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Day 2 – Simon, the common Mage

| November 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

Simon, the common Mage.

Or his ghost at least. The adopted son of a humble parish priest, Simon quickly discovered he had a natural
grasp of the cosmic, the mystical, the magical and the unknown. He, like so many young men in the Empire who
 aspire to be Mages, left home and sought out education in the cities. Of course being of low birth, he could
 ill afford all the expense and like so many others peddle his meagre skills for trade and services in order
 to further his studies. Mages, once back in the age of the spear, were rare, powerful, isolated persons of
great reknown and respect, now in the age of the shot, with greater accessibility to the cities, an expanded
population, and easier traveling conditions lead to an explosion of magical talent finally being able to expand
upon their abilities. The once isolated arcane universties were soon outnumbered by lesser magical establishments,
the Mage had become common.
And as a result, had become synonymous with commoner. The great mage families and those with means to afford
better magical education adoped the titles of wizards to enforce the class distinctions between the magical
classes of the Empire. Much to the amusement of the non-magical nobility.
Facing poverty, young Simon had leapt at the chance when a seemingly rare grimoire found its way into his
hands, the bookkeeper had not told him the price of the knowledge it contained...

Day 1 – Bruiser Blue

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Momma’s Blue eyed Baby boy, grew up.

Torn from his loving home when he was but a child and thrown into a world of anarchy and violence, he grew up fast, he grew up mean.


Oh hey there, Galloglasses here, I signed up for this but didnt make an introductory post, here’s my DA.



And now off to finish up character for day 2