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I'm 23 years young and finally at university.
I'm attending to Sam's free Comicschool MICS for at least 5 years.
I also was a trainee at WOC, were I learnd to animate and to draw better.
It was a great time

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#30 Kitsune

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments


Yay, once again, survived.

Considering the last four weeks, I thought it would be appropiate to sign off with a kitsune ( a fox, able to transform into a human), this challange and something else.

This male kitsune enjoys summer festivals and visits them as often as he can and he is also a welcomed guest, since he is a quite talented musician. It looks like he has disguised himself very well, but when you look closer, you will be able to notice his pointy ears, as well as he has only three fingers ( I tried to copy  the paw of a fox). And he is very tall, which is because he wasn’t able to change his paws into human feed, so he is wearing a very lage yukata to hide them. Even he allready has visited so many summer festivals, he still fails at wearing his yukata correctly (his collar has to be another way round, usually, the right side is on top.)

But noone has noticed until now and he is enjoying the festivals.


So, that’s all for now, I will try to update my characters as sson as possibly, I promise.

Once again, I had a lot of fun and I think  I was better in time management this year. However, I’m a bit disappointed of my work, since some characters just didn’t turn out like I wanted them to and I wasn’t able to do all I wanted due to lack of creativity at the moment.

Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to next year and wishing you all a nice December ^_^

See you

#29 Hypnos

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#28 poor man (“Signore Dinero and Signora Fortuna”)

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#27 Nele Morgenstern

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#26 Kiru Winterhauch

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#25 Martin Diomedis

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

The 22 years old young man is the best friend of Cassy and also a victim of Negotio.

He is always able to ceer her up, sometimes by playing the lyre.

Martin is one of the few who pay attention to Cassy’s visions and he often argues with Apoll because of this.

Even he doesn’t mind Negotio, he thinks, that it is very important to help Cassy with breaking the „curse“.

Not for his sake, but for hers.

#24 Cassy

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Lady Cassandra is one of the victims of Negotio (day 9), ue to his mistakes at spinning her destiny, the once mighty warlord was reborn as a girl.

But Cassy is not the only one, her five childhood friends (now her guards) have the same problem, but they were once women.

While her firends don’t really mind Negotio, she is often very angry and struggles with her temper, which is very inappropiate for a princess, who she is.

She wants to be taken serious and secretly wishes for a best friend.

Her guards often drive her mad, since they are all a bit clumsy and sometimes act quite childish.

Cassy just fails to notice, that they are trying to catch her attention.

She uses to have dark visions of the near future and hardly anyone believes her.

One of her guards, Apoll, is angry with her, because she refused his proposal.

Cassandra is searching for a way to break the „curse“ of negotio.


#23 Emilia

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#22 Kyle McBas

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#21 Cardchild Hire

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#20 Cardchild Karou

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#19 Cardchild Jujika

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#18 Cardchild Piké

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#17 Fox

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#16 Kai

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#15 Rocco Ventus

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#14 Lucy

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#13 Marie

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#12 Marie (teenager)

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#11 Marie (young girl)

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#10 Kaoryu

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments


This week a friend has drawn a picture of a yokai celebration which really impressed me and I wanted to try to draw some yokais ( japanese name for a certain group of monsters, it can be demons, ghosts, living objects and animals who are able to use magic. They can be good, neutral and evil ), too. At home I noticed a lantern with dragons drawn on it. It was my inspiration for today.

This yukai is a tsukumogami, an object that is 100 years old and has awaken to life because of this. It is the dragon Kaoryu, which means “Scent of Dragon”. He used to be a simple lantern, passed trough a family for some generations, often used as sleeping light when the children where afraid of the darkness or the lantern was used for relaxing, being filled with scented oil like lavender and bergamott. When the lantern became 100 years old, the painted dragon on it awoke to life. Since this time he appears as soon as the lantern is used and everybody around has fallen asleep. He watches the sleep of the people and protect them against nightmares. At the next morning you can scent lavendel and bergamott, even so, you did not use such oils…

#9 Negotio, trainee of the Moira

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Again someone with curly short hair. But that’s just because I used some reference material and this was the common hairstyle of greek pupils ^^°

The name of this young boy Negotio and he is one of the many sons of  Zeus. His father wanted him to take over a worthy job and so he asked the Moira, the female gods of the destiny, to take him as a trainee. The three Moira were not happy about this but did their best to educate Negotio.  One day he should learn to spin the destiny of human but e did a little misstake which had an enormous impact on the destiny of a few people. Because of this he became the personification of coincidence,  pictured by a tossed coin.

Negotio is a clumsy boy, who always tries to give his best but often fails. Hardly anyone can be angry with him. The coronal and his green stole reminds the other gods, that he is a son of  Zeus.

The design of Negotio is based on some pictures of an  encyclopedia about the ancient  greek. I’ve found a picture of a school day where the pupils were wearing their stoles like this. His cloth is a bit longer than usual for young boys because he is the son of  a god.

I’m trying to create a new drawing style, but I’m really not happy about his face

#8 Queen Persephone

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments


Again only a sketch, I#m not feeling good today.

Today I tried to draw Persephone, queen of the netherworld and ruler of spring as well. She was an important NPC in a pen&paper RPG I took part and because of that I tried to stick to our game masters drawing style a little. I failed, to be honest  ^^° Her dress will be black and green and it was described dfferent than the one I’ve drawn, but I thought it would be nice to draw one based on greek fashion.

Persephone is a responsible, sometime “mind twisted” queen, but she will always keep her word. She believes in the loyality of the children of Nyx, the inhabitants of the netherworld (mostly deathspirits like Thanatos, Ker, Charon,  …), but she had to learn, that they are loyal to their duties and nothing else.

That’s all so far, see you tomorrow

#7 Thanatos

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Again just a quick drawing with quick added colors at the computer so that you can get at least an idea of my character’s appeareance

It’s another inhabitant of the netherworld, Thanatos, the oldest of the children of Nyx. He represents the death, the peacefull death, to be exact. With his twinbrother Hypnos, the god of sleep he collect the souls of those who did not die in a battle, because those belong to his sister Ker. Thanatos is described as a stone-hearted, duteos god with black wings and a “killing glance”, wearing black, a belt and a sword, which he uses to cut off a curl from the dieing ones. He seems to be always in a bad mood, being angry about the humans and the gods.  But on the other hand his touch is very gentle and he takes the souls of dead as butterflys to the netherworld.

Since  Thanatos is described as the “black one” (Hypnos as the “white one”) I’ve given him a mostly black rope and wings of a bat. He is also a bit of a crossover of my characters of the last year Hemera and Ker, both younger sisters of Thanatos. I thougt a sword would be hardly handy, so I gave him bladefingers, similar to the claws of Ker. His green belt represents the hope to be deliverd from pain after a long suffering, and like his sister Hemera he is wearing a flower as brooch,  a poppy to be exact, because sometimes Thanatos and Hypnos carry poppies to send people asleep. I added some white to his rope to refer to his twinbrother, being dressed in white. The face of my Thanatos is hidden in the shadows, because it depends on the dieing person how exactly he looks.

Sketch did look better, I’ll try to color Thanatos properly soon.

#6 Foxfamiliar

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments


Some friends of me are planning a DigimonRPG and I hadn”t designed my partner until now. So, this will be my partner at it’s beginning level

I haven’t thought of  a name yet. It is a fluffy, foxlike creature, very curious but also quite shy. It has only two paws, but it doesn’t walk a lot anyway, because this creature is such a lightweight that the wind can carry it away very easily. It really loves traveling like this a lot.

Cute, isn’t it?

#5 Nap-Fairies

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Since the last few weeks I tend to fall asleep as soon as I’m sitting alone in a room. Just like today, that’s the reason for a very quick drawing and that  I’ve decided to draw some fairies.  These two are responsible for people falling asleep. The young one is educated by the older one and is the one who confinces you to relax a short time, the older one uses her feathers to send you asleep. Both are wearing bells because their dolce sound can be quite hypnogogic.

I wasn’t sure how to add the second pair of wings, I’ll think about this later. I don’t use these kind of eyes very often because I don’t like them, but it did fit. There are a lot of misstakes in the drawing, but somehow I like it

#4 Mistress of the four-color deck

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

Oh crap, how to trump a joker?”  -“Just leave it to me. I’ve been waiting for this!” (Elin and the ace of spades)

Day four and another RPG-Character. This time it’s Elin, the sister of Ankour, as mistress of the four-color deck.  Elin used to be an airily girl, not carring about tomorrow or her future. Everything has changed since a creepy woman has given a misterious pack of cards to her. The young girl became the mistress of the four-color deck, able to summon the people of the cards and to use their special abilitys. Elin was overwhelmed by this new power and responsibilty, so she is very glad that the ace of spades became her mentor. Because there is a lot to learn

Everyone expected the master of the cards to be a man, this is one reason for Elins clothes. At first I wanted to add a lot more details to the croupier outfit, but I had to notice that this would have been an overkill, so I stayed with buttons in card shape and the four-color symbols. I like it


#3 Keeper of the eternal peace

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day three!

Maybe you recognize him, this is the true form of Ankour, who I have uploaded yesterday. Ankour is an young inhabitant of the netherworld and is supposed to take the place of Charon someday. But he still has to grow into this position (that’s the reason why his robe is too large for him. On the day it fits him he will become the new ferryman of the death). But until this day it is his duty to watch over death peoples resting and to take care that nobody and nothing disturbs it. Because he is very talented in calming people down he also confinces restless souls to follow him and leads them to the netherworld.

When Anlour started at his job he was very easily scared and needed a lot of devotion. He is still a bit scared about darkness but he has learnd how important it is to appear confident to the souls of death people and he also wants his older colleagues to be proud of him. They always keep an eye on him.

One day he was asked by Charon to take care for a certain person, who was still alive.  So Ankour created the identity of Ankour Stjarnason, the older brother of Elin, whose parents had died and left her all alone.  Surprisingly he had to realise, that another inhabitant of the netherworl has allready startde to watch over Elin…


The name Ankour is based on “Ankou”, a personifcation of death and known as  “grave yard watcher” and “henchman of death” in breton and french mythology. Every graveyard is supossed to be guarded by one Ankou, whose duty ist to lead souls to the gates of the netherworld and to protect the peace at a graveyard. Some people say thats the reason for feeling uneasy at graveyards.

Because Ankous are often described as wearing a large black hat I decided to give a black hood to Ankour


Edit 6.11: I replaced the outlines with the colored version

#2 Ankour Stjarnason

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Day two ^^

I would like to introduce Ankour Stjarnason to you, a twentythree years old student of  forensic medicine who lives in Iceland with his two younger sisters since their parents have died. He cares a lot for his sisters Elska and Elin and tries  to confince  especially Elin to do something with her life. He himself prefers to stay away from people and enjoys quiet moments which became very rare  since his two sisters have joined his life.

Ankour is good at cooking and it is quite easy for him to calm people down. From time to time Ankour acts as stubborn as a little child and you wouldn’t be able to tell he is allready twentythree years old. Which is, in fact, the truth, because Ankour keeps a secret away from his sisters…

I dislike some things about the drawing, like the shading of Ankours hair. His hair is supposed to be white, I will have to experiment a bit with the shading. And, unfortunately, he somehow looks like a girl. Maybe I will redo the colouring of his pants and I will use blue instead of red for his top.

That’s all for now, see you tomorrow

#1 Somnia

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments


Here we go.

This young lady is  Somnia, a character I had in mind since last years challange when Samar created his         Marginal Men
(They can be found here: )

Somnia belongs to a resistance group and has never known anything else but the war and its cruelity. In her team she takes care about everybody and is responsible for the first aid. But her most important duty is to check everyone who wants to join the group, because she is able to know about a persons motivation and dreams just by touching the person. So its very easy for her to consider wether somebody is honest and trustworthy or not. But even this is a very important power Somnia is not happy about this, because she feels guilty for spying into somebodys mind. She also would prefer to get to know people in a “normal” way than being biased from the very first moment.

Somnia is someone you can rely on and she admires other people for their dreams. Being asked about her dreams she always answers: “They were shattered a long time ago.” For her friends she will do everything to make their dreams come true.

Her name comes from the latin word “somnium” and means “(day)dreams”


I think I will redo this drawing soon, because I’m not so happy about it. Well, lets see tomorrow

2011 Challenger: Carina Fitzek

| October 31, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hi there!

There is actually not much about me to tell, I’m taking part at this challange for the second time.

My name is Carina, I’m 22 and I’ve been  attending to Samar’s school since 2007 and there is still a lot I have to learn.

Last year I’ve been his trainee and did learn a lot about animation and working with the computer.  I did help at the comicfestival in munich this year.

I prefer to draw manga, but I also like to try out different styles.

This year I would like to focus on mythology and fairytales, but I want to draw characters for some of the RPGs I’m taking part in and characters I had in mind for a long time as well.

So, it seems like it will a mixed bag of characters I will present to you this year.

Last year I really enjoyed the atmosphere around here and I’m looking forward to this again.

Good luck everybody and nice to meet you.