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#5: Vera Connelly

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is Bernard’s mother, Vera. She died in a car crash along with his father when Bernard was 10 (he now lives with his grandparents).


Vera couldn’t stand being still, so she was always dancing and moving around. She was very optimistic, and was generally well loved by most people she came across. Her nature did tend to get her in trouble sometimes, however, because she was also a little naive.


Bernard and Vera belong to my comic, Oneiric.




3 & 4- Familiars.

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

These two are both familiars. They are typically made out of a few items that are close to the person they are for, and combine to a form that traps a soul. They typically last until one of the items decays enough that they lose stability, but in recent times the ethical implications of trapping a soul for what could potentially be an eternity has led to ‘timers’ being produced that degrade after a set time and free the soul back to where it came from. They are also commonly made out of a special dust, whose properties allow the creatures to move around easily and fade in and out of sight.


The first creature is the work of a student- it’s made of items that no experienced familiar crafter would want to use. A simple and common mistake is using something that makes sound as it’s main function (in this case an ipod) leads to a noisy familiar. It is also made from a teddy, which would be very attached to it’s owner.  This and the backlit screen means that the owner of this familiar wouldn’t be getting a lot of sleep.


The second is the work of a much more advanced crafter- it retains a far more solid form and has taken on a shape of it’s own despite still being mostly made of the dust (a feature more commonly found in ‘strong’ souls). It was made of a bird’s skull, an old umbrella and a broken string of beads, the latter of which floats behind it as a tail of sorts. Despite having legs, the creature is more likely to float than trot.



#2: Inkmancer

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is the inkmancer! He has mastered a particular type of magic that allows him to control inks and any sort of liquid that makes a mark, really. His coat is made of a very durably paper, and the dark edges are ink that he has soaked it in and keeps ‘live’: it constantly moves as if it is alive.


Incidentally, he is also bald. But don’t tell anyone. ;D


He is also a thief, preferring to steal the knowledge right out of books by draining the pages of their ink. This way he not only learns everything the book contained but prevents anyone else from learning it, theoretically making him the most knowledgeable individual alive.



| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

This is Ivy. She is a fairly happy (if a little quiet) young girl, who is currently a student as indicated by the markings on her face. These markings are compulsory in her country, and display the occupation of the wearer. She always has a stash of lollipops on her somewhere and she often wears her blue monster hoodie, which she named Mr. Snugs.


Unbeknownst to Ivy, an accident in charming class led to Mr. Snugs being possessed. Whenever she puts up her hood, Mr. Snugs takes over and controls her like shes a somewhat clumsy puppet. Ivy is completely unaware of any of this happening, and wakes up sometime later with gaps in her memory.

Click the picture for an extra image of her being possessed! (It wouldn’t fit within the frame).