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#7 – Stymph

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Got a mite behind…

Inspired by a certain mythological creature with a longer name.

A demon bird that creates knives from its feathers and lets them drop, hoping to wound potential prey/enemies.

#6 – Sick Dog

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Continuing off the inspiration behind designs 3-5. This is a feral canine that was not immune to the disease. Being a smaller animal, it’s almost completely overpowered and transformed. It is far along in its development as it resides close to the site of the alien’s first arrival.

It often trips over its weakening paws, and drools consistently. If a pool of sticky ‘water’ is discovered, one of these guys is more than likely just around the corner. The saliva is not acidic, but it does carry the disease and has a horrific smell.

This would be a common but easily overpowered enemy minion of sorts.

#5 – Sparks

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Might as well keep going with this setting. This is Roger Sparks, the protagonist’s companion on her mission. He’s been a mentor to her since she joined the military. They’ve done a couple small missions together in the past and work well as a pair.

Like many canine humanoids in this world, Sparks has trouble with spoken language, and ‘speaks’ via sign language and writing (though he prefers signing because he’s a horrible handwriter). While the protagonist is good at melee combat, Sparks shines as a ranged attacker.

Just don’t call him ‘Fido’ or ‘Spot’ and you’d probably get along with him just fine.

#4 – Protagonist

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

I decided to keep playing with my previous idea for creating my next character. This is the calm and cool-headed protagonist of a story about a futuristic world where an alien disease is slowly spreading among the population, and she is trying to find the beast that causes it so that she can obtain biological samples for the government to use and make a cure from. Her older brother (see my previous post) was the first victim, so the mission is as important to her as it is to everyone else with loved ones suffering from it.

She is naturally gifted in the maths and sciences and very good at sports and hand-to-hand combat. She used her talent to become a military physician at a surprisingly young age. Her successes in life have caused her brother to be extremely jealous of her, especially now that he is in his current condition and the fact that she’s immune to the alien like their parents.

#3 – Older Brother

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

The hero of this tale lives in a futuristic world where an alien disease is slowly spreading among the population, and is trying to find the beast that causes it with help from the government so that a cure can be worked on. Those who breathe the air the alien exhales and are not naturally immune start to mutate into humanoid versions of the lifeform. A secret organization is holding the creature hostage for unknown reasons.

This character is the protagonist’s older brother. He encountered the beast before it was captured, and is the furthest along in his mutation out of all who are sick. Having had his freedom taken from him unwillingly, he’s angry at the world and himself because he feels like a caged animal. He is not allowed to hold a job anymore or do much of anything, and must be constantly supervised despite being in his mid-twenties. This is because the disease causes him to black out whenever it aggressively covers more ground of his body, which could be anywhere from a few seconds to an hour long.

#2 – Darkened

| November 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

In this character’s universe, things are a lot like they are in our world, but gemstones are more than just pretty rocks used in jewelry in their existence. Gems emit a fantastic energy that must be extracted from them before they can be worn or touched by humans. If a human were to handle a stone before this process, it would draw upon the negative emotions in their body and corrupt them into what is called a Darkened, a creature that acts purely on emotions; it abandons all sanity and common sense. The stone is absorbed into the body, and cannot be removed without fatally wounding the host.

The gemstone seen here, obtained illegally, fell into the hands of a clueless street thug after a gang fight. The gem got the better of him before he could ‘cash in’.

#1 – Lizardman Soldier

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Lizardman Soldier lives in a world where its species are among the lower class. However, despite lack of intelligence, money, and political power, they are relied upon by the smarter yet weaker higher class of their nation to cause terror and destruction in the lives of their enemies that border their territory, because of their strength and lack of fear facing the enemy. Each time a lizardman kills an enemy, the government gives them ‘points’. With certain levels of points, they get better crafted armor and weapons to use. It might be a powerful sword…it might be a shoe. But the lizardmen cherish each reward, and those with the most rewards are looked upon as generals. After all, they’ve successfully killed many opponents without dying themselves.

This particular soldier is a teenager just starting out in his ‘military work’. He’s sporting handmade armor and his father’s old bow, as well as a few pieces he earned from the higher-ups.

2011 Challenger: Amanda Bateman

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello everyone. My name is Amanda, and this is my first time participating in the 30 Characters challenge. I am a graphic artist and an alumni of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s media arts program. As far as drawing goes, however, I’m mostly self-taught.

What can you expect from me? Probably a lot of creatures and monsters, maybe a few people! I take a lot of inspiration from video games, sci-fi and fantasy novels, comics, and my own personal experiences.

I hope you all enjoy my work, and I wish all the other participants the best of luck.