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| November 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

Orange tabby

Kitka, remembering nothing of her real title due to a kind of trauma-based amnesia, is an orange tabby cat, and head messenger of the Slave/Beast race presented on earth, as well as the very best friend of a certain dragon king.

A typical feline, she is often evasive and wary of anyone outside a very exclusive circle of trustees.

One of the only survivors from their race’s great genocidal purge, Kitka is a genuine believer in the Slaves’ centuries-old prophecies of their deliverance, and the restoration of the Honour of the Slaves, and has often been considered a religious-maniac in some cases that contribute to her issues of severe distrust. Such a prophecy is specified and encoded to only a specific line of nobility in the messenger class (to which Kitka holds as the sole carrier and heir), to be passed from generation to generation. The role, however, carries with it a death penalty: for the purpose of the prophecy to be carried, the messenger that bears it must offer up his/her life for the coronation of the King that will save them.

In the meantime, she is currently learning to enjoy her life on earth, for the sake of watching over her companion. She retain some very cat-like interests, such as the collection of shiny things and bits of string. She might also be entertained for hours on end if one were to, say, wave a flashlight back and forth across a wall very quickly.

trying to catch up to the last few missed days -w-