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I am a full-time freelance cartoonist/illustrator who would love to really mean it when I say "I work for myself". In other words, I like what I do for a living, but I would love to have more time to create my own ideas and illustrate them. I'm excited to hang out here and get involved in this cool challenge.

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#12 Road Rage

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Whew…made it with 5 minutes left in the day…

I don’t have time to type up the whole origin story tonight and still upload it while it is still the 12th. I’ll add it tomorrow!


Car fanatic and avid fan of all things NASCAR, Jimmy John Jacobs had a need for speed he always tried to feed. Collecting speeding tickets like a redneck collects spare tractor parts, Jimmy’s trouble with the law was getting further and further out of hand. During a car chase, Jimmy’s adrenaline addiction finally got the best of him. While outrunning the police, Jimmy’s 69 Camaro was topping 125 mph and he began to see the limits of his driving ability. Attempting to race through an industrial park in the darkness of night at that speed was a foolish decision that nearly cost Jimmy his life. Losing control of his car, Jimmy drove into a dumping area that contained hundreds of drums containing hazardous material that would be loaded in special trucks for disposal the following morning. Among those materials was a dangerous compound developed for the molecular acceleration of rocket fuels. As Jimmy’s car spun wildly, he was tossed out of his window while his car plunged into explosive blasts as it crashed into other materials in the dump. Luckily, Jimmy was safe from the explosion, but was slammed into the barrels of the accelerating fluids. His skin soaked it in and he immediately began to toxify.  The police and emergency crew were able to arrest Jimmy and admit him into medical care. While in a comatose state Jimmy began to recover as his own molecular structure began to adapt with the acceleration compound. He began to recover immediately and awoke to the sensation that the world around him was happening in slow motion. At first he believed he was drugged, but soon found he could calibrate his senses to change speed. He laughed as he quickly snuck out of the hospital at lightning speed. Now, disguised as Road Rage, Jimmy rushes from one new problem he creates for himself to another. But he has so much running at speeds of up to 350 miles per hour that he doesn’t seem to care.

#11 Bubble Gum

| November 11, 2011 | 3 Comments

So I don’t know if anyone out there is following these, but I have been posting some very tongue-in-cheek characters for a humorous project I want to finish after the challenge.

This one is a cartoonier departure from my already cartoony style I have been using. I can’t help it – I love cartoons. I am thinking about switching styles. Haven’t decided yet.

My origin description is short because it’s Friday 🙂 Anyway…here goes. Itroducing Bubble Gum:

Daughter of a wealthy inventor of designer candies and sweets, Candi Kellogg showed a creative flair for the field of chemistry and cooking her own delicious treats as well. Inventing a special formula for various gums, she has created a super power for herself. Gum bubbles are her specialty and her gums can blow many different kinds. Grape gum bubbles float and carries her into the air. Blueberry gum bubbles burst a sticky gum-glue all over a villainous victim. Cherry red gum bubbles bounce any on-coming missiles, falling buildings, debris and even other super powered energy blasts. Sour apple green gum tastes especially good.

#10 Iron-Chef

| November 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

Here is my 10th character in a series of related characters for a funny super-hero comic project I have been planning to make.

This one is IRON-CHEF:

Built by a genius billionaire with money and time to spare, Iron-Chef is an indestructible and lightning quick cuisine creating robot. Designed to be a body guard when not busy in the kitchen, he was also programmed with state-of-the-art technology and the instincts of quadruple black-belt ninja. When his careless master accidentally died in a house fire he caused with a cigar, Iron-Chef looked for a new place to protect and to serve – serve food, that is. Luckily, a super hero squad posted several needed positions including a robot, a master of martial arts, and a gourmet chef. Iron-chef’s problems were solved and he now fills a need in the community and in the bellies of his teammates.

#9 Lightning Rod

| November 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

Here is my ninth character for this challenge from a project I am working on. Intended to be a tongue-in-cheek twist to the genre, here is Lightning Rod:

Rodney Fasano was all brawn and no brain. Clumsy and awkward in many ways, he loved to exercise and lift weights on the shores of New Jersey. Always stumbling into a fall of some kind, accident proneness was his specialty. Ever the great hope of football and basketball coaches, Rodney always dropped the ball and tripped over his feet. Adding to his accidents was his attitude that got him into extra trouble. Always covering for his clumsiness by agreeing to carry out idiotic dares, Rodney never really knew the joke was on him. Thus, when he was dared to lift the front end of a sedan over his head, he just wouldn’t quit trying until he eventually slipped and fell, dropping the front of the car on top if his head. Crushing his skull and breaking his arms, Rodney had to have metal plates, rods and pins implanted into his body. His luck didn’t run out there. Shortly after leaving the hospital, Rodney was feeling depressed during a rainstorm. To cheer himself up, he decided to go outside and play in the puddles. While jumping into a particularly large and muddy puddle, the lightening in the air was drawn to his inner metal and struck him there in the puddle. His eyes rolled back as the voltage coursed through his body and shot out through the rods in his arms. His hair stood straight up and he pooped himself. He survived and found that his body suffered no damage. His head plate and inner metal had charged with electrons to become a sort of electromagnet. In time, he discovered he could willfully collect and charge electrons in the air even when no storms were present, and then shoot this lightning through his hands. He also discovered that sometimes when he was falling or tripping over something that the jolt off fear from falling would involuntarily cause the lightning to shoot out as well. Thus, Rodney became a liability. He was arrested by super heroes when he innocently blew up a car that he accidentally walked in front of while going to a health pill store. Rather than imprison an innocent man, the heroes took him in and have since been working exhaustedly to help him control his powers and use them for good. Happy to feel like he is helping, Rodney does his best as the electrifying personality known as Lightning Rod (a name he gave himself believing it to be clever).

#8 Miss-American

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Another goofy character from a ridiculous story I am working on. This is one disappearing act you might wish would never be invisible, Miss-American:

She started off as Miss Kansas and then went on to win Miss American. Her stunning smile and chilling performance of “God Bless America” hooted beautifully on an old jug made her an easy winner. Sunny and ever optimistic, Sandy Stillwell came from a family of overachievers. Specializing in the sciences of agriculture and technology, the Stillwell’s were wealthy, wise, and wonderful. Struggling with a touch of jealousy, Sandy’s younger sister Sally excelled the most in the area of high-tech science and development. Just arriving home from her Miss American tour, Sandy was horrified to see her family’s homestead in the country ablaze. She immediately called 911 and then went in looking for survivors. Reaching Sally while she still had a few last breaths, Sally revealed that masked men had broken in looking for her latest device’s schematics. The men made off with them successfully, but failed to acquire the device for which they were drawn. The size and shape of three small jewels, Sally had created a trio of powerful magnets which, when engaged simultaneously, could trigger a small distortion in the magnetic field around them, causing them and whatever was within their frequency to seem invisible. Handing a small box containing the magnets, Sally then died in her sister’s arms. Grieving the loss of her family, Sandy remembered the box and opened it. Inside were the three jewel-shaped magnets and a piece of information intentionally left off of the schematics. In order to be activated, the jewels needed to be connected by a special metal – the very same one that Sandy’s Miss American tiara was molded in! Inserting the magnets behind the jewels in her tiara, Sandy was able to make herself disappear. Now Sandy continues to fight for the US in style as the ever beautiful and sometimes invisible Miss-American!

#7 Twisted Sistah

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

The next character in my spoof comic, Twisted Sistah:

Moesha Mack was the high school hook-up for the hottest new drugs on the street. Sister to a feared gang leader in Southern California, Moesha seemed untouchable. Dealing to children, supplying to parents and ruining families, Moesha cared about no one but herself and about making the next big sale.  It seemed the joke was finally on her when she tried a few new experimental drugs in a singular cocktail. While on her high, she felt a strong craving for toast and upon trying to plug her toaster into the wall, she stumbled, tripped and dropped it into a full sink of water which she grabbed to sustain herself. Electricity shot throughout her body in incredible force, but somehow, the drugs slowed her heart rate in a way that helped her to survive. Not only that, it transformed Moesha into a storm waiting to happen. Her body now has the power to give off heat or coolness into the atmosphere around her. By detecting the temperature of the air around her, Moesha only needs to give off an opposing temperature and the struggle of air pressure around her will cause the opposing air masses to spin in fury for dominance. Thus, this barometric babe can cause extreme wind damage and even sizable cyclones to form around her. With practice, she has learned to focus and direct these winds, and has decided to turn over a new leaf.

#6 Anna Conda

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here is today’s character from my current project of a tongue-in-cheek comic. This character is Anna Conda:

Anna Dixit specialized in zoology at a university in her home country of India. Studying rare species of venomous snakes and working in league with members of the medical field, her desire was to help the doctors discover new cures for the deadliest snake venoms that plagued the people of her land. When Anna was bitten by a snake, however, some of the untested anti-venom was all that was available to cure her in time. Given a form similar to a spinal tap, the medicine was injected in the discs between her spinal lumbar. Healing her instantly, the anti-venom also delivered a side effect none of them could have expected. Anna’s spine at first seemed to be completely flexible. Twisting herself into a pretzel, she felt no pain. While under medical watch, Anna used her idle time to see what else could be accomplished. Twisting became old hat as she exercised herself and learned to control her muscles which now allowed her separate her lumbar and thus to expand her spine by several times its normal length. Further perfecting her new skills, Anna gained the strength to even curl and coil herself around objects that she could then squeeze with her elongated abdomen with incredible force. Her limbs hold no such bendability or stretch ability but she has honed them into finely tuned arms and legs that fully support her ever changing core. Being an upstanding citizen, Anna knew she would have to benefit the world around her by donning a hero’s identity and helping others. Bearing the name Anna Conda, she now uses these powers for good. Able to reach 20 feet into the air and to produce a squeezing pressure of up to 900 metric pounds, she has a terrible weakness that she hopes no one will ever discover: despite her great strength and incredible gift, she is very ticklish. Should a villain ever be wrapped up in her coil with an arm that is free enough to move and tickle her, the sudden shock of silliness would immediately loosen her super strong grip. So far, however, no one has had the chance to learn of this before being squeezed unconscious.

#5 The Bulk

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here’s my new character for today. She is another one for a story I will begin paneling out after this challenge. I hope the parody and “wink” are obvious. This character is called the Bulk.

You won’t like her when she’s hungry.

When most girls tried to lose a little weight, Marley Moore was trying her best to gain as much as she could. Her high speed metabolism was considered much more of a curse than a blessing and it was officially defined as a medical condition. Constantly eating and ever ravenous, Marley nearly ate her parents into bankruptcy. That was when they turned to a Russian scientist who was interested in her case and offered free services as an exchange for using her in her own experiments. The doctor’s hypothesis stated that Marley’s metabolism would regulate if she were able to consume enough sugars in her bloodstream through intravenous methods. Frustrated by mixed results and the ever-pressing complaints from Marley who had grown tired from months of experiments, the doctor took matters into her own hands. Mixing purified proteins and arterial dilators into the sugar enriched compound proved to be a deadly decision. Thrashing about the experiment table, Marley’s body distorted and deformed and the proteins raced through her muscles. Every artery and vein flowed blood at accelerated rates as they dilated. Blood rushing through the enlarged arteries shown through her skin, giving it a blue tint. The enhanced proteins caused her muscles to bulge and gave them strength to withstand the onslaught to her system. Bones grew rapidly, shooting pain throughout poor Marley’s system. Screaming from agony, Marley grew to ten times her original size and weight in a matter of minutes. Braces snapped and restraints ripped away. A giant bulk of a monster rose in rage and sought something large to eat! The poor doctor tried to run when suddenly the Bulk snatched her from her feet and ate her whole. The large meal caused a sudden reaction that stabilized Marley’s system.  The Bulk spun about dizzily. Sweat and water poured from her skin leaving large puddles on the floor. Marley’s original shape reformed as she passed out from the trauma. Her parents watched in horror from behind a lab window. When they saw she was no longer conscience they ran to her aid. The family soon realized that Marley was doomed to a fate of constant eating and that she would never be normal. Anytime that her appetite grows the Bulk within her threatens to grow as well. Turning herself into authorities, Marley met up with a super hero named the Lady Bug. The Lady Bug was nearly the same age, but was a scientist as well as a super hero. The Lady Bug promised to continue helping her with a cure and to give her a cause as well. Should the world ever need a huge, horrible Bulk to save the day, Marley would be there ready to withhold herself from a meal and to be transformed in the Unbelievable Bulk!

#4 The Lady Bug

| November 4, 2011 | 2 Comments

Here is another one of my new characters. If any one is seeing these, they are all meant to be tongue-in-cheek. I am basically creating them on the fly, even though I have been thinking about the story I am wanting to write with them for about a week before the challenge began. I have only uploaded females so far, but I will get to the males soon. Here is The Lady Bug:

A master of technology, college-aged genius Katie Pillar aimed to win the International Greatest New Invention prize held annually in Switzerland. The winner of this prestigious award is given a large laboratory grant with which to further their research. Whipping up her mechanical magic, Katie went right to work on her newest masterpiece. Designed as a chamber that would allow scientists to compact energy molecules into smaller but equally proportionate ratios to their original dimensions, her D-N-Abler was a smashing success. Within this chamber, matter could be shrunken to one tenth of its original size without losing molecular stability and while holding true to its original proportions. Hailed as the new Einstein of her generation, Katie excitedly accepted the award. However, just as hew lab was nearly completed, disaster struck. The criminal possibilities provided by the D-N-Abler made it the perfect target for several of the most powerful crime magnates from across the globe. During a raid on her lab that was carried out by the Mafia, Katie shrunk herself to hide from the criminals. Scurrying under a teacup for safety, she witnessed a battle unlike any other. While the Mafia began to dismantle her machine, foreign extremists arrived to take it for themselves. The end result was several wounded people a destroyed lab and machine, and Katie stuck in miniature mode. She pulled herself together though, and due to her small size, was able to stay alive on the grilled cheese she left on her table. When news got out of the attack, she was able to alert police of where she was when she wrote “Help Me” on the table with breadcrumbs. Brought into a colleague’s lab she began making a miniature version of the machine, though no longer in the form of a chamber. No longer would she trust this technology to ever leave her side. She instead perfected the invention further and created a D-N-Abler device that fit within a tiny jacket that she herself could wear. Realizing the greater potential of the improved machinery, it was clear that the attack on her lab was a blessing in disguise. She could now use her techno talents and D-N-Abler to fight criminals like the ones who had destroyed her technology. She now uses micro might to make right as the heroine known as the Lady Bug.

#3 Afrodite

| November 3, 2011 | 8 Comments

Here is another new character from the story I am working on. It is obviously (I hope) tongue-in-cheek and spun with a humorous twist. This is Afrodite:

Angela D’Angelo was a nerd by day and a bigger nerd by night, studying botany and part-timing as a florist. While her scholarship was stellar and her grades were better than 4.0, her social life was staggeringly stiff spending most of her time alone with plants that would make most of us sneeze. When her scholarship’s status suddenly depended on more extracurricular involvement, she applied to a sorority to quickly make the grade. Ordered to attend a toga party to join, Angela knew she would never be accepted. Using her vast knowledge of plants and botanical brilliance, she created a pheromone from spores and petals that would make her seem lovely and attractive despite her otherwise appearance. The result was much more powerful than she realized and the potent new perfume convinced even her that she was a new young woman. The party proved a success beyond her wildest dreams as the young men around her felt compelled to carry out her every whim. Perfecting her formula further she discovered a new scent that would render anyone hypnotized by her perceived persona. Continuing to dawn her toga, she has assumed the identity of Afrodite, a beautiful vision of perfection and desire. Capable of convincing all mere mortals to do her bidding is only among the best of her gifts, as she has also used her nimble ingenuity to create other catastrophic concoctions to aid her in getting what she wants.  Should anyone happen upon her at a time when her lovely aroma begins to fade, they may catch a glimpse of the real girl inside who has a truly beautiful mind despite a lackluster look. Claiming to use her new power for purposes of progress rather than personal profit, the greater mystery is her motive and whether or not this Jekyll and Hyde heroism is indeed a part of her true identity.


#2 Aqua Mandy

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments


Here is another character from a tongue-in-cheek super hero story I am working on. This is Aqua Mandy:

Seagull specialist and surfer enthusiast Mandy Huntington was rarely seen away from the beach. Determined to re-write everything we know about these beautiful birds, Mandy loved to spend her time among the gulls and to surf with them as they swooped above the water’s crest.

When an oil tanker floated in way too close to shore, she should have waited it out, but she couldn’t help herself. The tanker’s strange maneuvering was revealed to be the cause of an eco-terrorist attack, and as sailors and sea-saints fought for control of the ship, the tanker slammed into large rocks. Oil spilled out into the sea. Jumping on her board, Mandy went right to work saving swimming sea gulls from a fate worth than death. Struggling to bring them all to shore, she sacrificed her own health and her delicious picnic basket of lunch, which the gulls devoured upon reaching.

By the time the law enforcement was able to stabilize the crises, Mandy was covered in chemically enhanced oil and in critical condition. Her story of sea gull saving bravery broke the hearts of millions and contributions poured in to help her afford a medical procedure that would save her life. Her skin had to be cleansed from the deadly oils. Thus, she was exposed to a medical development that gave her pores the extra help they needed to expunge the oils. This was accomplished by giving her skin the ability to filter water through her skin from the inside out at an incredible rate of speed. The procedure saved her life, but could not be reversed. Now, on a whim, Mandy can filter H2O from the atmosphere into her skin and out through her pores as a powerful force of water. Taking on the moniker of Aqua Mandy, this heroine saves the day while surfing  on her own water and drowning evil with her wonderfully washing waves. When she isn’t fighting crime, she is usually found surrounded by sea gulls and sunbathing to the tune of their lovely song.


#1 Barbie Q

| November 2, 2011 | 6 Comments

Hi Everyone. I have been thinking about doing a tongue-in-cheek story about super heroes lately and thought that this challenge would help me to stay on task with it. This is one of my new character’s Barbie Q.

Once aspiring to be a super model rather than a super hero, Barbara Quinn never knew she would redefine what it meant to be “hot”. Subjecting herself to an untested and unapproved tanning lotion in order to seal a gig in a commercial, Barbara took a fortunate risk. The chemicals that covered her skin soaked in quickly, however, and immediately changed her DNA when catalyzed by sunlight. She burst into flames while not being consumed by them. As heat rises, so does Barbie Q as the flames lift her toward the sky. She now fights on the side of good, especially if there is a chance to be seen on TV from her good side. And as she likes to tell everyone, every side is her good side. So whether her powers are being used for good, or good publicity, Barbie Q is sure to heat up any scene she appears in.

2011 Challenger: Shawn Encarnacion

| October 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hi everyone. I have been a freelance cartoonist for a few years and I have always wanted to give more focus to my own story ideas. This challenge seemed like it would be a lot of fun and would also help me to have some accountability to keep on creating my own characters.

I heard about this challenge while listening to one of my all-time favorite podcasts: Man vs Art. Krishna M. Sadasivam was a guest on a recent show and he really got me interested in this challenge. Raul Aguirre Jr., the host of Man vs Art signed up for this challenge too.

I live in Kansas, a place where the mountains out number the cartoonists. So…hopefully I will be able to just meet other cartoonists, be inspired by all of the awesome characters created here, and feel a sense of artistic community. I’m excited to be a part of this, and I really hope to be able to complete the challenge and to meet some of you.