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Day 6 – Rezoniel

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Rezoniel is an angel of the Heavenly Host. Beautiful and awe-inspiring to look at, his long hair flows down his back and his 4 wings are broad in span. He works around the Silver City aiding his brothers in whichever ways he can. He is smaller and leaner in stature than many of his brethren, but is able to hold his own where it matters.

Rezoniel only has one want in his existence other than to continue his service to the Lord, and that is to ensure that his good friend Malachy is returned to the Silver City in good health and faith. To this end, he has been working in secret to assist Malachy in his quest for knowledge, by passing him information from the vast library held within the Silver City.

Rezoniel knows that what he is doing is rife with danger; if the Seraphim were to find out what he is doing then there would be a very real risk of him being expelled from the Holy City; and if the daemons found out there is an information source coming out of Heaven then attempts may be made to infiltrate it.

Rezoniel believes that Malachy would be a strong asset in the defence of good, and does not like seeing his friends head turned. He believes that for Heaven to be as strong as it can be, and offer itself as the beacon of light and hope that it should be, all angels should be standing together as one, and he’s now seeking to end the in-fighting between choirs.

For all his abilities, Rezoniel always errs on the side of caution, to the point where he will often pull completely away from a course of action because it does not feel right. Some see this as a form of weakness in his character, and seek to take advantage of it. This causes him to be more cautious and insular, often keeping masses of information to himself.

Day 5 – Faumast

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Faumast is a mid-level demon, a basic humanoid form, with a number of differences. He has a hunched back, and his face is elongated and narrow-chinned. His wrists bend back in towards his forearms, constantly cutting at his veins with talon-like nails. His powerful legs are short, with a single bony protrusion from his left knee.

He wants to be more powerful. He has, throughout the ages, gathered a smattering of backing from lesser and same-level demons, and has grown to crave more. He has sown deceit and ill-feeling whilst continuing his power-collation. And now he’s using the confusion and rumours to try and grasp more, in a bid to gain more backing so as to form a coup on the throne of Hell.

If he doesn’t get enough backing, any attempted coup would be easily defeated, and he would be sent back down the levels of hell, becoming a subservient of those whom he has tricked, cheated, and angered. Faumast does not want this, and will battle tooth and nail, metaphorically as he would prefer to not to dirty his talons, to remain in his current standing if he cannot go further.

The on-going rumours of the second coming have set waves of fear and hope about the dwellers of Hades. Faumast believes that this offers him an ideal opportunity to get closer to Lucifer and cement his position as a true power in Hell.

Getting what you want is never easy though, especially in a society that loathes and distrusts you in equal measures. And mix that in with the highly powerful, dangerous and charismatic beings that stand in your way, and you better have some pretty strong followers, both philosophically and physically. Faumast may not be there yet, but maybe soon, and then we’ll see.

Day 4 – The G-Men

| November 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

The G-Men are the collection of Grotesques and Gargoyles situated all around the city. They do nothing other than watch the day and night activities 24/7. They silently gather all information on the denizens; who, what, where, when and how. They have been present since the initial building of the city, put there by person or persons unknown. They have a working arrangement with a select number of entities for the sharing of the information, including certain angels and law enforcement agents.

They have no interest in why the citizens are doing what they are doing; they only have a desire to ensure the city is protected from threat.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that anything would happen should their protection fail. After all, no-one other than a select few are aware of their existence, and they haven’t broached the subject. Needless to say, it is believed that any attack on the city would not be met without some form of defence.

With the upcoming struggles, the G-Men are mentally preparing themselves for any potential action that they may have to take.

Day 3 – The Ineffables

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Ineffable are a choir of angels specifically created for the task of collecting the Angelic and/or Daemonic entities that don’t belong on Earth, and deposit them back to where they need to be. Stern, tough, stoic and completely unmoved by emotions, they relentlessly track their quarry until it is caught. They commonly work in pairs, but have also been known to work in larger groups where circumstances dictate. They never work alone, but they can be distracted into such a state. They utilise the secretive information source known as the G-Men to aid their tracking.

As this is a Holy task given by the Lord, it must be completed. There is no time limit for the Ineffable to complete their tasking, and as more of the Host slip away from the Silver City, or escape/are released from the Pits, their role gets more intense. It is no easy task however, as the beings that are being hunted have no desire to return, or at least at the current moment. The hunted will defend themselves against this decree, either by tooth and claw, or by running away to save their new-found existence.

The rumours of the second coming have thrust the hordes of evil into action – they hope that by corrupting the young soul of the new-born messiah, they can gain major footholds in the on-going war, and steal a great march in the upcoming battle. As such, The Ineffable have been more focused on putting the Daemons back into Hell.

Day 2 – Sandra Williams

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sandra Williams has no powers or special abilities. She was raised by Catholic parents and soon began a course of rebellion against the dogma that was being forced upon her. Her rebellion encompassed all the usual suspects; alcohol and substance abuse, anti-social behaviour, until she found herself pregnant at 17. Believing herself unfit to be a mother, she booked herself in for a termination, only to be stopped at the last minute by her enraged Father.

Held under a house arrest by her parents, having come full-term and given birth to a daughter, she quickly left her family and sought a new life for herself in Newland County. Her life continued to spiral downwards when an attempted sexual assault changed her outlook on life. Heading back home, Sandra was devastated to discover her parents and daughter had perished in an accidental house fire. Taking this as a sign that her disbelief in any form of Religion was truly the best way for her to live, she once again headed back to Newland County, where she took a number of part-time jobs. Eventually she worked her way up the chain at “Bouquets of Love” florist, becoming the manager at 28. It is here that she employed and became friends with Malachy, not knowing who he really was.

Sandra is around 5’ 8” tall, with a slim build, but shows the scars of her previous wild-child existence on her arms. She prefers to wear long sleeved tops, with trousers to avoid having her scars freely on show. Whilst she works hard at maintaining a pleasant persona, she still displays a bit of a temper, especially when tired, or stressed.


Day 1 – The ‘Fallen’ Angel

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Malachy is a former angel who neglected to take a side when the Morningstar defied the Lord, and as such, slunk out of the Heavenly City before he could be pushed, or pulled. Currently he is working in a florist, as he contemplates his existence and what he is going to do. He has been struggling to comprehend the reason for the revolt in heaven for countless millennia, and continues to do so. What will he do when he discovers the true reasoning behind Lucifer’s rebellion?

Tall and thin by human standards, with thinning shoulder-length hair, the years he has spent on the Earth have taken a toll on his appearance, yet he still maintains the angelic beauty of his former life. He prefers basic clothes in plain colours; simple cotton t-shirts and loose fitting trousers.

Rumours of the second coming thrust Malachy head first into a dangerous chase against the hordes of hell for the sake of the boy, and the future of the world.


2011 Challenger: phee

| October 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Well, I’m trying to scribble down a story anyways, so lets give this a shot. I’ll be mainly using biographical OHOTMU style descriptions, with occasioanl rough sketches, as I can’t draw worth a damn. I live and work in the UK and have grown up on a diet of Batman, Spidey and have a current love for all things 2000AD. So lets see how this influences my designs.