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Lisa Robinson – 30 Characters, completed!

| December 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Well, I cut it close but I finished! Schoolwork and funnily enough, my Thanksgiving break kind of snuck up on me near the end, but I managed to get some characters out! They’re not all top-notch, but I’m much more of a concept thrower than a polisher. I’m really happy with some of the new guys that have emerged from this challenge, and I think I’ll be using a lot of them in the future!

I think some of my favorites were 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 25, and 29.

It was a lot of fun and has been an interesting month. I loved seeing everybody’s characters! Maybe I’ll try at it again next year… if I have the time!

#30 – End

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

A creature merely known as “End,” it represents neither death nor life… simply obliteration. It slithers into worlds, cities, homes, people, minds, and wipes away whatever it wants. It makes no sound, and it can hardly be seen. It’s the destroyer of life, memory, mass, energy, laws of physics, and all things. Nothing can stop it, and it’s pointless to try. It’s formless in every way. It can end all sorts of things at all sorts of scales… from tiny bacteria, to entire civilizations, to entire universes.

Some think End eats away parallel, failed universes, or eats away at time itself, destroying whatever else it wants out of sheer boredom or spite. Some say it is merely the “physical” manifestation of fate. Whatever it is, it’s clearly not of our world.. or of any world. Only one thing can be certain… that someday, End will come for our world, our entire world.

#29 – Pyangas

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Kvell, after having their home planet completely ravaged by the Ekros’ search for resources, migrated to a new planet, swearing to never have anything to do with the nature-draining technology of the Ekros. Which proved quite a difficult task, since the planet they moved to seemed to be an entire deadly rainforest. They turned to the shamanistic arts to survive, and have evolved into a tough-skinned people who take no nonsense from anyone… and as such, are incredibly hard to deal with, both diplomatically and in combat. They swear to live off the land and the mystic arts, and those amongst them who use modern technology are banished from their world completely… with some groups even killing the blasphemers.

Pyangas is a high shaman in her city, tasked with protecting it from terrible flying monsters that like to come by to try to eat everyone every once in a while.  Like most of the Kvell, she is sturdy and hard-headed, and incredibly brave and proud. She has slayed every monster that has threatened her city, and every Ekros who dares to step foot in it as well.  Pyangas has welcomed many of other races into her home, and is always willing to perform magic for those who ask. She’s eager to share her wisdom and thoughts, although many find her heavy-handed and far too short-sighted.

#28 – Elvynn

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Lyncii, when they were discovered by the humans and the Ekros, were thought to be a primitive people at first. However, it was discovered that the Lyncii are actually very intelligent – vastly more logical and factual than any known creature in the universe. They had discovered and observed laws of the universe that had never been even dreamed of by the humans and Ekros. They are adaptable and they learn things very well… but they lack an ability to innovate. Their arts are stale and repetitive, they lack an ability to connect with the magic arts, and their technology development is slow and unpromising, after thousands upon thousands of years of civilization. So an exchange of knowledge occurred between the alien races – the Lyncii shared their scientific discoveries, while the humans and the Ekros shared in their advanced technology and infrastructure. The Lyncii’s standard of living improved drastically since, but they’re looked down upon as dim-witted creatures who leech upon the success of others.

One notable of this race is a historian named Elvynn, a middle-aged Lyncii with a small family. The Lyncii, thanks to their strong memories and observation skills, make wonderful historians and scientists. Elvynn does have a slight bit of a creative mind to him, but to a Lyncii, a small smidgen of creativity is a rarity and a blessing upon blessings. Elvynn, anyway, is more concerned about studying history than he is about creating things. He trails around parties, giving helpful advice and interesting facts about battles of old. He doesn’t quite consider himself a professional, but more of an enthusiast. His knowledge is vast, and he’s an excellent cartographer. Exploring is one of his greatest passions on top of history, and he teaches many of all kinds of races along his travels. He returns home every few months to his family, then sets off again on the next great adventure.

#27 – Happy Funky Nose Frog Guy

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

He’s a little guy with a funky nose… who thinks he’s a frog. He follows people around, croaking and hopping along merrily. He never gives anyone his name, and always has a smile on his face… so he’s known creatively as the Happy Funky Nose Frog Guy. The locals are not very creative, are they?

Rumor says he may have once been a kid named Albert who lived on a farm… a farm right in the middle of a bog. After a flood killed his family, and nearly killed him, he’s never been the same since… hopping around like he’s gone mad.

#26 – The Rose Fairy

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Rose Fairy is the keeper of a lovely rose garden, said to never wilt or wither, hidden in a place that no human is said to reach… or at least leave alive. As soft and demure as she looks, the Rose Fairy guards her garden with an almost paranoid fervor. Those who stumble across her garden are said to be enchanted by the endless perfumes of the flowers, and always attempt to pick or smell the roses… only to find themselves stabbed with a deadly poisonous thorn by a flower-petaled fairy with bright, venom-green eyes.

So much she loves her garden, the Fairy is incredibly egotistical and easily envious of other flowerbeds. It’s said that she tries to visit those with spectacular gardens to strangle their flowers to death. She’s even rumored to have destroyed Eden itself. She blesses those who offer her yellow roses on their doorsteps and porches, and those who find black rose petals in their garden have caught the eye of her wrath.

#25 – Cookie

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Also known as the Demon Photographer, Cookie’s one true love in life is her collage-like photography work. She takes photos of interesting people or objects, prints them, and cuts them into pieces. She arranges the pieces into odd formations or creatures… and for some reason, these assemblies of photographs have a habit of coming to life. Cookie never seems to be aware of this… despite the fact that they often walk off as living creatures, terrorizing the locals. Whenever one of her precious artworks go missing, she tends to shrug, and go out with her camera to make even more. Even stranger is that she never seems to encounter these photo monsters herself. Everyone knows these monsters come from her… but everyone’s too afraid to confront her about it, for fear of her hiding something even more horrible up her sleeve.

She doesn’t, really. But she’s going to keep making those collages until her mysteriously unbreakable camera breaks…

#24 – Ambrosia the Ekros

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Ekros, being giant avian creatures, are well known for their ability to battle from the skies. Ambrosia is one of these war aviators. With her trusty wings and her jet  backpack, Ambrosia slices through the skies of distant worlds at breakneck speeds, always searching for a new quest. Her home life was simple and her life story a bit dull, so she’s always had a never-ending thirst for adventure and glory. As a result, she tends to get in over her head, and is always itching to move somewhere. She feels most at home in the skies, and gets twitchy whenever she’s forced upon the ground. Ambrosia’s a bit naive, and can be a bit careless and even cruel. Her selfish desire for adventure and recognition sometimes blinds her to what’s right.

#23 – General Grand

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

General Grand heads one of the smallest divisions of the Robot race’s armies, but the most powerful – the robots who have finally been able to dip into the arcane through the breakthrough of technomagic. Grand holds the position of the most powerful technomage in existance, and he’s known to have never been defeated in combat. Not known to be sentimental, and always wanting to keep ahead of the game, Grand is constantly upgrading himself; he’s also been known to change the color of his plating every few weeks. Grand is ruthless in battle and has a stern, stoic personality – but he’s always a robot of his word.

#22 – Angelie

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

I fell a bit behind, so forgive me for the incoming mass of posts!

Angelie is one of the first humans to be taught the art of technomagic – a marriage of technology and the arcane, developed by the robots. Trained as a young girl, Angie’s equipment is primitive and clunky, but she refuses to use anything else, and will insist that her old equipment be repaired each time it breaks. It holds something dear in her heart, something she refuses to let go of. Though nowhere near the level of some of the robot technomages, Angelie is quite skilled in teaching beginners. After several years of being torn between two sides of a conflict, she’s vowed to keep herself out of the affairs of war.

#21 – Andrew Curry

| November 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Andrew has a little bit of a crush on the little pink haired main character, August. He has a habit of finding the pencils that she drops all over the school. He’s a killer at writing English essays, but is nearly failing all the rest of his classes. He’s a bit of a roleplaying nerd, and loves both tabletop games and MMORPGs. He also has a bit of a problem with being possessed by demons. Regularly.

He’s gotten used to it, though. Andrew’s taken a certain fondness to rolling dark or evil side characters because of it. He knows August is a professional demon hunter, but he’s never had the courage to so much as ask her what the weather is like today, let alone to take care of his little demon problem. Awkward and shy, Andrew seems to be a shadow in the background… the weird kid who occasionally bursts out in class, screaming about “filthy humans” and “we will enslave you all!”

Needless to say, poor Andrew has enough on his mind at the moment, and not just from the demons.

#20 – The Haggard Writer

| November 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

This young writer, Diane, has a problem.

She never really wanted to be a writer, but a character she made one day began to start bothering her of it’s own accord. She eventually learned that for each character she made up in her mind, it’d fester around as a hallucination, or even an alternate personality of herself… until she wrote it down and gave it a story. It drives her crazy – she’s no good at writing! But she has to do it, or else she goes mad from the random passing characters that flicker in her head…

There’s one guy she’ll never write a story for… her childhood imaginary friend. They’ve been through a lot together, and she’s just not ready to let him go yet…

#19 – High Valkyrie Regine

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

While the valkyries are known in legend as women who decided who died in the battlefield, in more recent years they seemed to have secluded themselves to the demon realms to study the ancient demon rune language, and use it to teach humans to defend themselves from the more vengeful demons. Regine, one of the oldest and most powerful valkyries, is known as one of the most skilled in the way of turning the defensively-based rune spells into an offensive assault.

Regine is not a very trusting woman, and was one of the first to try to expel the rogue high valkyrie Sanngri from the order of the valkyires, and from the living world. She has a powerful presence and a notorious heart of cold steel. Many of the Protectors, the loosely connected faction of demonhunter humans, refer to Regine in their native tongues as the Sword of Justice, in reference to her legendary runed sword, which has never failed to fall an enemy except one – the rogue Sanngri. Regine has sworn to take vengeance on Sanngri if she should ever be reawoken from her sealed chamber, and promises to be on the front line of the first battle on that day. It’s said that she sharpens her sword every day in preparation.

#18 – Bloodwolf King

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Bloodwolves are demonic wolves that are infamous for having the personality range of a teaspoon – nothing more than vicious, violent, and cruel. They’re born with dark, navy blue fur. It’s said that they never wash off the blood stains from their enemies, and that the stains turn into permanent red markings that seem to shimmer and glow in the dim light.

Nobody’s quite sure what corrupted these wolves, but many claim that their king might have something to do with it. The Bloodwolf King, one of the demon lords, is known as the most vicious and domineering of the lot. Every single bloodwolf seems to be under the strict control of this king, and his goals are quite clear – to exterminate all other species, demon and human alike, and gain complete control of the realms. At least, thats what people think. Demons and humans find it hard to talk to the Bloodwolf King at all, as he doesn’t seem to understand spoken or written language very well – just lots of killing. Wall and Garden has suggested trying to get him to look at the ancient rune-text, but nobody seems very keen on trying to get a bloodthirsty monster trying to kill them to sit still long enough to read some dead rune language.

Still, while the Bloodwolves are a credible threat to the demon realm, the concern over them is usually shunted aside for more immediate issues. The Bloodwolf King, at least, seems very aware of this, and uses this to his advantage by just doing what he and his enormous “pack” does best.

#17 – Ravenfang the Desolate

| November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

This gryphon-like demon lord has seen millions of years fly before him, and he will likely see millions more. Rather than remain in the public eye, the reclusive Ravenfang prefers to keep to his shadowy temple, a dark structure that hides amongst a dark, rainless storm, floating around the demon realm.

Ravenfang radiates despair from his body, so that those with weak wills who get too close to him find themselves stricken with negative emotions. It’s said that those who touch him lose all their willpower, and that he can crush their souls in half with his talons. Though many rumors surround him, not many who venture to his keep really die or even disappear… rather, they seem to vanish for a while, only to reemerge later, confused and depressed.

Ravenfang, in all honesty, probably has the power to do all the things that the rumors say he does. But Ravenfang is so old and weathered in spirit that he just prefers to be left alone to watch the world in silence.

#16 – Mindy Vright

| November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Mindy Vright was a promising young demon hunter, employed to the Dreamland Organization. She was known for her handling of human-like demons – from masqueraders to undead to the Caviers, Mindy had a knack for picking out monsters hiding among us. She was not known for her physical strength, but for her stealth and precision.

The D.O. lost a valuable member when Mindy died on the job. She disappeared when she went to track down the demon lord Cheshiredame, and was promptly killed in combat with her. However, while her death was confirmed, her body was never recovered, and there have been rumors that she’s been seen walking amongst the living again…

#15 – Kid Valkyrie

| November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Kid Valkyrie! Nobody really knows her name, as she hasn’t bothered to give one to anyone yet. While the rest of the Valkyries are off taking care of the fallen soldiers in the glory of battle, the Kid Valkyrie has a special job – taking care of all the kids who “die” in the glory of battle in their backyards. She whisks them away to Valhalla when they fall, promising them an endless feast of candy and pizza awaits them…

… Okay, so she’s actually just  a little kid who’s Halloween costume went a bit too far. She particularly enjoys raiding the games of the neighborhood boys playing World War II on the hill, swooping in to take the Allies (and sometimes even the Germans) to their personal heaven. Then she gets into battle herself, and somehow always ends up turning into a huge tank…

#14 – Daphne Delmeyer

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Daphne is not someone you want to cross. The middle-aged woman is cursed in a state of perpetual wrathful anger. Whenever she is enraged at something, she’s consumed with it, and she will not rest until the thing is destroyed – whether it’s a thing, a person, or something even more complex. The longer it takes her to destroy it, the more terrible and wild her emotions become. When said object of her rage is defeated, she must find something new to focus her rage on, or else she has a complete mental breakdown. The only thing that she can’t get enraged at (though she’s tried many times) is her own anger, and trust me, she hates her anger about as much as whatever she’s targeting. She’s doomed to this endless cycle for the rest of her life.

Nobody is quite sure if Daphne is legitimately cursed… or if she has a severe mental problem. She’s definitely made claims about witches in the past, though. Rumor has it that the witch who cursed her was the first thing she destroyed.

Nowadays, Daphne tries to control the cycle as best as she can. She serves as sort of a mix between assassin, secret agent, and diplomat… as confusing as it sounds. She tries her best to align her rage towards the true injustices of the world… but she’s only human. Sooner or later, she’s going to target something – or someone – she never meant to.

#13 – Geikarei Pomela

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

The alien geikarei, as they’re called by the local peoples, are enormous sentient plant life that are famous for their free motion and migration. Every  so often, these creatures get up and just move to wherever the hell they feel like. Whether they’re doing it for more nutrients, or feeling crowded, or just being plain bored, these leafy creatures have always been behind a shroud of certain mystery. They’re known for having bizarre powers – bringing luck, healing, disease, or even being parasites upon entire populations.

This geikarei in particular is a rather jumbled, graceless looking one named Pomela. Pomela is actually a friend of a local village, and s/he/it is known for it’s healing abilities. Pomela had been rescued by one of these villagers from a wildfire nearby, and the villager had given it safe haven in her home. In exchange for protection from wild animals and weather, Pomela provides its services as a sort of village nurse. While Pomela certainly can’t cure things overnight, it has always produced steady results, and the villagers depend on it for their sick and injured. Though geikarei are known for being migratory, Pomela has not moved from its location in several years.

#12 – An Unpronouncable Name

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

It’s not really his name. He just doesn’t have one that can be said in our language.

Most people refer to him as the leader of the faction of Wall and Garden – named so for the fact that it’s primary goals are to wall off the demon world from human invaders and cultivate what’s left of the demons’ cultural garden.

The leader, who for now we’ll just call Elephant Face (he refuses to accept or be called a name that humans can properly pronounce), has been campaigning to find ways to seal off his world from ours for centuries, even long before the disastrous vampire wars ravaged the realm. He’s worked endlessly to try to push human influence out of the world, and is openly critical of the ruling Caviers, the half-human bloodline that’s been trying to maintain order while trying to keep the balance between their world and ours. He believes humans have strictly no business in the affairs of demons, and should stay in their own world where they belong.

Despite his strong views, he doesn’t hate humans. In fact, he’s quite indifferent to humans as a whole, and he’s certainly met a fair few that he respects. Wall and Garden, despite their extremism, are a strictly pacifistic faction, and Elephant Face himself is perfectly fine with working alongside humans if it’s convenient to him. Usually, these kinds of affairs that he accepts human assistance with are disputes or violent feuds between humans and groups of demons. Elephant Face is a wise and patient creature – while he refuses to stop until humans have been banished from the realm permanently, he’s willing to accept any sort of compromise along the way. Some progress is better than no progress, though other members of Wall and Garden thinks this policy makes him look too soft on the issue. He doesn’t want the human race exterminated (like several other demon factions desire), he just wants them out.

(Ack, this one’s a bit late, mainly because I decided to do a colored pencil scan. Today’s will be on time, hopefully.)

#11 – Cassie

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Cassie is quite… “gifted” in the art of fortune telling… hence giving herself the nickname at a young age. She never really considered the funny coincidence that she could only ever tell a specific type of future: predictable, mundane occurrences that, if they were odd at all, were always shrugged off as coincidences.

Cassie’s always trying to broaden and practice at her powers. Her hair has an odd habit of having two thick strands fly up like radio antennae whenever she’s tapping into her fortune ability. She always feels like she’s getting better, with more detailed, different fortunes… but, in all honesty, she just gets the same kind of fortunes as she always has; she just picks up weirder people.

Still, Cassie thinks of herself as an unappreciated superhero. She can be a bit full of herself on that, and outright denies the claims of anyone who tells her that really, her psychic abilities are just really awful.

#10 – Gelra Mastinde

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Gelra Mastinde is quite the big-boned woman, but she’s got a big enough heart to match. When she’s not working in the metal shop or bodyguarding, she’s usually found either at the bar, or hanging around Haltenti Pan Gherten and Dormere Velhandel.

Gelra specializes in creating metal sculpture and architecture. While she’s quite capable of magic, she has little patience for common practice – she weaves it into her metalwork instead. All of her tools were made by her, each specially crafted to a specific need. Sometimes, she creates cheap weapons to use for her bodyguarding work – which usually pays fairly well, but she doesn’t like to waste good metal on beating around people. She does have one special beating stick, though. She keeps it under her bed in her home.

Gelra is one of very few people who have taken a liking to Haltenti. She finds his arrogant attitude more amusing than annoying, and she’s always trying to get the little guy to drink himself into a stupor. She also thinks of Dormere as a family friend, much to Dormere’s displeasure, as she has a habit of thinking punching his back will make him feel better…

#9 – Dormere Velhandel

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

“Trust me, sir, if it weren’t for the fact that your magic pays for my chiropractor, I wouldn’t be here picking lint out of your toes.”

Dormere Velhandel is the right hand man to Haltenti, or at least, when Haltenti remembers to pay him.

Dormere suffers from a myriad of personal and medical problems. Along with a really bad hunchback (and a bad back in general), he suffers from anger mangement problems alongside depression. Doctors have put him on all sorts of medications for these problems… and it just creates more. His current set of pills has him in a sort of numb stupor, while his anger problems are not quite as surpressed as they should be.

So, the result is that Dormere has a very dry, passive-aggressive attitude and contempt for the world. He usually takes it out on the arrogant twit in pink who he has to take care of. He loathes Haltenti and makes no attempt to hide it – as long as he doesn’t make fun of Haltenti’s height, everything he says just bounces off anyway. However, Haltenti pays well, and Dormere is devoted and loyal to those who pay his bills… and only when they pay his bills. Spouting his dry, caustic demeanor and verbal abuse towards Sir Pan Gherten seems to be almost cathartic for Dormere, and perhaps is the only thing getting him through his daily hell of being Haltenti Pan Gherten’s paid assistant.

Dormere is capable of magic, though he knows very little, and he does not make a very good bodyguard. Instead, he merely serves as Haltenti’s personal assistant, doing anything and everything that Haltenti wishes at the time, as long as Haltenti doesn’t try to make him find more beautification spells, or women for him to try to date. He’s only an assistant, not a miracle worker.

Dormere enjoys seafood, rainy days, and holds a secret desire to be a painter. Not that he’s any good at it, but he tries.

#8 – Overdrive

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Overdrive is not this creature’s real name… nobody knows what it is or where she came from. Nobody knows anything about her. All anyone really bothered to find out was that the ticking energy bomb was their ticket to the future.

Overdrive, alongside being twice the size of a truck and about the force of a hundred of them, stores massive pockets of explosive energy inside her body. It’s what gives her an enormous size and strength. She can let it out in massive bursts, and if she were to let the whole bottle pop loose, she could destroy the world a hundred times over. This was what was most feared of her, and there was a massive campaign to kill her.

Then, it was discovered that this energy from her body could be extracted, and used as a cheap energy alternative.

Naturally, she was sedated, captured, and shipped off to a specially designed power plant, with her as the power source, all within a matter of weeks. She spends her days helplessly punching and tearing at the apparatus keeping her pinned into the floor, along with crushing anybody who happens to get too close. Bloody knuckles are almost a permanent reality for her, she’s never without them due to her constant thrashing. Overdrive’s always punished for it, and she has many scars to prove it, but she doesn’t seem to care. She’ll grind her body into a pulp if it means escaping…

#7 – Madeline

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Today’s entry is a little lackluster, as I ran into some problems caused by mother nature (power blinkage.. grr.) So, I got a little frustrated.

This is Madeline! She plays on her school baseball team, and loves to knit. Brightly colored scarves, specifically. She’s usually pretty caked in dirt (so naturally this picture is a rare occasion that she’s not), but she’s just about the politest, brightest little kid you’ll meet!

#6 – Haltenti, the Wizard in Pink

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

(click the link-through picture if you care for some other goofy sketches that I had to crop out!)


I seem to have an affinity for short, bad-tempered people with an affection for the color pink.

This is Haltenti Varcerone Pan Gherten the second, to you anyway. People who know him well refer to him as Tenti. If you refer to him by anything other than “Sir Pan Gherten”, you’ll probably get a pyroblast to the face.

Haltenti is incredibly vain, to put it mildly. He seems to have this idea that he’s the most beautiful and desireable man in the world, and that he should be treated as royalty. He’ll treat himself every day to special “beautification spells” that don’t really work… in fact, as a side effect from applying these spells to him since a very young age, he’s permanently stunted his growth. Don’t try to tell him that, though. … Seriously, don’t. If you’re still standing after he’s done throwing his tantrum, you’ll get to see a tiny fabulously dressed midget run off sobbing dramatically, which I’m assuming is something you don’t want to see. If it is… you have some strange hobbies.

Needless to say, Sir Pan Gherten doesn’t have very many friends, or even a girlfriend. When he does try to pick up himself some ladies, he’s usually incredibly stupid and obvious about it. Haltenti is a bit cursed when it comes to women; he can’t even catch a mild gold digger. He has a nasty habit of always picking women to hit on who are already married quite happily to large, beefy men.

The Wizard in Pink himself is not born into a wealthy family, but he does live quite comfortably due to his very high proficiency in magic. While he may not be able to keep himself young forever, he certainly knows some of the most complex spells of the day and age. For some reason, people find magic incredibly useful! Haltenti thinks most spells that aren’t used to make his hair gorgeous are a waste of time, but he has to make a living somehow. Expensive spa retreats don’t pay for themselves.

As for his favorite spell? He prefers the one that trails falling rose petals wherever he walks.

#5 – Mr. Snow

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Mr. Snow goes beyond the usual throes of “malevolent spirit.”  He plants himself firmly into the psyche of a person with a deep psychological trauma – a memory, a secret, or a hidden desire that they do not wish to confront. In a sense, Mr. Snow becomes the manifestation of one’s personal demons. Once he settles in, he torments and haunts a person regularly, showing up in the corners of their vision as a shadowed man wearing a pinstripe suit. Nobody else ever sees him. He’ll hide in the dark corners of one’s home. Sometimes one can see nothing but those bright, blue eyes striking straight into their hearts, mocking them, tempting them: a constant reminder of all their sins and the sins of others. Mr. Snow has a nasty habit of regular suicide for the haunted as well. He’ll show up in the most unexpected of places, during a walk or perhaps a chat with a co-worker, seemingly killing himself in the most gruesome manners possible, only to show up again a while later, as if nothing had ever happened.

Mr. Snow, however, is strangely persuasive. His victims are attracted to him in a sort of masochistic dance – terrified of what they know he is, but still willing to open up their hearts to him. They’ll use him both as a shoulder to cry on and a shooting target. They’ll hate him, love him, and make love to him. It doesn’t matter if they try to kill him, he just keeps coming back. Eventually, they stop trying. Then, they start longing. Mr. Snow will become their only comfort, the only holder of their secrets. They’ll start becoming obsessed with him. He’ll eventually send them a note, inviting them to a remote place, promising that he will finally tell them everything about him.

It’s here where they meet their spectacular ends…whether by themselves, or by this mysterious spirit, nobody’s really sure. It would all be called an illusion of a troubled mind, if it weren’t the same blue-eyed man lingering around the memories of hundreds of people.

#4 – Keitos the Ekros

| November 5, 2011 | 6 Comments

Keitos belongs to a race of avianesque beings called Ekros. The Ekros live in elaborate cities in the skies of their home planet, but have completely devastated and drained the surface world. A thick cloud of pollution, grime, and noxious gas serves as a barrier between the beautiful floating cities and the barren landscape. The Ekros have taken to scouring other worlds for resources to help a people in crisis.

Keitos himself is a biowarrior, a fighter who utilizes both their extensive medical knowledge and the unique power of biological weapons. Since the Ekros are an extremely technically advanced society, Keitos never has any trouble finding the right supplies he needs. He’s served in many battles, acting as both a field doctor and an air soldier. He’s lost many friends (and rivals) as the armies of the Ekros conquered enemy worlds. He takes everything he does very seriously – there’s hardly any joking with this veteran.

Still, he merely holds a heavy heart, and has a passion for great works of art that is unmatched. Behind his cold, militarian exterior hides a man who can find beauty in anything, and appreciate it deeply and sincerely. One might suspect it’s the only thing keeping him sane.

#3 – Monica and Kyra

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

To talk about one is to talk about the other, so naturally, they’re here as a team!

Monica’s known for quite some time that she’s got a pretty bad genetic disorder hanging out in her, waiting to take her out sometime in the middle of what should be a long, healthy life. So, she figures she has a limited time to do whatever the heck she wants to do with herself… doing crazy stunts, mouthing off to whoever she feels like, and jumping up at the opportunity to be bonded with her very own fighting android, Kyra. The program had the machines specifically choose their co-pilots, and Kyra designated Monica as her other half.

Each time Monica takes the wheel of Kyra, a little bit of each mind seeps into the other. They learn from each other, and there’s a high chance that the more time they spend together, they will eventually become completely indistinguishable from one another. Monica’s not sure what to make of this, nor does she really seem to care at the moment. As long as her clock keeps ticking, she’ll do whatever gives her the rush of the moment. She hasn’t told anyone about her medical problem. It’s quite an incredible strain on Kyra, who, while as loud and brash as Monica, is quite more open about her true feelings, and deeply wishes that Monica would be honest with herself just for once.

Kyra’s ideal fighting style is quick and airy. She prefers to use weapons over physical strength. The pieces on her head are very sharp, and can be detached and used as blades.

Monica loves cars and the color yellow, hates the rain, and is almost never seen without her huge goggles. Kyra enjoys reading trashy romance novels, complaining loudly about whether she should re-paint herself for the tenth time, and hates the winter.

#2 – Pik

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Pik is a pudgy little demon who thinks he’s a toughie. Perhaps he would have a bit more street cred if he didn’t have giant teasing magnets such as his big ridiculous ears, or his lack of unique powers, or his adorably chubby little body.

Pik’s bought pretty heavily into the “all demons are awesome, terrifying creatures who can conquer you within a blink” thing, so he puts on a big show about it, while being in denial about the actual good things he does. Which he actually does a lot. The little demon is incredibly loyal and can usually be seen scurrying his tiny self all over the demon world as a messenger boy. He’s constantly talking about how he’ll someday be a top-notch demon lord, able to defeat anyone in his way… well, a little guy can dream, can’t he?

(Pik’s made to fit into a pre-existing world of mine! I do need some interesting little side characters for the story, so this’ll be a great help.)

#1 – Dr. Magdalie Stelebeck

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

“Controversial” is an understatement when it comes to Dr. Stelebeck. She’s a medical genius, and has discovered many treatments for the most critical of terminal diseases and genetic disorders. She was once called the pioneer of modern medical science. She is also wanted in over fifty countries for kidnapping, mass murder, torture, illegal human experimentation, and general crimes against humanity. You know… the usual.

Magdalie Stelebeck has travelled the globe, seeking refuge from her various pursuers in remote countries while searching for funding for her research. No official research institutes want anything to do with her, and she was kicked out of medical school for her early experiments. Her research is mostly done alone, and with funding from behind-the-doors deals with various companies and countries, who are greedy for the cures and treatments she can provide them.

A quirky, likeable personality, except for that whole “murdering people for the good of medical science” thing. She’s actually quite a pleasant person to have a light conversation with. She has a bad habit of chewing on whatever she’s holding onto, whether it’s a pen or a surgeon’s scalpel. Dr. Stelebeck also seems to have a strange fascination with the color orange.