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My father was a surely sea captain, my mother was an Atlantean Princess: their love was forbidden and I was bred from their sin. I have spent my life battling the demons of my parents’ indiscretion, but with grit and determination I have proven myself worthy to take my rightful place on the throne of Atlantis.

As the might-sovereign lord of all sub-aquatic existence my number one priority is the preservation of my kingdom. Though I have a host of undersea adversaries, the threat they pose is truly minimal compared to the capabilities of my one true enemy, the Human Race. Their lust for dominance has too often threatened the sanctity of my empire, and I shall not wait a second longer for their inevitable attack. Instead, with the armies of Atlantis and all able bodied creatures in my domain, I shall take the war to the surface-dwellers. We will ravage the shores of man-kind with crushing waves of sea-water and power; no human is innocent and so no human shall escape my imperial judgment. All air-sucking life will suffer by my decree!


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#14 Guerilla Godzilla

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#12 Frosted Terror

| November 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

make a wish...not to die!

…today is my birthday.

#11 Dr. James D Morgan and Detective Malcolm-Jamal Murphy

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Here are a couple of characters I have been working on for a story I penned this year.  Since day one, I knew the big guy was going to be a massively hulked out Scott Caan, but I have been struggling mightily  with the little squirly guy.  I knew physically he needed to be inferior, but I did not want to appear insignificant.  The sketches before you represent a few different artistic styles and a character references I have developed.  Hope you enjoy.


#10 Murder Face & Big Mo

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

"Kill Team! Kill!"

These characters are actually inspired by my two dogs.  FiFi is a 4 pound chihuahua and MODOK is a 20+ pound pug.  One night, we were startled to discover the two dogs huddled over an enormous dead rodent in our back yard.  We  instantly chastised the Pug, when we realized he was completely clean; meanwhile, the chihuahua was prancing around the room with her chest held high and her muzzle marred with rat blood.  My wife instantly changed her dog’s name to Murder Face, and I created a cute back story involving a cheerleader, a botched chemical peel, a broken doll face mask and a hit list filled with high school mean girls.  Big Mo, who is technically already named after a comic book super villain, became the big creepy kid who smokes cigarettes behind the portable classroom at the back of campus.


#9 Ryan

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments


I noticed everyone has been doing Zombies lately…I thought I would try something from other end of the life cycle.  Hope you enjoy…


PS for the .08% of you that might have noticed, I just caught the typo but don’t care enough to fix it right now…I wont apologize for being lazy.

#8 Hunky Guy with Nail Gun and No Shirt

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insert innuendo here

So, about 12 years ago I remember some Diet Pepsi commercial where some horny old office cougars (term may be anachronistic, but still appropriate for the purposes of this story) ran from cubicle to cubicle alerting each other of the time, they all then rushed to their buildings corner window (you know, the one next to the office of the person who actually cared about his/her job, but who are we kidding, this was over a decade ago, so it was definitely a HIS office) so anyway, these chirping birds press themselves against the glass ceiling, I mean, uh, the glass window, ogling some poor construction worker as he strips down and chugs a diet pepsi (btw: if this were real life, OCEA would have had his ass for violating like at least four major construction zone regulations). The women then melt into massive human shaped puddles of estrogen and giggles, and agree to re-rendezvous at the same window tomorrow to again marginalize this reckless diet pepsi chugging meat sack.  So why has this commercial been burned into my brain? I shrug my shoulders and direct my palms skyward…I have no idea, but it has.  So I thought I might take the main character of this commercial, you know, the one treated like a zoo animal, and create a killer back story, give him a cool name, let him build skyscrapers, drink diet pepsi AND fight crime…Well, I never got that far.  Instead, I just drew this topless hunk, gave him a nail gun and now offer him to you.  Call me in 12 years and tell me if he is still haunting your nightmares.


#7 Admiral Murder

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Death becomes youJust because the Soviet Union fell, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few Super-Soviet Cosmonaut/Assassin hybrids floating around our outer atmosphere waiting patiently to enact their revenge on the Capitalistic Dogs who robbed Mother Russia of all her beauty and glory…

Emil Lenin Khrakov Jr. code name: Admiral Murder has this to say, “Your choices are simple America: Government Cheese, or a hole in your fat cat bellies!”


#6 Private Killshot and his Hyper-Sonic World War I Death Ray

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments



“At one moment, you are crouched next to a fellow soldier, huddled in the trenches, shivering in the cold European snow.  You turn your body for a second to fetch a cigarette from your satchel, or to check the clip in your rifle when you hear it, a subtle electrical buzz muffled beneath the heavy winter air.  Then you smell it, the smell of burning hair and rotting teeth.  You turn back around to see that the soldier sitting next to you, the man whose name you hadn’t even bothered to learn yet,  has been reduced to a pile of smoking ashes.  As the black and silver flakes float off with the wind you slink even lower in your hole, pressing your back even tighter against the sand bags and dirt, you then begin to curse him aloud: that damned American, that damned Private Killshot and his Hyper-Sonic Death Ray…he is single handely turning the tide of this war…”

-Erich Maria Remarque
a lost passage from
All Quite on the Western Front

**Translated from German



#5 Guapo Smooth

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments


Mothers hide your daughters, husbands hide your wives, the villainous Guapo Smooth esta aqui, and there is only one thing on his mind (spoiler alert: it probably involves your sister)… his pheromones are strong, and his leather pants are tight; just try and resist his cavalier grin or those rock hard oiled pecs!  He dares you… iAy Dios mio!

#4 Cletus & the Prez

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments


One’s a partially inbred hill-person with a constant hankering for Hank Jr. music and armadillo meat, while the other’s the ecto-plasmic reincarnation of our country’s fifth president.  Alone, they are two different men from two different worlds, but together they form: Cletus and the Prez!

Action, Adventure, Romance, Intrigue…Cletus and the Prez have it all!  Join us as Cletus B. Hanover III and the lingering spirit of long deceased United States President James Monroe venture down the old supernatural highway, solving spooky mysteries and stirring up trouble every chance they get!

If you don’t love it, you may be tried in violation of the Government’s very serious sedition policies…So keep your mouths shut you Tory buggers!

#3 Pester and Fester

| November 3, 2011 | 1 Comment
Pester and Fester

Come meet the new kids

They’re twin demon Hellspawns…duh.

#2 Dr. Oculus

| November 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

Optpmetrical EvilQuestion: when you are born with one gigantic eyeball in the center of your forehead, what else is there to do other than grow up, build a sweet protective goggle (singular) and get your PhD in Optometrical Evil?

Answer: Nothing.


…dont blink…

#1 the J-Man

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

A late entry, but I’m in the Pacific Time Zone so suck it.  Full disclosure, this may not technically be a “new” character, heck, he’s not even that original.  His design is pretty  simple, I just look into the full body length mirror i keep next to my drawing table, tone down some of my more impressive features (like my even more defined jaw structure, slightly larger lats and bis, smile dimples, etc.), then add a sweet cape, sketch in some extra chest and shoulder hair, put a sock over the left hand because I apparently cant draw an inside profile of a fist (I learned that the hard way) and VOILA! you the J-Man, earth’s most dapper, sophisticated, charming, fun to be around and gosh darn handsome super hero!



An Eagerness Most Genuine

| October 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Greetings fellow creationers, I am beyond excited to be joining all 787 of you in this 30-day slow-cook of ingenuity and imagination.

A Little About Myself: My personal art style could best be described as a neo-classical interpretation of the traditional 3rd grader impressionism: my forte is radioactive human-animal hybrids in tattered clothing (as if they had just recently transformed from man to beast at the expense of their flat-front Dockers and Ralph Loren polos…yikes!).

Please do not judge me harshly, but if you must (and I understand if you cannot resist), please take a cue from my family and closest friends and do it behind my back.  Thanks, and I look forward to working alongside all of you!

Just draw baby!

Love Always,

John (aka johnomatopoeia…Ka-BOOM!)