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Andrew Dowdell lives in suburban New York with his wife Allison and two dogs. Though he currently works in a restaurant, he hopes someday to leave behind the world of customer service to write for a living.

In college, Andrew wrote, directed and produced several theatrical productions, where he perfected the art of writing about himself in the third-person. He is currently working to hone his skills as a comic book scriptwriter. For the past few years, he has spent his time trying to keep tabs on the convoluted structure and continuity of the DC Universe, posting articles on both his blog and at Comic Related. He's not sure how, but his sanity has remained intact.

He came across this whole 30 Character Challenge and figured that it would be a good way to spark his creativity. Please feel free to post any questions, comments, thoughts and job offers. Emphasis on the “job offers” part…

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#5 Morlocks

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

From the journals of the Templar Order:

Morlocks have been constant threat to man since the earliest recorded civilizations.  They are a wild and unpredictable race that seems to only care about satisfying their never-ending appetites.   Though they appear human, they are far more bestial and animalistic than any man I have ever encountered.  Morlocks tend to live underground and, as such, have keen eyesight in the darkness.  Despite their lean bodies, they are incredibly strong, and any Hunter who encounters them should beware their claws, which can cut through one with ease.  Most importantly, one should always remember that a Morlock is part of a pack; they never hunt alone.  Thus, where there is one Morlock, there will also be many more…


#4 Scott Harper

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Report from General Rudolph Adams, Project: Chimera

April 20, 2011.  At 1300 today, Subject 009 lost control of his abilities and killed three of the soldiers under my command.  In attempting to apprehend him, 009 devastated the facility and broke free, fleeing to the downtown Denver area where he went underground.  Our mission here has been compromised and, as per orders, the entire complex has been destroyed and all those working here have been terminated.

May 9, 2011.  Report has come in indicating the Subject 009 has fallen in with our old friend Cross.  Seems he’s has a change of heart and has set out to liberate as many of our test subjects as he can.  All agents are to be on high alert; we cannot afford another Denver incident.









#3 Danielle “Dani” Stone

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

From the notes of Doctor Erica Wallace, Chief Scientist, Project: Chimera:

September 21, 2011.  Subject 042 exhibits some of the most promising results of our trials yet — enhanced strength, endurance, resistance to injury and disease.  She would be a perfect specimen for our plans if not for her headstrong nature and utter contempt for authority figures.  Suggest we attempt to determine why her body has adapted so well to Xenovirus 121074 and isolate this factor for use in other subjects.


September 30, 2011.  Cross freed Subject 042 from our Los Angeles facility and is currently on the run from our military forces, having joined with his group of “Outcasts.”  Further studies have shown that her body hides the genetic variable that I have been seeking for years.  Must implore General Adams that I need her returned alive or else all of our years of planning and experimentation are for naught.


#2 Adventure Dog

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments


“There’s a schnauzer who leads a life of danger.

To everyone he meets he barks at them like crazy.

With every meal he eats,

Another walk he takes,

Odds are he’ll need another snuggly nap.

He is Adventure Dog.

He is Adventure Dog.

They’ve given you a treat

And said you’re a very good pup.”  (sung to “Secret Agent Man”)

Adventure Dog, a.k.a. Casey, leads a life of thrills and chills in a New York suburb where he lives with mommy, daddy and his sister Lacey, who likes to lay on him and steal all his toys.  He likes to go for long walks, play frisbee and collect sticks.  But where evil strikes, he goes into action as Adventure Dog, using his quick wits and piercing bark to protect the neighborhood.  His arch nemesis, Russel T. Jackman, is a nasty little terrier who taunts and terrorizes Casey and the other local dogs by barking at them while on a walk.  Only Adventure Dog’s steely determination to uphold good and to never be out-barked ends Jackman’s reign of snarliness, if only for a little while…










#1 Zar Karut

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

“…and so Zar Karut, once the most revered and honored of all archmages of the realm of Baymaere, did broker deals with the old and ancient beings that once ruled this land, and was thereby transformed into an undead lich of dark and evil powers.  Thus, the five realms were forced to come together to make war with and, after years of struggle, defeat this new enemy, but at great cost to all, which signalled the end of the Third Great Age of mankind in this world…”  — from the diary of Ignatius Peel, grand chancellor of Baymaere (5760-5783)

2011 Challenger: Andrew Dowdell

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey there, all, I’m giving this 30 Characters in 30 Days thing a try.  Please be kind.