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I am a London based comic book enthusiast who is trying to write, pencil, ink, colour and letter my own comic books! I also enjoy a spot of portrait drawing and am exploring into digital art also.

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#1 Chip

| November 1, 2013 | 3 Comments


Introducing Chip! He is one of the main characters to my own creator owned story, CLANDESTINE, that I am working on. Looks are based loosely on a young Barry Pepper/David Bowie. Chip was raised on base not too far from Area 51 due to his father working their prior to his birth. He was raised the base with little interaction from the nearby cities.

He is part of a two man team that orchestrates planned UFO sightings to perpetuate stories of aliens and flying saucers. Everything on the base is on a need to know basis and little interaction is had between Chip and other staff on the base. However Chip is fairly close to his partner Ed as part of this 2 man team that handles this very odd responsibility. The reasons why they have this job remain CLANDESTINE…


I had trouble drawing the hands and I can see his arms are too long and the hands are too big. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if there was some perspective on the drawing from the top down with his head nearest to the viewer. Conversely his legs could be lengthened to sort this out.

2013 Challenger: Sebastian Chow

| October 31, 2013 | 1 Comment


I registered in 2011 but sadly didn’t produce anything. I then re-entered in 2012 and completed one pic 🙁
Its 2013 and I’m back again with the plan to complete all 30 characters!

I’m a comic book enthusiast with a passion for drawing. I am a one man band trying to write and produce my own comics.
Check out my blog or deviant site below.

Here are a few random scratchings from my sketch book and a test page from one of my comics.


clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c (1) clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c more_scratchings_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqk3m sketches_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqjgo

#1 Cleanin’ Munster

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments


Meet the Cleanin’ Munster. He comes out in the night to clean your mess! Packed with a full tank of special Munster cleaning solution.

2011 Challenger: Sebastian Chow

| October 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Howdy guys & gals,

Seb Chow here. I love to draw and love comics as a story telling medium. I’m thoroughly looking forward to the challenge and really hope I can complete it.

I’m trying to finish some comic ideas to either self publish or submit to a publisher. I had deadlined to have the first issue ready by the end of 2011 but I saw this challenge and had to take part!

I’m trying to become a jack of all trades and am learning to ink, colour and letter as well as pencil. I don’t have much on my deviant site  but feel free to have a gander.

Can’t wait to see all the posts and creative ideas. I have lots of character descriptions from guys at work (big thanks guys!).

Get those scribblin sticks a-moving!!

Seb 🙂