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# 3 – Aaron Gunn

| November 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

Continued from Lady Lightning and Mr. Smiley from the universe-in-development, “Bound”

Aaron Gunn : the last resort

Aaron Gunn is aptly named: he is proficient with many hand weapons

Aaron Gunn wasn’t originally designated for Special Forces duty. He went into the Army, and then was quietly transfered ove to Marine special forces after his extra-accurate abilties were noted by his superiors. After serving a full term of ten years, we was recomended for the civil special-powers comission, and was accepted not just for his combat abilities, but for his extremely level head under duress. Aaron possess good reaction, but not above humanly-possible, and is proficient with a number of different weapons, guns, and defenses. But so are many special forces members. The most distinctive aspect of his abilities is a sort of sixth-sense that allows him to anticipate an attacker’s actions, even when they are irrational or unconventional. For this reason, and for his military experience, Aaron Gunn has been given two nicknames. “The hired Gun” and “The last resort”. Aaron’s specialty is in executions. In a world where any death means another’s death as well, such lethal tactics are only used on criminals and adversaries that have left him no choice.

It’s for this reason that he first met Lady Lightning, back when she was just joking called “Sparky” by coworkers in the special comission. They were often paired up because her powers were (at the time) explicitly used for passifying (she could only produce energy bursts that stunned, paralyzed, or dazed oponents), and his for backing her up in case more serious threats were encountered. He has also given her a lot of guidance and advice over the years, both as a comrade, and simply because he is fifteen years her senior.

The last thing that makes Aaron Gunn unique is that he not only knows who his bond-mate is. He married her. He will jokingly say “I’m just protecting my own hide by keeping that woman close to me.”, but LL knows he’s completely devoted.

In the time since LL’s mysterious transformation, Aaron has been working closely with her to try to find some reason behind the increase her powers.

#2 – Mr. Smiley

| November 8, 2010 | 0 Comments
Mr Smiley

Mr Smiley, a villian who isn't as he seems...

Mr Smiley is a villian of a slimy sort of caliber. No one argues that he is certainly one of the most dangerous in the city, but few people could tell you the truth of his powers: they’re all a trick. He can make anyone see anything, and some people even worry he can change their very thoughts. He derives pleasure from fooling people, and even more pleasure from causing them to hurt themselves. Mr. Smiley is so named because he always wears a paper mask in front of his face, and is constantly shrouded behind a aura of darkness, and a fake projection of himself. The truth is that he’s homeless and has worn the same suit for countless years. But his bad hygene and sociopathic behavior doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Quite the contrary.

Notes on the design: I’m not really happy with this, but it’s a start. I love the one of how people see him, on the left. I’m not so found of the ones at right. He’s not quite grotesque enough yet. It’s an effect I’ll need to keep working on for the future.

#1 Lady Lightning

| November 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Lady Lightning - 01Lady Lightning is for a story concept I keep rolling around entitled “Bound”. The reason for this name is because it takes place in a world where Superheroes are not common, but are known about by the general public. It is also fairly common knowledge that though not all normal people have a soul that theirs is linked to, a superhero always has a “soulmate” of sorts that their life is intertwined with. Their “Bond” isn’t nescessarily their romantic interest, nor is it always a particular gender combination. Most never even find who their bond is specifically, which is probably for the best, because if one dies, so does the other. Many villians would use this against heroes, and many ordinary people would fear for their lives constantly if they knew who was on the other end of their life string.

Lady Lightning is a very powerful hero, but she wasn’t always that way. Her sudden increase in power is something she has always wondered about, but tried to push to the back of her mind so she can do her job.

Notes on the design: I was trying to show some kind of a glow to her outfit, like it’s being infused with her energy powers. Like fiber-optic in the mesh or something. I also wanted the outer coat to appear a bit shimmer-metallic, but I didn’t spend too long on this. I know most super-hero stuff leans towards uber-buff people, and excessively busty girls, and as one of the most “powerful” people in the story, I thought of doing this for her, but I came down to a more lithe athletic sort of design for her instead.

30 Characters Challenger: Crystal M Rollins

| October 26, 2010 | 0 Comments
a photo of Crystal Rollins

what I look like

Hi There everybody!

Unfortunately for you all, I’m as boring as mud. Anything I might have that’s interesting, I try to shove into my comics and my stories. I’m not a professional comic artist, nor a professional writer. I’m not even really a “professional creative”. I work as a printer monkey for a company in the Northwest USA that produces fabric. In the last year, I’ve spent a lot of my freetime once again reviving a comic story about teenagers discovering super-human powers.

I don’t want to specifically classify it as a “super hero” story, nor as a Harry-Potter-esc “magic teenagers” story. It’s more about them growing up and using their newfound abilities, and about trying to understand where those abilities come from, then about fitting into an unknown counter-culture society or saving the day. Because honestly, you’d have to sit around at night for a LONG time to catch one of those rare juicy muggings superheroes seem to live for.

Chapter 2 Cover for Aspect

So what got me into this 30 characters thing? My friend, rival, and creative-partner-in-crime, Emily Gillis. She writes and draws a comic called Jikoshia, and pointed me at this site. I’m hoping it it’s a challenge and a good brainstorm. We shall see.

I’ve also written a novel, and this is the fourth attempt at Aspect (previously given other titles). I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon and working on comics off and on in my free time for the last ten years. I have a few short stories, story ideas, etc, in mind that I’ve been thinking of developing, and that’s probably where I’ll draw inspiration from for the characters in the upcoming month.

A short word about the art: I work mainly digital now, but I’ve worked before in markers, pen-and-ink, pencil, chalk, and paint. Aside from comics, I also sew, garden, bake, and make fine jewelry. Did I mention I can cut stones? Lapidary work is a blast. I haven’t won any awards or published on dead tree yet. And I graduated school with a degree in Graphic Design.

A short word about me: I live in the Seattle area with my husband, my roomate/friend Techaune, and our four combined cats.

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