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#6 Lava Gologoth

| November 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Lava Gologoth is a massive elemental titan imbued with all of the heat and pressure of the core of the planet and all of the strengths that come with it. The Lava Gologoth can create mountain ranges and active volcanoes almost at pure whimsy, by continually stomping around underground and forcing new mountains up on the surface.

Standing at a staggering 2500 feet tall, it’s a mountain of  a monster; its footprints can obliterate most smaller cities and communities. Ancient tomes of worshippers declare that the Lava Gologoth will someday return to the surface of the world where it will reclaim the mountains and soil as its kingdom; and all living creatures as its slaves. It’s a good thing that the Lava Gologoth doesn’t realy exist!


#5 First Mate Appleby

| November 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

The first mate of the Squidbeard Pirates’ Airbourne Division is almost as foul-tempered as her captain. Almost. Which is why he’s the captain and she isn’t.

Appleby can easily hold her own in a fight with even the surliest of pirates, as she is quite skilled with broadswords and scimitars, despite her small frame. She absolutely adores riches and jewels, and insists on all of her clothes made out of the finest silks and cloths the pirates have lifted from all the exotic ports they’ve landed. She gets first pick among the jewels and fabrics because if she doesn’t she’ll cut you down like the filthy green sea pig you is. *spit*

#4 Captain Squidbeard

| November 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

Captain Squidbeard is one of the most feared, most hated and most wanted pirates of all time. His rotten deeds include such meanness as plunderin’ booty, ransacking, pillaging, scuttling, stealing candy from children, name-calling, tattling, spittin’ in a no-spittin’ zone, not sharing toys during playtime, cursin’ in church and just plain bein’ not very nice at all. With a rap sheet 12 knots long, it means every government in the world has their eyes peeled for this rapscallion. So how’s the world single most wanted criminal going to freely move about the world when even his own mom would turn him in?

Command a fleet of skyships, a-doy.

#3 Grab Crabbler

| November 11, 2010 | 4 Comments

The faux lord of the ocean, Grab Crabbler, bullies and pushes around the weaker citizens of the sea in order to get his way. Decked out in barnacles and starfish which he pretends are war medals and a long, flowing octopus cloak, Grab paints himself to be more benevolent than he really is. In truth, he’s probably one of the world’s most cowardly creatures, turning tail at the sight of any perceived threat.

Pretty ridiculous, considering he’s 15 feet tall and weighs 700 lbs.

#2 Metabolism

| November 3, 2010 | 5 Comments

Metabolism has been endowed with a hyper metabolism system that allows him to take on the physical properties of anything he eats – but only for about an hour or so. When faced with a gang of hoodlums, it’s not uncommon for Metabolism to chew up an entire street and lay them out like asphalt. The citizens still talk about the time he saved the New Year’s celebration by ingesting the Countdown Ball and flattening a group of terrorists with it.

Just… just don’t be around when he’s gotta… you know. Quick metabolism and all…

#1 Johann

| November 2, 2010 | 1 Comment

Johonn is a collector, buyer and seller of odd and legendary artifacts. Looking for a brugott’s kidney stone? He’s probably got 3 in the back of his store. The rope that hoisted the main sail on the Crimson Coccyx? Half off until Thursday. Sword hilts made from the fingerbones of the ancient clay warriors of the ancient Southern Sun kingdom? buy 4, get the 5th for free.

He’s probably had every mystical item pass through his bargain bins, and he can recite the history of each one off the cuff if you’d just ask. However, there’s this box… Some guy traded it to him for an armful of maps, but it didn’t come with a key. And this craftsmanship, well… it seems familiar, but new and unique all at the same time…

“Mikhail, lemme tell ya… magic items are all over the place. Heck, you can probably throw a stone in Auburnwood Forest and hit at least 3 things that someone will say are mysterious and ethereal. But just because a basilisk’s scrotum is rare don’t necessarily mean it’s any good.”

30 Characters Challenger: Phil Gibson

| October 31, 2010 | 1 Comment

Hi everyone! My name is Phil Gibson, I’m a graphic designer by day, comic artist by night. I currently run my own comics website Wormbone, after finishing my first full comic, Lancaster the Ghost Detective, which is being re-run five days a week.

I’m certainly looking forward to taking part in this challenge; especially any challenge where I can sleep any time in the middle of it! In addition, I can’t wait to see what everyone else is going to come up with too! Just imagine, there’s going to be literally hundreds of new fictional lives at the end of the month! Woo! GO TEAM

Oh! Good luck to everyone participating, it’s going to be a blast!

Twitter – PiousKnob
AIM – DarkPoinko
Site – Wormbone, Lancaster