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Illustrator, Cartoonist and resident Drunken Fool.
Creator of the Webcomic The Drunken Fools

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#7: Chief Bogrüll

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name: Chief Bogrüll

Race: Bogrüll

Description: After witnessing the departure of Space Bogrüll into a space trip, our SFX-2000 is reporting its father is none other than the Bogrüll’s chief, Chief Bogrüll. Some sort of a Grand Priest, Chief Bogrüll didn’t seem devastated by the lack of news from its son, claiming Space Bogrüll has been claim by Ant Nature, their dear Goddess.

#6: Space Bogrüll

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name: Space Bogrüll

Race: Bogrülls

Description: After giving up following a Cop and a Bandit, our SFX-2000 encountered what we called a Space Bogrüll. This Bogrüll apparently, has been working on space flight for quite some time now (a few days) and our recon unit followed it until departure. This picture below, was sent to the Space Bogrüll’s father. It was obviously taken on a new discovered planet. Unfortunately, all incoming communications stopped a few seconds after that picture was taken.

Day #4 & #5: Police Bogrüll riding an Electrical Zipper

| November 5, 2011 | 1 Comment

Name: Bogrüll Medic & Electrical Zipper

Species: Bogrülls

Description: On Day 3, the SFX-2000 witnessed an hold-up in a bank and decided to follow the Bogrüll Bandit while fleeing. It didn’t take too long for a Police Bogrüll to show up, proudly riding an Electrical Zipper. After 2 days of non stop chasing, we ordered the SFX-2000 to go explore other areas of this wonderful world.

#3 – Bogrüll Bandit

| November 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Name: Bogrüll Medic

Species: Bogrülls

Description: On Day 3, our SFX-2000, after investigating the hospital found on Day 2, heard some chaos and noise from a building that looks like a bank. Still cloaked, our unit investigated and found that aweful Bogrüll, who was actually robbing that bank. The Bandit left the location in a hurry, after grabbing a bag of sausages from a Bogrüll Bank Client….

#2 – Bogrüll Medic

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Name: Bogrüll Medic

Species: Bogrülls

Description: After discovering a brand new world,   our Recon Unit, the SFX-2000, spent its second day in the Bogrülls’ world and found a strange building that looks like our hospitals here, on our planet. The hospital was almost empty (maybe a sign of a very healthy population?). But the SFX-2000 did encounter that fellow, which, without a doubt, is a doctor in this strange hospital. One notable strange fact: what appears to be a common monitor, seems to be working by itself, without the help of the doctor. Could it be some sort of advance robotic system?

#1 – Bogrüll

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Name: Bogrüll

Species: Bogrülls

Description: Unknown Species as of today. Our recon device (a SFX-2000, equipped with a cloaking shield) discovered what seems to be a city, with these little things. So far, they seem to be self-conscious. the SFX-2000 has been able to identify them as being a species called The Bogrülls (the SFX-200 is also equipped with an universal translator). This specimen below seems to be the most common of them all.

Note from Antoine: This is what I could call a “remake” of a species I created back when I was… 8 years old. I called them (in French) “Crokroche” which was a mix of “Croque” (Bite) and “Croche” (as in Cross Eyed). In English, it sounds too much like a Cockroach and I don’t like it.

Buy #30! Drunken Fools’ SHINY Beer Bottle Shaped 4gb US Flash Drive

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

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2011 Challenger: Antoine “Guerlot” Gagnon

| October 20, 2011 | 0 Comments


Can anyone please tell me where the bar is?
Name: Antoine Gagnon
Nickname: Guerlot (means “drunk” in French Canadian Slang)
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 180lbs
Sex: yes please!
Interests: Music, Movies, Golf, Comics!
Comic: The Drunken Fools
Other Project: The Webcomic Alliance

You know when a guy would buy a sport car or a motorcycle for his mid-life crisis? Well, I didn’t. Instead, I bought a bunch of pens & pencils and decided to learn how to draw. That was three years ago. Now enjoying the life of an artist, after work hours!

Now today, when someone is asking me “You do a comic?”, I like to pretend that I do. I do a digital comic available here: The Drunken Fools . 

I am also very proud of being part of the Webcomic Alliance, providing tips, tutorials and entertainment to the webcomic community.

What brought me to the 30 Charcaters Challenge?  Tyler’s good look.

Okay, not really! I want to try drawing outside my comfort zone, which is my current comic. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the end!