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Have a busy November, might as well go for the gold and do a little more.

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#30-Mary Mylar

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

A girl of laminate. An upbeat, impossible to impress 21 year old. Nothing hits or sticks to her and she can slide through anything. Because of this she’s the best cat burglar ever. And she intends to prove it in her next big jewel heist, something she plans to name in her journey as the Classy Caper of the Calico Canary.

And that’s all of them. I feel bad that I ended up world building with the last 15 but there still all characters. Three don’t have images, and I might go back and change that in the next day, but that is all 30. A day early. I hope you enjoyed my stuff.

#29-Eon Enlyo

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

The main spokesman for the UN Taskforce. He speaks to the public and reports to the UN themselves about any and all activity the metas make. He’s been bored as of late, though he’s noticed Twist disappearing. Eon’s tried to follow Twist, but despite all of Tinky’s synthetic upgrades, Eon can’t keep up.


| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

Incurably stubborn and impossible to shut up, he has driven thousands insane and killed and resurrected millions repeatedly over and a few universes with the one diatribe that started the first time he spoke after a car accident and stopped suddenly during the Taskforce’s attempt to stop him. Some believe he talked himself into not existing anymore, but a couple of his former victims have talked about an incurable buzzing in their ears recently.

#27-Flak Finlado

| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

An alien musician, slowly climbing his way up the industry as part of Galvantic Records. He is a young talented guitarist (a strange instrument that appeared in his matastisizer, but spends his time fighting the synth-cynics and beat-boomers that have become the fad of the past century.


| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

The third of the five elements (Twist, Quake, The Unwashed, Suenami and herself) on the planet, Fi-Rei is the first of the two females. Formerly part of the UN Taskforce, she has since separated herself from the humanity, pitying them. The beauty and knowledge provided by the fire powers she has been graced with can lead her to become something beyond human, and she believes she will only find out if her brothers and sisters join her. She has tried to enlighten her fellow elements, but they never accept. No matter how much she appeals both their transcendent or human natures, Twist, Quake and Suenami refuse to join with her. Since that has proven fruitless she has gone to find their lost sibling, the Unwashed, though she keeps the belt to her old costume in case they ever change their minds.


| November 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

The fourth of the five elements (Twist, Quake, Fi-rei, The Unwashed, and Suenami.), she has also distanced herself from humanity and her former friends in the Taskforce. She doesn’t see her connection to the water like any of the four. It isn’t a power for good, a tool for genocide or the path to godhood, but something that stops her from ever being close with her husband ever again.

Her connection with her element was strengthened in a failed experiment by Tinky Technicha, and she can no longer keep a solid form. She is forever in a water state, with the only thing keeping her in some semblance of existence is the large Droplet Belt developed by Tinky. Tinky promises to find a way to reverse it, therefore it is assumed she follows Tinky around, but she has been known to disappear to the coastal residence of her ex-husband.

This is the first in the last bunch of characters. I am doing/did all the bios in one night so if I don’t get sketches done I can finish it in some manner. I have a busy couple of days ahead, but I am finishing this in some manner.

#24-The Unwashed

| November 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

A amalgamation of the world’s unknown dead souls, which was the first force the Globe Taskforce neutralized. The entity haunted the UN building for years and one day when the then little known heroes Twist and Quake were visiting, it re-acted to their presence. Their powers being connected to the Earth and its life web as much as the dead that composed the entity, Twist and Quake managed to talk it away from the building, not before it possessed head speaker though, and had been randomly taking it’s revenge until the first fully-formed version of the Globe Taskforce took it down.

#23-Master of All Trades

| November 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

Originally Jack of All Trades rival, he has since become something more aggressive. It all stems from one basic ideological way of that the two disagree on. Master believes that anything and everything that one thinks of can be achieved, whether it exists or not. This (admittedly completely foolish) way of though clashes with Jack. Though Master has an odd passion and drive that usually end up making it work. Master often challenges Jack to useless duels, often losing to him as well.

One would think this means his name is incorrect. Well it is, but try telling him that. He has mastered few traits though, argumentation, fallacies, general philosophy, card tricks and yelling, which amazingly is actually different from argumentation.


| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

The fourth member of the Globe Taskforce that stayed at HQ after the drop-off, Vwip doesn’t have too much of a problem leaving whenever he wants anyways. A teleporter who acts as the team’s transport, scout, stealth and dirtier dealings. He also happens to be a bit of an instigator, always managing to get the team riled up. He also manages to get to the truth behind a lot of the members problems by doing so. He isn’t around often (leaving frequently to handle small crime out of boredom), but if he is there it is because Quake called him to get Auralysis out of her side of the base or Twist out a particularly bad rant. The second reason has been frequent lately, with Twist worried more then usual.


| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

One of the four who remained at the Globe HQ, she stayed merely out of a lack of a place to go. Her powers also somewhat prevent her movement. Hard to explain, but essentially she can read a person’s aura (Aura+Analysis=Auralysis) and create an in-depth psychological profile and even read their future within 99.9% accuracy; usually with the .01% being as insignificant as the color of clothing the person is wearing. Going out into public is a sensory overload for her.

Besides, the aura’s of the members at Globe have been odd as of late, and the mystery behind it is too much for her.


| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Twist’s best friend, he is one of the few members of the UN’s superhero Taskforce to stay at the Globe HQ after the down turn in meta-crime. His Terra-kinetic abilities rival Twist’s more atmosphere based weather control. Always able to call Twist on his more dramatic speeches or stupid moments. Twist usually respects his intelligence and go overs most situations with him first before acting, but recently Twist has been more impulsive and jumpy. He has been talking about weird feelings in the wind lately, and reaching out to there older teammates, even Tinky.

#19-Tinky Technicha

| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Twist’s occasional lover, she is a reserve member of the UN Taskforce, demoting herself when the world’s problems dropped off. She is amazing with any technology, from gadgets to software to vehicles to coding. Twist has been trying to contact her recently, as she dropped completely off-grid after her self demotion. He does manage to find the right number occasionally but she’s is hesitant to pick up for some reason.

#18-Jack of All Trades

| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Jack is a man who has walked every end of the Earth, and learned from every trade-hand and master in-between. He helps who he can along the way, using his millions upon trillions of talents to handle it.

Twist, the leader of the UN taskforce, has been trying to get him into the larger cases and events recently, but something always seems…off about the entire prospect.


| November 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

Leader of the UN’s first tier Super Hero group, his weather-control powers usually manage to control most situations presented in the world nowadays. He tries to get his team out and stretch their legs every so often, but problems on their level have disappeared.

Twist is adamant though, that they need to be ready, anything could be coming.

#16-Jerry “Jut” Starkus

| November 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

The ultimate party starter, and ender. He knows where to go and who to talk to, but he also never knows when to shut up. He’ll learn eventually, we hope…


| November 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Young Marie Bell was kidnapped by her father’s main business competitor’s in an attempt to keep the father from buying them out. During transport to where they were going to hold her until she was no longer needed, she was fed almost nothing. She wasted away and after days of this, fell to the ground, seemingly dead. One of her captors went to try to help when she suddenly jumped to life and bit a chunk out of his leg. The impossibly whiny business brat they had kidnapped seemed to be replaced. Something unnatural had taken over. And it would judge those who took her life, and any others she came across from that point on.

No images for anything until I get back to apartment. Home for Thanksgiving with no way of moving images onto computer.

#14-The Museician

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

An entity who roams the idea-space that collects and connects all existing creatures. Whether it’s the whistle of a bird, of the symphony of Beethoven, or the beats of Daft Punk, it exists within their notes. It uses the guitar of sound in order to help create sound, utilizing different shapes to create different keys. A power exists within the entity beyond this though, and outside forces are planning on pushing it out of the creature.

#13=Mrs. Alaina Stride

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Alaina is/was one of the Stride foundation’s chief engineers and biochemists. With their first child on the way, Sam the M and her decided it was best she get out of the labs, not knowing what the fumes from the chemicals they could do to regular people, let alone a pregnant woman. Because of this, she spends most of her days bored, roaming the upstairs of the Stride facilities building, handling clients and disappearing into the small residential facility when she feels tired. She’s ready to have her child and take care of it, not just sitting around all the time. Good thing she’s a little over eight months along then.

#12-Ed Vaughn

| November 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Eddie is the lead of Mayor Ron Priest’s elite force, tracking down any he’s told to. While he has his own judgement, he believes fully in Priest. He lost a hand and a leg during his beat with the Verde City beat cops and volunteered for the enhancements created by he Elite Force armor. Though he isn’t able to remove it due to his limbs healing over the connection to the armor, which partially lead to his leadership of the force. With no other life to go back to, he leads over all the unit, no longer requiring sleep or food.

Yeah, switching to a more cartoon style, just so I can play with shapes more. I don’t know, I do better with cartooning I think. Caught up, today’s will be up later.


| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

A new technology breakthrough, Synthezon can turn itself, and any material around it into whatever is required. Programmed with the entire periodic table of elements and a couple of unknown ones that the Strides managed to figure out enough about that Synthezon might give them an idea of what they do. Synthezon was the last commercial product made by the Strides, though the commercial version is programed with many safeguards to prevent the dangers contained within it’s limitless possibilities.

Sketch for this done, but without scanner or camera. Wanted to get concept down though.

10-Marko the Warrior Mime

| November 11, 2011 | 0 Comments

Very simple. A man who attacks with his mime powers except when he pretends to shoot someone, he actually shoots someone. If quickly builds a large contraption to trap someone, it usually works. (He’s a mime after all, he can’t be too good at his job.) If he slips and falls, there was a banana in the way of his foot. He also likes to trap people in boxes.

Late and this weekend is going to get shaky as I am running home from my school for the weekend. Still need sketch for yesterday.

#9-Ron Priest-20 years later

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Ron Priest was an up and coming DA the first time the Prick appeared. Believing in him he, helped him in cases and used him as a police agent, though not being able to publicly, often being forced to chase him down when it wasn’t just the two of them. He’s been known to play dirty, but always with reason. He would run for Mayor (with the help of some unknown and elicit promises, he eventually was elected), during which time he would build his own police force, behind even the Prick’s back. When Jet Disco attacked in his new Metahuman state, he used the police force to take him out. He tried to get the Prick to join up with it, but Prick was hesitant for some reason. A year later, the Prick would be hunted down in the streets by the Elite force, and disappeared after getting away. Priest continued to use his force to clean up the city, but eventually, he used it to control it. The city may no longer be the dump of previous years, the slums are worse then ever. The Prick appears to have returned in them, but poses not threat to Priest. Currently.

No sketch, probably get around to it tomorrow. Put up my gallery show today and want to take care of something special tonight.

#8-Jet Disco-20 years later

| November 8, 2011 | 0 Comments

Jet always knew he was special. He just thought it was something that he had to create. And growing up with no chance at being special at pleasant, worthwhile things, Jet became the biggest drug dealer in Verde City. He thought it’s be easier anyways, and it often was. Over the years he had found himself in many tough situations, especially after the rise of the Pusherman, that he thought he had just narrowly escaped with luck, but it turns out it was all skill, and it finally hit him full force. And with his new power he did what he could to prove to everyone he was special, spread his tyranny as far as he could, killing and enslaving at his will. After all he’s special, apparently the most special of all, shouldn’t that be what he should be? Ruler? God? Destroyer? He’s currently leaning towards Destroyer, what with being trapped in a the Elite Force’s special containment bubble under miles of Earth. He will make them pay for this, especially him.

Not a big fan of my sketch for today, but it’s my first night to relax in days so I was kind of quick about it. Enjoy the little description at least. And I don’t have a power set in mind for Jet. Just strong and fast at this point, a little Akira tribute maybe, who knows?

#7-The Prick-20 years later

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Ten years into the Prick’s career, the first meta-human appeared and it just so happened to be Jet Disco. Having never dealt with this threat before, he is soundly defeated and almost killed until his friend, former DA and new Mayor Ron Priest sends in a new elite police force that take down Disco and manage to contain him. Prick is unsettled by the sudden appearance of both Disco’s powers and a force powerful enough to counter it. The vigilante trusts his friend, but is suddenly suspicious, and disappears. The following year, he is publicly chased through the streets by the Mayor’s police. While not much is known about the outcome, he was released, at which point he disappeared and it was assumed he retired.

In the past five years he seems to have come back…though different. No longer is he in peak physical condition, in fact he seems to be drunk most of the time he’s patrolling the slums (or the closest things to slums since Mayor Priest’s apparent take over of the city.) Despite his drunken outbursts and other annoyances, the Mayor and his forces let him be, as he still only attacks the scum of the slums. They keep a close eye on him though, with a unit devoted specifically to cleaning up his messes.

Back to The Prick’s universe, in a way. I have never been sure what angle to take this story from, though I’ve always leaned towards this one. Anyways, going to link to the rest of these characters in case people get curious.

#6-Brother Buddha

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Brother Buddha, oneness personified. For some unknown and mysterious reason, all of Nirvana was forced out it’s place in existence, many years ago, and brother Buddha is what remains. The forced physical manifestation of all that have reached enlightenment, discovered in the site of the Dali Llama’s long abandoned Indian temple, by Sam Stride the DCCCLXIV. Since then, the Strides have always been a friend to the Buddha, to help him regain his position in existence and keep him from altering humanity too much.

15 minutes late better then never. Spent the day working on my printmaking gallery show so it was worth it. Also had to use a buffer character from the Stride universe, probably going back to the Prick tomorrow.

5-Jet Disco

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Verde City’s biggest crime boss and #1 drug importer. Well, ex-#1 drug importer. Ever since the Pusherman showed up, Disco has quickly lost all of the footing he used to have. he’s hanging on by thread, and that’s only because he makes and sells the best stuff in town, selling to partying socialite’s to help fund his war with Pusherman. He’ll get his out of his way eventually though.

#4-The Prick

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

The hero of Verde City, Peter Pelt was part of the high society of the city, who saw what had become of it since his parents time. They have long since passed, peacefully in their sleep but he remains disgusted by it’s crime and devastation. One day though, his uncle had been reported shot and killed in the slums by drug lord Jet Disco. His Uncle, a cop of 20 years, who did nothing but his best to help the city. He had spent a lot of time of time with him growing up, any day his Uncle was off he went to see Peter. Enraged, he set out to end the crime of the city once and for all. He brought in a friend, George Jones, a former marine, and with his skills and Peter’s money, they set out to end crime vigilante style.

He never could think of a proper name for himself though. He was attacking low-level dealers and shutting down meth labs, and all the time he had nothing to say. The bad guys did of course though, frequently he was frequently called “that Prick.” With no inspiration otherwise, and no real way to stop them from saying it, he turned it against them, adding a little horn to the top of his head. A little vulgar yes, but effective.

Yeah, I don’t know why, but I always thought that would be a fun name for a Batman-style vigilante. Wish I had something more original for back story and I did. I am kinda introducing this concept ass-backwards, but it’ll be clear eventually.


#3-The Pusherman

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Pusherman (only known alias C. Hayfield) was a young punk on the streets who grew up through all the crap on the dirty streets of Verde City. He fought his way out and became a defense attorney, fighting for the wrongly accused of Verde City’s Slums. One day though, after successfully defending his client, Freddie Dunn, for Murder 1 and breaking and entering. He goes home that day to find his apartment ransacked and his wife murdered, with all the trademarks that his own defendant, (one he had believed innocent). He disappeared before the police arrived and fell off the grid.

A year later, a new drug lord starts to rise in the Slums, known as the Pusherman. In an almost bloodless takeover, he controlled most of Verde City’s drug system, except for a small part, controlled by Jet Disco. They continue to fight over the last bit of territory Jet controls for the past couple years, with only the Prick keeping the violence from spreading. Apparently.

This is the first in what is most likely going to be a series of characters from an old concept for a webcomic I wanted to do, as you can probably tell by the last sentence. Hope you enjoy.

Also another note, if anyone can help me with a problem I am having using the template. I keep trying to put my (very large) images in behind the copyright, and whenever I scale it to fit, it crops everything that wasn’t on the canvas already. If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, can you please tell me? Thank you if you take the time.

No prize for who can tell me what the C. in C. Hayfield means. The hint is in a couple of the villains’ names.

#2-Sam S. Stride the M-Updated

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Sam S. Stride the M, an adventurer and leader of the generations-old business (recently transformed into a non-profit organization), Strides Ahead, in the far-flung future. Following in the footsteps of the 1,000 generations of Strides before him. They are the oldest and wisest family of Monument Mount., a city built into the side of the Rocky Mountains, started by the 481st Stride Generation in an attempt to bring the United States back to the economic pinnacle it enjoyed many centuries ago.

Sam S. Stride the M is the 1,000th son in the 1,000th generation of the Stride family. While some daughters have been born, for some reason in the 1,000 stride families that have existed to date have all been male first, and after which, that generation bears no more sons. Each male has always desired to take over for there fathers, though there have been some co-CEO’s in it’s time, with some daughters taking to the business as quickly or even quicker then the son of that generation.

Though the one thing that has yet to break in any son of any generation is there desire for good-old adventure, whether it be some mystical realm experiment with Brother Buddha or a stroll thru time with past Strides and other heroes past.

Sam S. Stride has just recently taken over Strides Ahead, and was the one to turn it into a non-profit organization (something that had been planned since the beginning.) His wife is pregnant with their first child, and for once all is at peace, with his only adventure that of his new organization. Sam the M was always hesitant of this part of his legacy, but willing to accept it, as all those before him. But once his company and his city have been threatened by a series of unnatural earthquakes, Sam the M must practice his fisticuffs again!

#1-The Swine Smith

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

A character that popped up in one of my zinc-plate prints a couple years ago, I’ve always wanted to get a drawn streamlined version. It’s at a very basic level a creator, of whatever. Weapons, houses, cars, animals, personalities if it starts out an idea, the Swine Smith can turn it into reality. Honestly, for anyone who’s read Supergods or has read enough Grant Morrison books and interviews, this character is the closest I have to come to making a fiction suit. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially a way of placing yourself into a story or image to interact with the narrative characters. If the Swine Smith shows up, it’s there to destroy and re-create into something better and new. Or create new and hope it’s experiment doesn’t fail. The mask is to prevent communication, and to show the Smith as a force of nature, and while he may be a “fiction suit” something kind of used to commuicate, I always feel like there should be more action then dialogue when the Smith’s around.

I feel bad because it’s a little soon to get so abstract but this is just the first thing that came to me.

2011 Challenger: Dom Zito

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey-lo everybody. I’m Dom and I believe I am an illustrator, printmaker or graphic designer. I’m in the process of figuring out which one is more for me and until then, I will do this challenge. Good luck to all and hoping to see some awesome art and ideas.