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#1- Miranda

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments


Miranda is a crime boss addicted to power. She runs a sort of smuggling, thieving, etc ring that deals a lot with cybernetics. Mainly making illegal modifications, highly dangerous experimental parts, harvesting parts from the dead or dying, perhaps from an occasional living person if it is profitable enough.

She lost her vision at a young age and initially had her eyes replaced by cheap cybernetic eyes. Want for better eyes was what got her into the business. Today, she has a lot more than new eyes. Many of her internal organs have been modified or replaced by mechanical parts. She even went as far as to replace a perfectly functioning arm with an extremely advanced prosthetic one.


2011 Challenger: Sarah Seekins

| October 30, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hello! I’m Sarah Seekins, better known as Lychee on the interwebs.

I participated last year, however I did not actually bother to sign up through here- I just made characters and slapped them on my Tumblr. I only got about 10 of them done before I got off track. If I can beat that number this year I’ll be happy, (But all 30 would be even better!)

I like to draw and design characters just for fun or for RP, but I would like to design them for games. I have a degree in game development that I haven’t yet put to good use. Maybe I’ll make a little indie adventure game with all these characters.

My art blog is here.

Good luck everyone!