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Art school graduate from Poland.
In her early twenties.
Obsessed with cartoons, comics and overall geekyness.

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2013 Returning Challenger: Ozzie Scribbler (Natalia M)

| October 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

Hi everybody!

I’ve been entering the challenge since 2011, but never managed to finish it, as my flakiness got in the way.
Third time’s a charm, so I’ll do my best to submit entries regularly (though probably not every day).

As for personal info, I’m a back-in-art school graphic artist from Poland, 23 years old. I’m interested in comics, animation, character design and graphic design.
You can find (some) of my art on deviantArt, I also share my opinions on personal tumblr blog and manage a blog concerning the absurdity of scantly-clad female warriors in popular media.

I’ll try to excessive my creative juices and artistic skills to design some new random character (most likely a fantasy one) for every day of November. No promises regarding quality/technique and schedule of my updates, because of unfortunate technical issues (broken scanner) and overall abundance of work.

Good luck, everybody!

~Ozzie Scribbler

2012 Returning Challenger: Natalia M (Ozzie Scribbler)

| October 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

First off, I participated last year and never finished the challenge. Having a major art block and struggling to keep my pace I eventually didn’t publish past my first two characters, although having a few more, even if mostly rushed designs.

My name is Natalia MaÅ‚achowska, I’m 22 and a recent art school graduate from Szczecin, Poland. On the Internet I’m consistent with nick Ozzie Scribbler, so if you stumbled upon such username, it was most certainly me.
I’m a huge cartoon and comic geek, though pretty lazy when it comes to my own art. That’s why I’m hoping to use this month as an opportunity for some self-growth.

For all interested, I post some of my art on deviantArt and share my thoughts on various matters on Tumblr. Feel free to check them out.

Good luck for all the challengers this year!

Sincerely yours, Ozzie

#2 Bernard Goldsmith

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Bernard Goldsmith by Ozzie Scribbler

I’m kind of late, so sorry for such a quick sketch today… And a bit of cheating, because the character wasn’t created today, I just drew him for the first time ever.

Bernard is father of one of secondary characters that me and my friend created for our upcoming webcomic. As the name indicates, he’s a goldsmith and all over pretty ordinary middle-aged guy… Why did I tag him under fantasy then, you ask? Well, of course, he comes from  fantasy world. His neighbours are trolls and his son develops a questionable relationship with half-human.

#1 Berry the Robot

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment
Berry the Robot by Ozzie Scribbler

A little robot... Not much to say

2011 Challenger: Natalia Małachowska (Ozzie Scribbler)

| October 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Ozzie ScribblerGreetings and welcome from Poland! My first time participating here, so…

My name is Natalia MaÅ‚achowska, but you can call me by my all-time Internet nickname Ozzie Scribbler (or Ozzie, for short). I’m 21 years old graphic design student at Szczecin’s Arts Academy, but although being an artist-in-training I’m far from considering myself a professional. I’m taking this challenge mainly to learn keeping my focus and practice my creativity.

As a huge cartoon and comic geek I always have been fascinated most with character design and this is what I consider my biggest strength at drawing. I specialise at loose sketches and hand-made inking. Maybe, but only maybe I’ll try to practice some color work later this month, but considering how uncertain I feel about my coloring I can’t promise that. Knowing my interest the characters I’ll create for the challenge will end up being random fantasy humanoids, cute deformed animals and/or chibis. Some of them may end up in the webcomic I’m currently planning to make…

Don’t forget to check out my deviantArt page

Good luck, everyone!

Sincerely yours,