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2012 returning challenger – Grant Pasies

| October 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello everyone! It’s your favorite contestant-

Wait, what?

You don’t remember me?

Well, that’s to be expected. Last year, while I technically mostly completed the challenge (I got up to twenty-eight characters), I also uploaded none of it here. While I got some great creations out of it, such as secret agent Harley Kawasaki (Race car driver by day, guy who turns into a motorcycle by night), ruffian inventor Ashton Maple (Musclebound ungentlemanly steampunk inventor), and a woman who uses a ghost made out of cigarette smoke to punch people, the only thing I got close to uploading was a rough text description of The Jailer in my drafts. It’s a little embarrassing.

But, hopefully, that’s a thing of the past!

This year, I’m planning on coming back with a vengance. Or at least with a moderately large chip on my shoulder. I’ve recently been working on a superhero universe of my own, filled with notable groups like the Heroes Council, the Allstars, the dynamic duo of Bishop and Rook, etc. But the problem is, aside from these people and a few loosely related to their group, I’ve got jack diddly. So, my plan for this year is to make a superperson a day, or at least someone related to the superheroes. Natrually, I reserve the right to not do this and to post something or someone that isn’t a superhero, but I’m going to try and keep with the theme. I may or may not draw everything, depends on whether I bring out my tablet or not.

(We are still supposed to post these, right?)

2011 Challenger: Grant Pasies

| October 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Well I’ve already signed up so it’s far too late for me to back out now

Hey, I’m Grant! Well, I’m not really Grant, but I’d rather post under a fake name than have to use my real one.

This is the first contest I’ve entered in like this, so I’m probably not going to be the best. I’m probably not even going to be moderately mediocre. However, I’ve recently felt like all my creative exploits have dried up and died, so I’m going to at least work hard at this to see if I can’t improve my skills.

I don’t always have access to a scanner, so I’m probably going to end up uploading these a week or so at a time. Hopefully I don’t have to, but I’m not expecting much.

I’m inspired by high fantasy, cyberpunk, magical girls, and sentai heroes. Since I can’t draw most of those well, it should be interesting.

Anyways yeah! Good luck everyone and don’t make me look too bad