaving away at work, I’m hermiting myself in my room either gaming or drawing if I can musker it up. If I do draw I normally listen to a range of neo-swing, euro dance/electric/techno/trance, dubstep and anything that has a good beat and catchy.

I can also be found at


Skype: angle-dust-Anderson (just let me know you’re from here)

Don’t be afraid of me, I like meeting new people, plus I think drawing and talking is nice :3