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30 character challenge 2012 nr 3:Detective Frank Keely

| November 3, 2012 | 0 Comments


Have been experimenting today, haha! Got this idea while I was talking with a friend today, after seeing a pic of her Halloween costume we got an idea of a 19th’s century where a undead detective and another one investigates supernatural cases, with monsters and stuff. We based the detectives on ourselves a little, this was my character: Detective Frank Keely

He wields an ancient knife, fused with magic which he use to protect himself against the monsters he encounter, the magic gives the knife the ability to fire magic projectiles.

30 character challange 2012 nr 2: The Black Baron

| November 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Black Baron

Baron had everything, wealth, surrounded by friends and a beautiful wife bearing their first child. his home and town was a sight for the eyes. Baron was living a happy life, until one day when a mysterious giant appeared in front of him.

The giant being referred himself as “the man of faith” and told him that in 3 days time, a black beast would arrive to this town and destroy it, including everything Baron cared for. After informing him about what would come, “the man of faith” disappear.

Afraid of losing everything he had and loved, Baron seek out “the man of faith” and on the third day he found him. believing that the giant would be the one to destroy his home, Baron plead to him to spare them.

The giant agreed that he would spare them, but only if Baron would become his servant, which Baron promise.

When the deal was settled, the giant, change his appearance and form to his likening and left him.

Faith kept his promise… But what Baron didn’t know was that he himself would become the black beast, a monster that destroys anything in it’s path, destroying the very thing he was trying to protect.

It is said that you can hear his cry of sorrow, on a dark night…


2012 Day 1: Billy

| November 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

This is Billy, a drunkard that hangs around Bartender Teef”s pub. He often finds ways to get more liquor poured into his glass.

He’s also a skilled fighter…. But he fights best when he’s drunk(which he mostly are). Costumers that comes and goes from the pub often wonders how he can still live without dying from alcohol poisoning… my answer is that he probably have a freaking big liver but how do I know.  All in all, he’s a trustworthy friend that share drinks with you, even if he drinks most of it.

Likes Beer the most!

Sprojler 2012

2012 challanger: SPROJLER

| November 1, 2012 | 2 Comments


Did it work? Did I post anything? Man this site is difficult, haha!

Hello! I’m SPROJLER or Sproj for short! I’m guy from sweden who likes to draw. I discovered this site last year and wanted to give it a try! Even though I wasn’t signed up on the site I tried it, but failed since things came up back then.

this time I will squeeze out the creative juices and make new characters and finish this challenge!

I will look forward to what everyone comes up with this mounth, haha!

good luck to you, me and everyone else!