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Day 30: Paul Peppers

| December 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #30, Paul Peppers. He kinda looks like Feris, but that wasn’t intentional at all.

He’s based off the characteristics of pepper. He has quite the number of allergies, relating to how pepper makes people sneeze. He can be quite bitter at first, but when you get to know him, you can appreciate him, and maybe even think he’s a nice guy. That’s how Paul somehow became Sid Salts’ best friend, Sid saw good in him and pursued it. He’s quite the sophisticated type.

Last character! Huzzah!!!

Day 29: Sid Salts

| November 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #29, Sid Salts. Almost there!

Sid is a character whose characteristics I based around salt. He has this happy personality, and he has this philosophy that he can make situations better, like how people use salt to add flavor to their food. But he occasionally goes over the top to where he makes the situation worse, like how too much salt tastes toosalty. He’s not afraid of trying new things. In fact, he’s all up in the present trends.

The darker side of him is where he tries to seem happy about things that are getting him down, but in his heart it’s still fake, the alternative where people put salt to deliberately make them taste better.

Day 28: “Freedom” Flare

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #28, “Freedom” Flare. She gave herself that name.

“Freedom” used to be a teenage girl who considered herself nothing special. She was always very annoyed with injustices she’d see on the news. One day, she kind of got… really mad. On the news was a case of a man put to death, unjustified. This drove her to such a passion to right people’s wrongs that it awoke an energy inside her that’d been passed down from generation to generation, waiting to wake up. This was the Light Flare. It transformed the girl into a being, solely composed of spirit light. It took a long time for the girl to experiment with her powers, and she figured out she could swap between this new form and her human form. Over time, she found out the light form could skate around as if the Earth’s surface were a slick skating rink. She discovered the other light dimensions, which she could skate right up onto, like gravity alterings. After discovering her light form didn’t need to breathe and could explore the ocean depths and the expanses of space, she finally made a large decision, the decision to stay in light form forever. She doesn’t yet regret it, she loves feeling so free.

After her big decision, she renamed herself “Freedom”, because she could go wherever she wanted now. Her movement includes skating around with those tiny feet, like the world’s an ice skating rink. She is just pure light, she needs not to eat, sleep or even breathe.

She has a big thing for justice, and will go around like a super hero, rebuking those who “commit injustices”.

Around the world somewhere, there is one who contains the Dark Flare. When it will awake, no one knows…

Day 27: Kent Patches

| November 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #27, Kent Patches. I tried to come up with something symbolic, but to no avail.

He’s a black cat with a few white patches, and a serious problem. He has two souls in the same body. “His” soul is blue, and it’s supposed to be coexisting with the other red one. They don’t get along, however, and the red always tries to take over. He fights with himself a lot and is very indecisive. The purple glow comes from these streaks that are under his pelt, they light up when his souls argue, because they reflect the fusion of red and blue. If he regains composure, the lights turn blue and die back down. He doesn’t want to find out what happens if they become red.

He’s self conscious about his internal conflict, and wears a cloak over himself to hide any sign of the streaks. Don’t assume he’s naked under that, he wears shorts.

He sometimes has a funny expression like the one pictured above because of his souls trying to control two different parts of his face. See, if you cover up the right side with a hand, the other half looks calm, vice versa the side looks angry.

Day 26: Pan Umbekyoku

| November 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #26, Pan Umbekyoku. He’s been in the makings for a while, but he looked different then.

Pan is the son of another OC of mine, Laida Umbekyoku. He’s not a full breed Ice Wyvern like her, which is why his hair has a bit of a greenish tint to it. Pan’s a little boy, around 7 or so, but he’s a bit smart for his age. Laida made his outfit to look similar to her’s.

In Ice Wyvern form, he stands at 10 feet tall, which is just about smaller than child size for an Ice Wyvern. He’s smaller because he’s not a full breed.

Day 25: Uchillin

| November 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #25 is known as a “Uchillin”, a subspecies of the “Uchilla”, an older OC of mine.

Uchillins are made completely of ice and snow. Their skeletal structure is hard ice and everything else is snow. The “mane” around their necks are usually frozen patches of grass that they pick up. Their eyes are thin sheets of ice and behind them is a reflection of ice inside its head. They can only thrive in very cold areas, as where the Uchilla can sometimes go to somewhat warmer areas.

Day 24: Shia

| November 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #24, Shia. This is another 2 part character, you’ll have to see the other OC too to understand her.

Shia was once a normal girl. Then she hit that point in life where she got distressed over emotional issues and couldn’t take it. One day, she discovered the Black Pin, which told her it would take all her problems away. Upon donning this badge, all the color has been drained from her, transforming her into the entity of black. After rampaging around, the Elders of Gray sought her out and banished her to the Wayside World.

She controls black light and bends it in the form of arrows.

Upon accepting the burden of the entity of black, she has been locked into the wayside world, a world of pure black and white. She exists in the White Way, while the entity of white exists in the Black Way.

Day 23: Exel

| November 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #23, Exel. This is another 2 part character, you’ll have to see the other OC too to understand him.

Exel was once a normal guy in a normal town. When the entity of black descended upon the town, he was chosen to become the entity of white. All the color has been drained from him, and has actually all gone to his eyes, which is why they can’t be seen.

He controls white light and bends it in the form of arrows.

Upon accepting the burden of the entity of white, he has been locked into the wayside world, a world of pure black and white. He exists in the Black Way, while the entity of black exists in the White Way.

Day 22: Lord Rosario

| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #22, Lord Rosario. Head of the Rosario league of the Vampiric Order, and father of Josie and Jessica Rosario.

He’s quite the ominous type, and seldom anyone sees him. A majority of him is covered up on a regular basis, people have only seen 1/4 of his face. He has an extra ‘limb’ on each of his wings, taken as a status symbol. Not much more to say about him, cause that’s shrouded in mystery, my friends. :iconicameplz:

Fun fact: I tried to make him look ominous and instead he looks like Francoeur the Flea

Day 21: Marshall Montblanc

| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #21, Marshall Montblanc. It’s kinda late, maybe I’ll say more about him tomorrow.

For now, he’s a tough cat who’s Tsumugi’s cousin. He has a thing for the silent types.

Day 20: Janice Granz

| November 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #20, Janice Granz. She’s a short cat with a passion for reading.

Janice is in a relationship with Harvey Ride, and that’s her biggest tie to the storyline. Only the head Venomamillians know about Janice, including Manticore D’Meere. When Harvey begins to see the wrongs of being a Venomamillian, Manticore uses Janice as a threat to make Harvey stay. The poor girl doesn’t know anything about the Venomamillians. Eventually, when Harvey tries to rebel, Manticore has the Venomamillians kidnap her and take her in hostage, and she later faces threats from the builders.

Day 19: Harvey Ride

| November 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #19, Harvey Ride. Ok this is the last yellow-eyed character for a while I promise.

Harvey is a big, tough canine, standing about 6’7” tall. The red thing on his back is known as a Venom, a little creature that’s formed a symbiotic relationship with his soul. The combinations of Venom and creature are known as Venomamillians. These creatures are the heart and namesake of the Venomamillia story line.

Harvey is a senior Venomamillian in the score of the Venom forces. After working for the captain of the forces, Captain Verother, for a while, it took a rookie to make him see the wrongs in the job he did. After a few encounters with him, Harvey leaves the ranks.

Harvey’s Venom specializes in disarming. Its “arms” are stunners, and can generate electricity to paralyze.

Harvey’s entire family line, the Rides, have been known for having a misfortune in their lives. Harvey believes he has yet to see his misfortune. I wonder what it could be?

Day 18: Sasha Mafigoro

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #18, Sasha Mafigoro. Wow, this one’s up kinda late, I got distracted by Tumblr. @_@

This is Sishiko Mafigoro’s younger sister, who was in training to become a Spirit Fetcher just like him. She has a hot-headed attitude, and a lot of the time she likes to show off and prove herself. She resents her older brother, who’s better at things than her. Sasha dreams of being assigned a proper scythe, but for now her weapon of choice is a wooden training pole. She’s looking to get a steel one. The zipper on her shorts can make the bottom half of that half of the shorts come off, and there are snaps on the back. It seems practically useless, so Sasha is also looking to find a use for that.

She’ll appear from time to time in Venomamillia.

Day 17: The Electric Girl

| November 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #17, “The Electric Girl”. No, this is not something I just whipped up, I’ve held onto this idea for a while and this is how she’s supposed to look.

The Electric Girl was originally the daughter of a scientist. When she went into a coma, the man tried all he could to be able to get through to her. At last, he made this giant machine and hooked her up to it, it turned her brainwaves into electricity. The girl found out her conscience could control the electricity, and with her body knocked out, she could communicate with it. The Electric Girl everyone sees is just for show, an electricity generated image she displays as herself. The girl enjoys to make things out of the electricity, and she can generate anything she can think of into electricity. However, her space is confined to a large glass dome with the electrical receptors hooked up to it, she can’t go anywhere outside it.

Day 16: Hosc Atylo

| November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #16, Hosc Atylo. Taking a break from the moe girls *coughcatherinearielmirandamirakaetc* and making a monster. Last name is pronounced “Ah-tai-low”, made to sound like it’s short for what he is exactly, “A tylosaurus”. This guy has a role in my Venomamillia series.

Hosc is one of many “fossil freaks”, a derogatory term used to describe old species like dinosaurs and what-not that are still thriving. He once served as a waiter and guard at a restaurant run by a few other fossil freaks. After an incident, everyone abandoned it, and now Hosc just lives in the run down joint, fixing it where he can. He is very strong, and can lift a car if needed. If he charges at something, he has to hit his mark or else he just stumbles over from lack of planning. Hosc can be quite clumsy and hard-headed.

Day 15: Ariel

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #15, Ariel. No sketches this time, she’s large scale design-wise. Her name’s a pun off of “Aerial”. No last name to her either, because she’s not a normal person.

She’s some kind of guardian spirit over the sky, and she controls the weather. Her colors, except for her skin tone and the whites of her eyes, change depending on what state the sky’s in. This is how her colors look typically in the day. Her hair and those bell things are the color of the clouds, her dress and eyes are the color of the sky, and her sash thing is the color of the sky to come. She has different color combos for the times of day (dawn, sunrise, day, afternoon, sunset, and evening) and weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy).

She’s not strong or anything, kind of a fragile spirit. Ariel can float freely around, but if she’s caught, she can’t get out easily. Her strongest power is control over weather lightning, but it’s also her most unstable. She can’t make it hit the mark exactly yet.

Day 14: Jean Croik

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #14, Jean Croik. You can tell I make Perri Engarde style characters when I’m tired. This is the younger brother of another character I made earlier in the challenge, Dean Croik. Jean is a business penguin, and just doesn’t have the time for anything other than his job. This is the main reason why Dean ended up taking care of his son, Alco. Jean is very plain and straight forward, which is why Alco prefers Dean more than Jean either way. Jean’s barely heard of in the Engarde! storyline.

Day 13: Catherine Fortunate

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #13, Catherine Fortunate. I like this character because I just got the idea for her this morning.

At first glance, she seems just like any regular old woman. When you know her, she’s an oddjob. Her life choices depend on the fortunes from fortune cookies. Her life’s been going good so far, so she truly believes the fortunes help her. If a fortune tells her to try new things, she’ll go out and do something she hasn’t done before.

Day 12: Miraka

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #12, Miraka. She’s the other half to Miranda.

To Miranda, Miraka is like an extra limb. Miraka and Miranda’s souls are connected, and Miraka’s soul is like a growth on Miranda’s. Miraka is in every way inferior to Miranda, and most of the time she’s just puppeted by her. In short, Miraka is Miranda’s “mini-me”. They both have the same mindset and will, as well. Miraka doesn’t need to eat, either, she’s just a limb. She doesn’t really talk much, but if she does, she says what Miranda wants her to say. If Miraka dies, Miranda will be fine, but if Miranda dies, Miraka does too.

Miranda and Miraka work like a tag team in their “business” of hunting. Miraka is surprisingly the brute force. Not exactly “brute”, but like an assassin sort of figure. Sometimes they put on a “little girl looking for her lost puppy” act to draw people in.

For her main half, Miranda, refer to here:

Day 11: Miranda

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #11, Miranda. No last name, just like Thoreau, because she’s a “stock demon”. Miranda just kind of picked her name, it has no significance whatsoever. Stock demons are lowly and just stick around to cause trouble, but not to a considerably dangerous level.

Miranda is actually a “double stock demon”. Her soul is connected to another stock demon, and they both think in the same manner. The other, who will be drawn tomorrow, is weaker and can sometimes be controlled by Miranda.

The trouble Miranda causes is basically her own survival. How? Once a night, she pulls some random human off the city streets and eats them. Fortunately for her, it hasn’t been too noticeable by the news yet, but still she fears of being found out.

The human form is a ruse, her demonic form is her true form, which looks like an oversized hound.

For her other half, Miraka, refer to here:

Day 10: AJ “Joe” Avery

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #10, AJ “Joe” Avery. This can be simply arranged to make “AveryAJ Joe”, which can sound like “Average Joe”. AJ is, indeed, an Average Joe. In the world of the “Engarde!” series, he’s an poor intern at the Musketeer Station. For some reason, he owns many pairs of pants, but not a single shirt. Yet, at times, he seems like the only “normal” one around. He’s at medium height compared to most of the Engarde! cast. AJ can be seen helping with the little things around the station.

Day 9: Noel Rhine

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #9, Noel Rhine. After another incident I finally finished this. She’s supposed to be the first existence of another character of mine, “Hildan 01”. This is what Hildan was before she was made into a cyborg being, average bystander Noel Rhine. In her 3rd existence, Noel is brought back as an Angelette as a second chance sort of thing. She does a decent job as a low class Angelette.

Her scarf is special to her, she wears it 24/7. No matter the occasion, the weather, or outfit.

Day 9 (sort of): Noel Rhine

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

I’m really tired of this right now, my pen pressure went out and everything hurts, so I’m just going to upload the file like this in all its shitty glory.

Anyways, this was supposed to be character #9, Noel Rhine. She’s supposed to be the first existence of another character of mine, “Hildan 01”. This is what Hildan was before she was made into a cyborg being, average bystander Noel Rhine. In her 3rd existence, Noel is brought back as an Angelette as a second chance sort of thing. She does a decent job as a low class Angelette.

Day 8: Rich Alamo

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #8, Rich Alamo. Shank Alamo’s boss and older brother. He’s a pirate boss, and enjoys to act like it.

In the past, Rich had a case of heterochromia, which he was quite proud of. He truly believed his green eye was something special, and made that clear to everyone. Until he met Perri Engarde. In an epic sword fight, Perri accidentally poked out Rich’s green eye. Because of this incident, Rich considers the little dog his arch nemesis. Most of the schemes he and his brother come up with involve trying to stop Perri Engarde in some way.

Day 7: Shank Alamo

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #7, Shank Alamo. He’s from the “Engarde!” series of mine, and he’s one of the main villains. Shank’s like a pirate in a few ways, and he’s a trigger happy one.

Shank’s the “underling” partner of his boss, who I’ll draw tomorrow. They’re related in some way, probably yet another sibling relationship where he’s the older brother. Anyways, Shank’s favorite weapon is bombs. Bombs all the time. But bombs eventually run out, so his secondary weapon is a dagger. He likes to tease people.

Day 6: Alco Croik

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #6, Alco Croik. I honestly have no idea where his name came from, but it just stuck. This is Dean Croik’s nephew that he’s stuck with, but Alco’s a friendly little kid, so he doesn’t mind.

About the cast, Alco somehow ends up in accidents constantly. It’s a running gag where he’ll always have a broken left arm, and it’s from a different reason every time. That’s why his cast is a different color every time, it’s a different cast. PS: Every time refers to every episode or installment he’s in.

Once again, being Dean’s nephew, this implies Dean has some sort of a sibling. And from Dean and Alco sharing a last name, one can assume Dean has a brother. Alco’s father is irresponsible, so Alco prefers Dean taking care of him.

Day 5: Dean Croik

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #5, Dean Croik. He’s in the Perri Engarde series I made up. I never figured out an eye color for him, but since everyone as of recent had vibrant eyes, I decided to go with a bit more of a dull look.

Dean is a stereotypical fancy penguin who runs the Croik Library. He’s probably the tallest character in the Engarde! series. He has a bit of a Feris personality, without the fancy words. He also has a younger nephew, whom which I’ll draw for tomorrow, which consequentially implies he has a sibling, who I might draw in the near future. Somehow Dean is stuck taking care of his nephew, but he doesn’t really mind.

Day 4: Thoreau

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s my character #4, Thoreau. No last name, he’s pretty much like a chess piece. He’s half breed of a species I conjured up, called the Xos. They’re pretty much a demonic species. For reasons, he was ordered to become my character Pichi Rockafeller’s butler, but she found a way to avoid him for the longest time.

All Xos members have red eyes as their own mark. Thoreau is self-conscious about his species, so he wore yellow contacts until he lost one, so he wears a mask with a belt thing tied around it over one eye. His other species is mouse, so he’s actually under heighted. He’s tall, but he appears as if he was shrunken down to size. Thoreau also has bucked teeth that he’s self conscious about. He’s prim and proper, which is why he’s a butler. He’s not special to Pichi in any way, he’s more of a universal butler. For this reason one can see how Pichi might be able to lose him easily.

Day 3: Raul Dysernio

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Character #3, Raul Dysernio! I forgot what name I had for him originally, so he’s Raul. He is the older brother of Flora Dysernio, so he’s also a cat. This drawing isn’t to scale to the Flora drawing, so he’s not that short. He’s taller than Flora, actually.

Raul gets in fights often, which is why one sleeve is torn off along with one pant leg. He has a messenger’s bag slung over his shoulder to hold various things. He’s the kind of guy that will collect various bits and pieces of scrap metal and what-not.

Being half cat, he also has long nails, cat ears and cat eyes.

Day 2: Flora Dysernio

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s character #2! It’s 9 o’clock here in CA so I’m not late. XD Anyways, this is Flora Dysernio, younger sister to another character that will appear tomorrow in my challenge. She exists in the universe for my story “Venomamillia” as kind of a side character. Apart from being half cat, there’s not much to her. She has relations with the Rockafellers, aside from that she doesn’t know any of the other cast until later in the story, where her known relations are important. Her name doesn’t really have any signifigance.

Being half cat, her nails are sort of long, but you can’t see them in the picture. Also, her eyes reflect light like a cat’s, and the pupils turn to slits. Her ears are actually on the top of her head like cat ears, so her hair grows over where human ears would be.

Day 1: Carrie Luxure

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here is Carrie Luxure! She is for my series called “Engarde! with Perri and Thrust”. She is a white cat and she works at the same workplace as Perri Engarde and Ergo Dane. She’s one rank under Ergo on the staff. Carrie has an obsessive crush on Ergo, but it’s VERY unlikely he’ll ever notice, let alone return these feelings. ‘Luxure’ is French for ‘Lust’ because Carrie constantly lusts after Ergo Dane.