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#25 Mistress Helen

| November 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

Without armor:

Day 25 – Mistress Helen

The Order of the Valorous Heart, moreso than any of it’s sister orders, is known for having a particularly large number of Sister Repentia. The Adepta Sororitas in their order often perceive any slight in duty as damning and seek redemption in one of the harshest and purest forms known to humanity. The Violet Hearts temple, situated on a nearly frozen planet and constantly finding itself thrown into war is seen as taking repentance even a step further. It is here that Helen commands the ranks of Repentia, dressed in only torn robes and the chains that hold their evicerators to them, marching through the frozen snow towards whatever foe it is that challenges humanity next.

Helen finds her duty quite amusing, since the Violet Hearts are some of the least strict practitioners of imperial faith among the Sisters of Battle, but their order often finds itself collecting Repentia from other missions of chapels due to their reputation as being in constant war. Them hoping to die and be absolved in the eyes of the emperor as quickly as possible. Helen leads with compassion in spite of this, and does her best to keep them alive since her young canoness is actually a former repentia herself and is a shining example that taking the pledge of the repentant should be a test of faith, not a death sentence.

#24 Mag-Snake

| November 27, 2013 | 1 Comment

Day 24 – Mag-snake

Scouring the maintenance passages and service tubes in any number of high tech factories, Mag-snakes do both routine cleaning and keep out all manner of minor pests, from bugs, rats and other vermin to their fair share of intruders. The wobbling magnetically controlled vertebrae allow for a exceptional amount of flexibility, as well as being able to reform itself if broken apart. Despite the goofy face, they have a very lethal “bite” and can constrict with force enough to crack ribs.

#23 Trever Beckford

| November 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 23 – Trever Beckford

Soldier turned supermodel, Trever fought in a number of bloody conflicts and was exposed to some of the worst and ugliest situations that humanity has to offer. When his tour of duty finally ended and he returned home, he discovered that most people do not appreciate the beauty they have. That it cheapens real art and that they have lost respect for the few things in this world that are truly beautiful. A light shines brightest when surrounded with darkness, so to does beauty. It had been a simple decision, rid the world of the people who play at perfection, but are not worthy to be considered beautiful, so that the shining stars among us can be seen. (such as himself)

He is not impatient, however, and carefully plans his killings. Going to far as to introduce a line of fashion shoots called “Fashion is Brutal” where otherwise clean suits and dresses are bloodied up, to look like the model had just committed some violent act. This ploy has already kept people from discovering a number of his many murders, as people do not question a man in a bloody suit who has confidence and style.

#22 Lady Beryl

| November 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 22 – Lady Beryl

Trapeze artist in one of the most popular circuses in Europe, Beryl is a master of swinging, hanging, tumbling, and otherwise sailing through the air on nothing but the horizontal bar. But she wasn’t always the best. When she was first learning the trade, she developed a fear of heights after being distracted by the sudden lights, shines, and sparkles from the audience’s cameras, jewelery, or glasses, and fell. Although she landed in the net safely she couldn’t handle herself on the bar again, so she asked the fortune teller if she could help.

The old woman saw an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, and instead of simply getting Beryl over her fear, implanted a suggestion into her mind to become transfixed by things that sparkled or shined, like gemstones. Beryl now has a subconscious compulsion to collect things that will glitter brilliantly as she swings above them, as they give her confidence to dance in the sky, hoping to one day dance in the sky above a glittering field of gems and give the best performance of her life. She doesn’t ever recall stealing the precious stones, as the fortune teller collects the items from her and uses their shine to further hypnotize her, keeping her focused on getting more by fooling her into thinking that every job is the second to last one she needs.

#21 The Storm Sisters

| November 22, 2013 | 0 Comments


Day 21 – The Storm Sisters

Without armor:

Natural born triplets, the battle sisters Phara, Maribell, and Aurora (pictured here left to right and youngest to oldest). Born less than 5 minutes apart from each other, these sisters have always been exceptionally close after losing their parents. Their childhood was littered with disciplinary marks however, as the three sisters were habitual pranksters. They’d even developed the strategy of always dressing alike and having one of the three of them somewhere obvious to have an alibi, so that no senior officer could punish one of them without risking punishing the wrong one. This backfired shortly after they were inducted to the ranks of the sister acolytes, as the three of them were often disciplined together if any of them disobeyed. This led to them becoming very well attuned to working together, both in and out of combat.

While attending to prisoners of faith in one of their punishments, a riot broke out and one of the heretics got his hands on a lasgun and struck Phara. Although she attempted to block, the weapon was on full charge and dealt significant damage to her. In the months to follow, after being repaired by the adeptus mechanicus, her personality became a little more pragmatic, and ended up leading her sisters unit when the three of them made Battle sister rank.

As Left Wing, they march aside with powerful storm bolters, unleashing a hurricane of bolt fire on any target that Right wing cannot yet get into flamer range with. While Phara leads with calm determination, her older sisters still can’t help making jokes or throwing insults at enemies as they rain death down upon them, the echoing sound of laughter and gunfire the last thing many a heretic ever hears.

#20 Void 6 News Chopper

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 20 – Void 6 News Chopper

Reporting in high above the action in Void city, This transforming helicopter does double duty, following the story in car chases, building fires, and riots as well as reporting on them herself. She loves watching the stories unfold and hopes someday to be taken serious as a reporter since she originally just got the job as a news chopper, and the crew got caught in the cross fire of a particularly nasty zombie infection. So she took over and commented herself. But since she never got formal training in reporting, she’s treated as an unpaid intern. The public loves her however, since she occasionally assists in situations where she can legally do so and has a lovely slightly robotic reporting voice.

#19 Mortimer the Anti-gravity tortoise

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 19 – Mortimer the Anti-gravity Tortoise

The lead character in a childrens series that explains just a little bit about how gravity, physics, and other science subject work by showing how a tortoise who falls up would have to deal with them. Even eating from his hanging food bowl is trouble since if he drops anything, he can’t possibly get it.

#18 Scorch

| November 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 18 – Scorch

In a destroyed wasteland of earth, plagued by radiation, magic, and all manner of hell, there are many varieties of horrible creatures and demons that threaten the few people left among the shattered continent. But the broken world is not without means to combat them. Created by one demon lord to fight others in a civil war for earth, the Scarlet prison was weaved. Spun from the breathing fires of hell itself, It is a mass of robe material that can capture beings in it’s extra dimensional pocket, deep within it’s folds. It succeeded in it’s mission and captured every demon from the rival legion, but was then left without purpose. The Demon lord held within coerced the prison to let him stretch his limbs beyond it’s walls, so that it might aid it in a new task. Capturing all the demons of the legion who had created it.

while it had only started this task, the demon lord inside it was not careful with his attacks. grasping out and pulling in all manner of demon but without realizing it had grabbed a small baby girl. The robe was not designed to ever let a prisoner out, and the poor girl was stuck inside it’s extra dimensional pocket shared, but not in contact, with an unimaginable mass of demons before she could even speak.

The demon lord’s vision for revenge, he realized, held no hatred toward humans after hunting so many of his kind. Regretting so his choice, he commanded the prison to allow her to have as much an existence as it could. Demons have eternity to hunt each other, but the young girl does not. But the prison could not simply give up it’s hunt.

Now 19, and still very naive to the ways of the actual human world, She travels the wasteland seeking out anyone who has made mention of hellish creatures nearby to continue to fill the prison. To aid her, the demon lord and other like minded demons extend their help through the many folds. Where her arm might disappear under it, a wicked claw might come forth, hide her mouth and a fire breathing maw may appear, and wherever she walks, there is hellfire.

#17 Doctor Beginning

| November 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 17 – Doctor Beginning

Micheal Barns was just your average guy growing up, did ok in school, not too many friends, average job, complete hatred for the entire world. Regular stuff. He never struck out against the people who angered him because he never saw the point in it compared to one event that was to come. The end of the world, December 21st, 2012. Every little frustration he had paled in comparison to the day everything was supposed to be destroyed. Meteor crash, Fire from the sky, massive earthquakes, whatever. So he patiently waited.

Until… it didn’t happen. December 22rd came around, he even gave it till the last possible time zone was done but… nothing. No doomsday he was promised, no justice for the corrupt world or destruction of himself and his enemies. Just a regular day. Fate denied him the end he was promised.

The world was supposed to be destroyed, and if it wasn’t going to blow itself up then he’d just have to do it himself. He spent months traveling the world, setting up ploys, traps, and evil schemes to activate when the time came. Planned misinformation for government leaders, youtube videos to rile up the masses, and all manner of destruction.

2012 wasn’t the end of the world, but it was the beginning of the end.

#16 Sister Kathrine

| November 16, 2013 | 0 Comments


Day 16 – Sister Kathrine

Without armor:

A ray of sunshine in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Sister Kathrine always seems to be in high spirits, despite walking the battlefields of heretics, mutants, and xenos. Under commander Marci’s wing, she developed into an excellent vox officer, relaying orders between the various squads, calling in exorcist support, or just announcing where her Canoness has wandered off to. She usually takes up the back end of the wing, doing clean up work since she’s not the most accurate shot. Her battle instincts and reactions are second to none among her sisters, and she makes excellent use of their firepower midst the chaos of war.

Her skills in order relaying are impressive, it’s only because she borrows the authority of the others around her to speak. When given a chance to speak her mind, she can’t find her words and stutters. Which her commander loves to see her so adorably fidget with her words when they have the rare recreational time together between crusades.

#15 Subject D1N4-Go

| November 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 15 – Subject D1N4-Go

An experiment of a foolish genetic therapy scientist who didn’t really do all the necessary research, “Dina” was an attempt to give a human similar qualities to a gorilla. With no real focus on a particular species or knowledge of their anatomy, he just tweaked the DNA of this unfortunate woman until it resembled what he though a gorilla/human might look like.

The scientist was thrown out of the evil corporation he worked in for such a fruitless waste of resources. His genetic work, including Dina, was determined to have little more than animal mentality, and was simply dropped into the wild with a microtag so they could track any long term genetic developments.

#14 Mount Adora

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 14 – Mount Adora

On a small island nation, they have a very curiously shaped volcano named Mount Adora. According to geographic history she used to be quite active when first discovered but has calmed in recent human history. Her name comes from an ancient passed on oral tradition that when their predecessors first arrived on the island, she was so small and cute the could only think of one word to describe her.

Although scientists warn the residents of the island that the recent lava flow leakage means it could erupt soon, the islanders laugh the foreign scholars away. Claiming no one, not even a volcano, would wake up from a dream that pleasant.

#13 Elly Hatori

| November 13, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 13 – Elly Hatori

“He wanted to make sure the sauce was the right amount! It’s not dangerous mom!”

For 7 generations, the Hatori family has made quality hand tossed pizza in New Chicago. Competing against the other Pizza families the art of making a good pie has gone from an contest to a war, with elaborate and excessive battles between stores for the annual title of Best Pizza in the City. While the other families have changed with the times, some switching to electric ovens, others to machine rolling the dough, The Hatori’s have always honored the tradition of hand tossed and wood ovens cooking.

Until their youngest came along. Elly Hatori is a complete fumble fingers when it comes to spinning dough, either though lack of agility or anxiety she just can’t spin a pie in the air. While for a time her family could cope with her inability the loss of her grandma meant she had to be ready to battle in the pizza family feuds. Her grand-uncle came up with a device to let her both fight and make pizzas despite her lack of dexterity, a giant double bladed pizza cutter axe, with built in sauce pourers and even a low flame thrower to cook pizzas on the blade.

Although she’s grown quite proficient with the device, her mother and father disapprove since it just doesn’t have the heart a true pizza should have. Fortunately, since it’s a pizza making tool, it’s allowed as a weapon in the battles and that’s where she shines, since her parents older styles are being overpowered by newer technologies and techniques.

#12 Doc U. Ments

| November 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 12 – Doc U. Ments

He’s here to save your world.

#11 Sister Arabella

| November 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 11 – Sister Arabella

without armor:

Wielder of the Right Wing squads Heavy Flamer, Battle sister Arabella was once a vivid and inspiring combatant in the march against Xenos, Heretics, and Mutants. Once nicknamed Firefly by her fellow sisters, the name has lost usage in recent years however. During the cleansing purge of an ork conquered world, Arabella valiantly brought her flamer to bear against a Deff Dread, Incinerating the occupant. But the orkish tech heresy managed to get it’s claws around her skull, piercing her helmet and biting through her skull. It stopped functioning only after just cutting faintly into her brain matter. She was recovered after nearly half an hour of having the Ork klaw pinched round her head.

Although the Biologis managed to save her life and repaired her skull quite miraculously, the emotional centers in her brain are shot, disabling her from expressing any emotion in her face or mood. She speaks in a monotone pattern and has needed special exemption from being punished for being unable to sing the battle hymns proper scales with her fellow sisters. Arabella does demonstrate her faith in combat, matching without fear upon enemy lines. Captured heretics have been heard swearing that the only thing more terrifying than a Sister of Battle screaming in holy fury down on them, is Arabella burning heretics just as dispassionately as the fire her weapon breathes.

#10 Shannon

| November 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 10 – Shannon

Junior maintenance mechanic aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Delivery, Shannon is in charge of making sure various little things on the ship are still functioning at proper capacity. While being on a military vessel is a serious job, and one she doesn’t take lightly, Shannon is just the type who always has a song stuck in her head, and the urge to dance to it. Most of her work is below decks, where the best she can do is tap her feet to the beat as she tightens bolts and replaces cables. But when time permits, her favorite place is on deck between maneuvers, where she boogies her heart out dancing up and down the runway to a song only she can hear.

The other crewmen occasionally take bets on which song it was based on her rhythm, but so far no one has ever gotten it right besides the captain.

#9 Parry

| November 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 9 – Parry

Wielding a magic fencing sword and possessing superhuman senses, Parry has made a small name for herself on the city streets fighting off thugs and robbers while delicately dodging all of their attacks. Her fencing is sharp and powerful, though her outfit leads onlookers to question why she isn’t clad in tights like most other superheros.

What they don’t know, is that Parry’s real name is Relish Treelove, an elven fencer from another world of dragons and dungeons, who was transported to our world and has no idea how to get back. While she adjusted fairly quickly her only link to her old life was her sword, and she feels naked walking around without it. She found a job as a waitress in a costume themed gentleman’s club, that let her carry the sword in a pirate outfit. While demeaning it’s the most at home she feels in the city. However, when a group of robbers tried to hold up the club, she leapt into action without thinking and defeated them in a few short strikes. But before the police arrived she panicked, not wanting to be discovered. She tore off one of the robbers masks, and as they arrived she came up with the name Parry, proclaimed to be a new superhero, and ran off.

Her co-workers kept her secret, so she decided to continue playing at a superhero, and Relish welcomes those sudden moments of daring-do combat, like she’s connecting to the world she once knew.

#8 Jamie the hairdresser

| November 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 8 – Jamie the Hairdresser

One of the most popular hairdressers in the city, Jamie is known for having both exceptional skill at the barber chair as well as her bubbly attitude. Neither of which people seem to understand as she’s just a head. But that hasn’t ever stopped her, as she can control her own hair with more dexterity than most people can their own fingers. When asked about how she moves her hair, she says she doesn’t know exactly why or how, that she was just born with it and laughs about how scary it was for her mom in the delivery room.

Just don’t ask her how she poops.

#7 The Curious Grapeworm

| November 7, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 7 – The Curious Grapeworm

An adorable little grapeworm, who decides to explore the fruitbug world instead of being content with his life like his brethren. Finding Applebeetles, Bananantis, Strawroaches, and all manner of curious creatures. He pays a price as he adventures, often losing more and more of his grapes as he explores and meets fruits, not all of which are friendly. When he returns home, he’s little more than a head, to which his family and friends scold him for not staying home, where he would still have his old body. But he calmly explains that although there is little of him left, each piece of them will dry out at the same speed as his, so it does not matter how much of him there is left, and he got to enjoy his life.

#6 Sister Superior Marci

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Without armor:


Day 6 – Sister Superior Marci

Stalwart commander of the squad of battle sisters known as Right Wing, Sister Superior Marci is a powerful, capable, and dominant leader. Having both age and experience over her Canoness, Marci is often sought out when decisions need to be made, both on and off the battlefield. A position she enjoys tremendously.

While in combat, Right wing spearheads any forward assault with a compliment of flamers and bolters, but Marci herself has a particular love for grenades. Frag, Krak, or the illustrious Meltabomb, anything she can throw at an enemy then watch as they panic moments before they explode. Cool guys may walk away from explosions, but Marci prefers to watch them run. She is often seen chewing on a grenade pin long after battles are over, even weeks after conflict has ended, if peace ever lasts that long.

Between holy wars, Marci is usually found tutoring younger acolytes, driving them to higher goals in their devotion to the emperor. There is a rumor among her fellow sisters that when Marci was injured in combat years ago that she requested a little more than just treatment to her wounds, as she has a remarkably well sculpted body. Those who claim to have been close enough to know for sure, swear they are forbidden from revealing the answer.

#5 Barcian Chuu

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 5 – Barcian Chuu

Pro running back in the EFL (Extraterrestrial Football League), Barcian Chuu is a interstellar celebrity, known for his surprisingly small size at 5 feet 3 inches, but his speed and incredibly useful three eyes with dual pupils, means he’s got impressive situational awareness. With sudden cuts, twists, spins, leaps, and bursts of speed he “chuu’s up the field”.


| November 4, 2013 | 1 Comment



A massive rolling tower, crewed by robotic drones serving to consume cities as it rolls ever forward. The tower itself has no pilot or leader, it’s believed that it’s an AI that drives the tower, and not just a supernatural drive to consume the civilized world.

#3 May Day & E-Quip

| November 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

Day 3 – May Day and E-Quip

Back in the late 90s, warzones were dominated by butt kicking and no-name taking heroes like Duke Nukem, Max Payne, Serious Sam, and May Day. But the battlefield shifted when those health packs, weapons, and upgrades scattered around the world were finally noticed by the evil doom soldier army and in one swift move war was changed. While most military outfits switched to respawned soldiers, carrying 2 weapons max, and regenerative shields, one company took a different route.

A-Tech Defense developed a revolutionary prototype weapon they named E-Quip. An all-in-one gun with a built in AI that selects what types of munitions to fire based on advances circumstantial sensors. In order to alleviate the necessity to carry 17 different weapons around on your back. It can consume enemy weapons to refill it’s ammunition and gain new firing modes. Feed it a rocket launcher, and it can shoot rockets.

When A-tech called in May Day, she thought she was finally returning to the warfront she knew, not getting saddled with a metal babysitter who fancies itself in charge and keeps insulting her puns as she works.

#2 Canoness Angela

| November 2, 2013 | 0 Comments


Without armor:

Day 2 – Canoness Angela of the Order of the Valorous Heart.

The young leader of the chapter of Sisters of Battle known as the Violet Wings. Angela considers everything about her leadership position in the Adepta Sororitas a blessing by his holy emperor that she cannot begin to understand. Gaining the position directly from within the ranks of the Repentia, for surviving and driving back a powerful Eldar psyker. She is commonly lacking in etiquette and protocol and very much prefers when the answer to a situation is smash it.

Although she leads with fervor, she has no head for tactics, and leaves the burden of commanding troops to the more capable sisters, often wandering the battlefield alone in a nearly blind fury. But the ex-repentia is an uplifting sight to her sisters in arms as she rushes headlong into enemy lines.

What Angela doesn’t yet know, is the Eldar Warlock who she triumphed against saw deep within her and discovered that she is not blessed with powerful muscles by the God-Emperor, but is cursed with mutation that has so far been undetected by the ecclesiarchy, and luckily been useful in the destruction of heretics and the foes of mankind.

But until that day that her shameful secret is revealed, she will march forth against the mutant, the witch, and the heretic. Wielding her Anointed Evicerator, a massive chainsword who’s teeth were ground flat against the force shield of the Warlock. But in her hands, it is no less deadly.

2013 Challenge Day 1 – FrankenSaurus

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New Challenger: otakutaylor

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Hi everybody~

I’m otakutaylor, very unprofessional artist. I rather enjoy making characters so this seemed like a lot of fun to do. I’m really hoping I can work more on faces and body types through this challenge. You can check out most of my stuff here:

Don’t know what else to say, but I can’t wait till tomorrow to get started!