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#9/10 Annoying Boyfriend and Patient Girlfriend

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Annoying boyfriend has too much energy. He ask too many questions, he always hungry and he never shuts up.


Patient Girlfriend is trying her best.

#8Attenborough, the *80’s gorilla bouncer

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

No Trainers!

Along with Dr Shamalan, Attenborough, head of security at CERN was fused with primate DNA (in this case a gorilla) and sent back to the 80’s.

Attenborough claims his glory years where in the 80’s and thus feels like he’s returned home. Adopting the mullet and a style befitting Miami Vice characters, Attenborough now works as a bounce at a night club.

He enjoys sandwhiches and partying. Oh how he loves the partying.

When not enjoying parties and cocaine Attenborough can be standoffish and beligerent.

Also the name is a coincidence.

#7 Charlie Batman

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments
Charlie Batman

And you thought it'd be a cool nickname

Charlie Batman is not a super hero. He’s just a regular guy who happens to be named Batman. This is a fact that everybody he has ever met mentions. It irritates him greatly. Thusly despises Batman. Alot.

#6 Eric the Heartbroken Blue Bottle

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments
Eric the Heartbroken Blue bottle

'nuff said

This one is self explanatory

#5 Kirby Dot Kid

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments
The Kirby Dot Kid

Don't make me dot you!

Evan Miller was just an every day guy when out of no where Ethel, the Cosmic Grandmother appeared to him. ” You shall be my herald! I place upon you the power of the Kirby Dot” and with that she left.

Slightly confused as to what exactly being the Cosmic Grandmother’s herald is meant to mean. Evan continued with his life. One day he was preparing himself dinner in his single bed apartment, namely spaghetti bolognese, that he planned to eat whilst watching Die Hard 2 when he sneezed. Suddenly he was surrounded by Kirby Dots. Excited Evan assumed that the dots would hold some power within.

They don’t. It’s just the effect.

Regardless Evan adopted the moniker the Kirby Dot Kid and tries his damnest to battle crime. He’s largely unsuccessful.

#4 Barry the Human Beard

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments
Barry the Human Beard

Oh hey, don't mind him. he'll probably try and kill you but that doesnt mean we cant be friends

When some toxic waste was irresponsibly discarded in the sewers no one thought that the waste would end up mutating some flushed bearded shaving. Over time the small bundle of hairs grew into a sentient being and through its teenage years it grew to hate the society that would so easily abandon a being whose only crime was loving chins.

Overtime the beared being grew and left the sewers to wreak havok on the human world. Throughout its teenage years it grew into a house sized monster that destroys all it see before it, only momentarily pausing to allow beard men to flee. Occasionally it wonders if it, not the shaving humans are the real monster.

Now it is early 20’s it has grown a beard of its own who goes by the name of Barry. Barry is a friendly beard and will apologise for its owner in particularly destructive rampages. He likes the musical stylings of the BeeGees and his greatest regret is that his owner wont allow him to put some clothes on. He’d be your buddy if he wasn’t attached to a murderous beard monster.

#3 Dr Shamalan

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments


Dr Shamalan

Who you callin' a monkey chump? I'm the prime ape!

Dr Akbar Shamalan was working in the Primate emporium when the Large Hadron Collider exploded. Not only did the result science type things fuse his DNA with one of the research chimps but some tachyons or something sent him back in time to the glorious 1980’s.

Upon arriving with a now-gorilla security guard named Attenborough Shamalan quickly realised that it was no coincidence the two had ended up in 1986. Using all his wile and a trench he got from some bum he beat up, Shamalan started a new life a hardboiled primate detective.  Using his new persona as a excuse to find out who is really behind the Ani-Malfunction.

Shamayan is actually a kindly scholar but has always been fixated on detective novels. His hard guy act often falls through but the fact it’s a chimp thats rinsing you for info and they can rip your arms off means that mre often than not he gets the info he wants.

Shamalan is also an accomplished synthesiser player and occasionally plays in an electro-blues fusion band. As determined as he is to find out who caused the accident at CERN he’s not altogether sure he want to revert to his human self or travel back to the future. Being a chimp is fun. Plus he gets more girls his way.

#2 Daniel Sparrow aka The Amazing Dinosword

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments



Danny is pretty much like any other kid. He’s pretty well behaved, doesn’t cause to much trouble for his mum, dislikes her new boyfriend now that dads not around but every second Sunday when he goes to nanna Drakes he becomes Dinosword.

Dinosword is a half-man, half-dinosaur sword weilding hero that can also shoot lasers from his eyes and has ice breath.Also he can never die and always shot you first when you were playing soilders. His enemies include The Head-ache (based loosely on his headmaster) and The Unwelcome Meteor (based loosely on Steve, Danny’s mum’s new douche boy friend).

Dinosword came into being when Danny realised he could combine the two awesome worlds of dinosaurs and kung fu to battle evil and save people from Large Hadron Collider explosions like the one that sent his dad away. He crafted the magical helmet that transforms him into the prehistoric hero from an empty box of space invaders (nan helped him with this) and his sword is craft from the finest pine from the mystical troll’s cave of wonders or as nanny called it, “that cramp in the garage tha’ used to be your granddads”.

Later Mum, under Steves guidance no doubt has tried to stop the adventures of Dinosword which is a shame because Danny has become adamant there are more out there like him, more Animal/Human hybrids. He’s pretty sure he saw a Duckman on his way to school the other day. Dad wouldn’t stop Dinosword.

Danny misses dad.

1# Michael the Disgruntled Duck

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey, waddya you say about my beak!


Michael “The Disgruntled” Drake

Michael was one of the scientist effected in what would later go on to be be known as  “The Great Ani-Malfunction”. Michael was working to discover whether or not ducks actually have echoes at CERN when the LHC exploded fusing his being with a duck. Whilst the other scientist were imbued with the powers of other more popular/cute/powerful animal Michael was stuck with the duck, the annoying loser or the ornithological world.

Whilst the other scientists used their new abilities to time travel, fight crime and get laid Michael gained very few truely useful abilities other than making quite a convincing Donald the Duck cosplayer, Michael continues to work at CERN but since his department was destroyed he now just works in the HR department.

This mutation and lack of direction in life sent Michael into a downward spiral of depression. Also his wife left him on the grounds that “I can’t love a duck! I can’t kiss a duck! THEY DON’T HAVE LIPS!”.

At the end of his tether Michael has taken to drinking and picking fights in bars. Being a nerd by nature and now afflicted with the hollow bones of a bird he rarely wins. However there is a faint glimmer of hope.

One night, whilst incredibly drunk, Michael decided to take his life and jump off a bridge. He survived however. Not entirely sure how he did so, he has begun working on the theory that he must be capable of flight. If this is so, Michael plans to break free from the remnants of human society and join his feathered cousin, soaring into freedom and his future.

Also he plans to poop on his wife’s new boyfriend.

2011 Challenger Richard Worth

| October 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey guys,

i’m new to the challenge this year but i’m looking forward to it immenselt. I’m a struggling comic book writer and my first title is coming out mid way through this month…

its here .

I dont draw very well but i intend to try my best, even if there aren’t very good i hope you at least get a laugh from them. I’m pretty much doing this to test my skills as a writer and see what level my characterisation is up to. having said that alot of these post will be absurd and manly here to make people chuckle.

I’m hoping to meet some nice people on here and hopefully entertain at least some of you. Can’t wait to see what you guys can do.


Peace and Colours