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I am me!~♥ X3

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Day 8+9~ *GASP* Lesbian ***** Brothers!

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments



Day 7~ Cats

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

D: I don’t have to explain myself to the likes of you!

Day 6 ~ Lightbulb Bug

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Lightbulb Bug

After Owl City captured all the lightning bugs in a jar and murdered them the only source of insect light left to the world was the Light Bulb Bug! Its part light bulb part bug and all smiles!~

Day 5~ Michi Monster Parts

| November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

I’m behind schedule! I draw on time but I don’t get to update on time so bite me D:

In the world there is a school and in the school there is a vortex opening to a land of monsters… there are also aliens invading the same school =x both races are trying to convert humans with diseases and or sonic waves.  Michi is a side product of what happens when the monster disease doesn’t finish the job! Shes 1/4th!

Day 4~ Cozy

| November 4, 2010 | 0 Comments

Cozy and Squidian

Cozy is descended from a long line of necromancers, in fact she is part of the ninth generation in her family.  Each female was born with a different breed of necromancy power.  Cozy’s mother, Snug, had great summoning potental but only for suicidal minions.  Thus her mother would summon a creature and send it off to her death while she waited in the background.  This took its toll on her as a mother and she raised Cozy from afar.

Cozy’s full name is very long, combining the first name of each primary necromancer female in her line.  This makes her full name Cozy Snug Corlite Moltavi Von Fortana En Eclipsa Mono Elspacefe!

Thats right, she’s an Elspacefe!  It turned out her Greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat Grandmother Liley, was actually the first to be born with this power!  It was thought at the time that Liley had a mutated power but infact it was just her Necromantic Narcaleptic Nocturnal Nightmare power kicking in.  She would put people to sleep and they would have the most horrifying dreams, so horrifying that there minds made them forget it and no one figured this out for many many years!

Cozy’s specialty is to summon Squiggly Wiggly Slightly Slow Friends.  She also wears an overly warm and soft cultist robe made of fleece *cough*snuggie*cough* and makes her ‘friends’ wear them to!  This probably has to do with her mothers distant personality.  At least this way she feels warm and soft on the outside even if shes a little under loved on the inside.   She does have her friends though and as long as they’re with her shes fine!  Pictured above is Squidian Wigglebottom her best most handy caped companion!

Day 3~ Shina

| November 3, 2010 | 2 Comments


This is Shina!  She is the twin sister to the god who froze Itzels people in time and space.  To make her I had to use

2 Cups of Ho Bag

1/4th a teaspoon of giggles

4 Sticks of CrazyTown

2 Snakes

13 peacocks

and then bake her for ninteen minutes on 9,973,492,348,091,021 degrees!~

Shes also colored incredibly fast so pardon that her shading makes no sense!=x

Day~ 2 Itzel

| November 2, 2010 | 0 Comments


Itzel is the last surviving member of her race!  Her people were infected by a disease that turned them crazy and mutated and they went crazy and started killing each other.  In order to stop this they were frozen in time and space, placed in a spot outside of reality, Itzel escaped and as far as it is know, is uninfected.

Itzels species had wings that reflected the night sky, their wings were host to the stars and protected them.  So when her people disappeared so did the the stars.  They were afraid and dispersed to hide amongst the universe seeking new places of shelter!  If the stars join with the wings they will also appear in the night sky once more, because of this she  was commissioned by The Singers (makes up a group randomly) to re collect the stars and mike the sky right again!

Or something like that!

Day 1~ Liley Elspacefe

| November 1, 2010 | 1 Comment

Liley Elsapacefe

This is Liley Elspacefe!   Liley is a narcoleptic and has special powers!  Whenever she falls asleep anything within a three mile radius also falls asleep!  This could potently be very dangerous thus she lives in Kenya with the Lions and Tigers because sleeping large kitty’s are wonderful!~

30 Characters Challenger: Julie Leone

| October 26, 2010 | 1 Comment


Hellu hellu!~

I am me!

And you are not!

Now that introductions are done lets continue!  I work as an Assistant Manager in a Novelty Retail Mall Environment! (basically if you abbreviate that I’m an Ass.Man Ianrme?  What a horrible thing D: )  I sell horrifying things to wackados and secretly judge them. Since November is a very busy time in retail and malls I shall probably be doing most of the things that shall be posted as quick doodles while on lunch break in the food court!  I even got a new sketchbook, colored pencils and a sharpener that looks like a globe for this! =x

Doodling and Drawing mean two different things to me. To draw is to take the time to formulate what your doing, who you want to make, and what you want them to be doing.  Doodling is more random, you sit down, maybe have a vague idea of who you want to make and just start!  The picture forms as you go!  I am more of a doodler!

The things I doodle are random, its very interesting because even I never know what I’m making.  It can be influenced by a song, people around me, something someone said in passing, a picture on the wall, a crack on the floor, anything!

About me:
-I love randomness but adore storyline.
-Random battles make me angry but I get bored without them.
-Changing a word or two in a song to something entirely different is always fun.
-I have two cats that are mine, one is named Shana after a God of Death and Destruction from some game and the other is Nids, whose real name was Odin but that sucked so I changed it backwards and changed the O to an S.
-Listening to music and watching people move is very fun, also thinking up music videos in your head can be entertaining.
-I’m always up to trying a new craft just to see if I can do it!
-Pixelated objects make me happy!
-If I find two pieces of different figures I will try to combine them in some magically strange way.

I call this section “Other people might (this) BUT I (something to counter it)
Other people might have fancyness or specialness BUT I am rather odd and like silly things.
Other people might run a comic BUT I pretend to be publicist for one.
Other people might have art published in a magazine BUT I’ve sold randomly made things at convention’s.

If I could keep my attention span focused on one thing I would love to try and make a comic but it just never seems to work out most of the time. =x

I decided to join this because since I love making new random things I figured trying to do one a day in a row with a buncha people for a month would be a nice way to make the creativity flow very muchly so! I do have a SketchBlog thing that I always forget to update @ Kiwi’s Attack!

Here’s the type of things you can expect!:

A Watch Person Needle StaffMermaid Swirling Poop Hair Style!

Dragon WurmThis ones just for fun =x