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Day 3 and 4: The Watcher and The Listener

| November 4, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Watcher and The Listener

Two of three leaders of the small country of Emryet, home to the river port town Fairjet (Day 2) lives in. The third leader of this country is The Speaker. I felt these two should be posted together, as they are sisters. The Speaker is their mother, and will be posted tomorrow.

The first sister, The Watcher, gathers information critical to the survival of the country, and relates them to her mother. The Watcher wears a blindfold, symbolizing how she uses the eyes of others to watch. She is trained in war strategy, and advises her mother during conflicts. She represents power and intelligence.

The second sister, The Listener, is the voice of the people. Her “ears”, 2 citizens of varying social status from each town, gather information about the welfare of the people of Emryet. She then tells her mother of the challenges the people face, or the success that has been had. The Listener always covers her ears, symbolizing how she uses the ears of others to listen. She is trained in business strategy, and advises her mother during economical hardships. She represents compassion and wealth.

…and that’s all for The Watcher and The Listener! See y’all tomorrow, with The Speaker!

Day 2: Fairjet Dulsnat

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Fairjet Dulsnat, a young and strong guard in a rich river port town. She belongs to a guild of traders, though the particular sect she is in deals with protecting the goods and fending off thieves. She travels with caravans, when she needs to, though mostly she just hangs out at the docks, catching pesky children who want to take a peek at the enchanted or expensive wares.

She is not particularly educated, so she tries her best to befriend the allied guild of mages in town, hiding her want to learn with a want to learn how to do her job more efficiently.

The cape she wears while traveling is dipped in water, then rolled in sand to make the already good camouflage even more perfect. This is only done, however, when going through particularly dangerous deserts with a caravan. When on the sea, she switches to a dark brown cloak, as to match the stained wood of the ship, in case she needs to hide herself if injured in an attack.

Though her speech is rough and common, she is polite to the best of her ability, though she falls prey to the belief that everyone needs to deal with their own problems. She will, however, help for a very good reason, and will never go back on a promise.

…and that’s all for Fairjet! See y’all tomorrow!

Day 1: Andren

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Not sure what his last name is, but I don’t think it matters much. He’s a former mage that got kicked out of his school for starting one too many fights, due to his irritable nature, and the fact that he curses like a sailor (and uses several made up terms that sound like ones an angry grandmother would use, such as grangfabbling or crochetsuggin). Absolutely riddled with scars, he lives just outside a mountain village, buying food and mechanical parts in exchange for the herbs he gathers, potions he makes, or using his somewhat basic knowledge of magic to fix things.

He’s the son of a blacksmith or engineer, I think, and so he knows more about machines than actual magic. Using his prior knowledge, he uses the mechanical parts he trades to make awful inventions, in a vague hope of winning a contest at the village, as to regain a bit of honor from being kicked out of school and basically branded an idiot. His constant anger at everything makes it very hard for him to find any other source of income.

He lives in a small cottage, studying books he barters from travelers, and working on whatever terrible invention he’s started. Often forgetting to eat and to at least brush his hair (though he’s a bit of a hoarder and likely has 30 combs and brushes) he is aided by his faithful, somewhat broken, cyborg companion, Tofekki Totokki. She makes him horrid porridge (her previous “captain” had terrible taste in food) and brushes his hair. She is probably one of the only people he genuinely likes, albeit secretly.

…annnnnd that’s all for Andren! See y’all tomorrow!





2011 Challenger: Kira Pratt

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

My name is Kira, Ghost, or realityisamatterofopinion (my tumblr), and I am altogether too silly! I chose to undertake this challenge merely on a whim, but I think it would be great practice to get all my ideas out! It is very likely most of these characters will don outfits that are vaguely Victorian, Medieval, or ~magical~, eheh, and will also likely have fantastical occupations. I hope to, at the very least, complete this challenge. I’d like for all the characters to be useable in future stories of mine, but finishing is what’s important to me!

See y’all when it starts!