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#5 Adia Kennedy

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Adia grew up with the dreams of domestic bliss in her head. She read all the right magazines, shopped at the right stores, went to the right parties and, thankfully, fell in love with the right man. They were married and settled happily into a home just in time for Adia to become pregnant with her first of what would eventually be three lovely children. Of course, when her husband started to come home from work later and later every night, Adia was pretty sure she knew why (she’d certainly read enough magazines to have a good idea). And when her children’s grades fell further and further behind, she began to fret that her happy life was falling apart. And then she got hit by a bus outside of the supermarket.

She woke up in the Otherlife, the more-or-less mirror image of the world she knew, with a shape that was fitting the harpy of a woman she actually was. Her perfect black hair had been transformed into feathers, her arms into strange wing-like abominations, and her feet were wickedly sharp talons that tilled the dirt as she walked. For days she wandered, chewing on half-dead plants for nourishment, searching for some purpose or reasoning to her new circumstances.

When she happened upon the remains of a battle between two warring gangs, she met an older gorgon-lady who offered a bargain: if Adia would care for the woman until she passed, the gorgon would fill her in on the meaning of the Otherlife. With nothing to lose, Adia took her up on that offer and, for the next week, made sure the gorgon was alive enough to teach her everything she needed to know.

After the gorgon’s death, Adia set out into the Otherlife, armed with the truth and, if not a purpose, at least an idea of what could distract her from the thoughts of home that nagged at the back of her head. At the very least, she decided, she could make sure the Otherlife was an interesting one indeed.


(Fell way behind – didn’t have time for sketches and then things didn’t get written down and so on…so I’m skipping the illustrations and just writing things down. Will be posting multiples over the next few days to catch up, sorry for the spam!)

#4 Plaid Ninja

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

Evil lurks in the hearts of men! After the strangest day in her life as a medical intern in the hospital around the corner, one girl decides that enough is enough! She becomes the Plaid Ninja, a terror to any who seek to do crime in her fair city! …or at least, those who try to beat the hospital vending machine into spitting out more bags of chips.

The Plaid Ninja is a master of stealth (she knows where the shadows are, at least), a formidable hand-to-hand combat fighter (if a pair of sai she bought online count as hand-to-hand), a clever and witty wordsmith (whenever she’s drunk off her ass, as far as she can remember), and possesses an undauntable soul (hell, she made it through pre-med).

She knows better than to get in the way of the more well-established superheroes, like the Teen Roach or American Bald EagleMan, but the Plaid Ninja is well aware that there are more important things for the higher-ups to be paying attention to than the petty injustices on the street. So, feel fear, jaywalkers! Beware, parking ticket dodgers! Watch your watch, laundromat users! The Plaid Ninja is here for justice!

The Plaid Ninja has a carrot-colored ponytail she shoves under her plaid ninja mask to help conceal her identity. It has occurred to her that the mole by the inside of her left eye might give her away, but after a fairly embarrassing scenario involving a pair of goggles (she’s got a wicked case of head-based claustrophobia) she decided it was best to go with a less restrictive sort of mask.


(Fell way behind – didn’t have time for sketches and then things didn’t get written down and so on…so I’m skipping the illustrations and just writing things down. Will be posting multiples over the next few days to catch up, sorry for the spam!)

#3 Amity

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

When Amity was a little girl, she had no idea what she was going to be when she grew up. And when she grew up, she found herself drifting as aimlessly as she had played when she was a kid. She failed out of her junior year of college and started hitchhiking across the country. When she reached one end, she decided to walk back herself.

At some point during the hitchhiking part of her journey, Amity began to realize that something was different about her. She didn’t consider herself to be particularly clever, or even deserving of any fortune that might fall her way. But yet that luck continued to befall her, sometimes in completely ridiculous ways. When a lonely trucker decided he deserved some physical compensation for giving her a lift, the truck was immediately stopped at a random checkpoint and the trucker arrested on an outstanding warrant for 64 unpaid parking tickets. When a mugger cornered her in a dark alley, the sewer lid beneath his feet exploded upward from a freak steam pressure backup in the sewers below, sending him bouncing between the brick walls long enough for Amity to escape. And on top of those crazy occurrences, she always got where she was going, she was always fed, and she always found somewhere warm to sleep.

Amity knows, deep-down (although the rational part of her tries to deny it) that she has something special, be it ridiculous luck or a guardian angel, but she can’t figure out why. So rather than fuss over it, she continues wandering from city to city, seeing the country while waiting to find her true purpose. She’s pretty confident she’ll live that long, at least.

A willowy girl with little shape besides ‘stick’, Amity stands about 5′ 6” with mousy brown hair chopped in ragged layers shoved beneath a baby blue winter cap with matching pompom adornments. She wears an ill-fitting t-shirt topped with a long knitted vest, along with baggy pair of denim shorts and mismatched knee-high socks. Her eyes, usually hidden behind her bangs, sparkle bright blue whenever she’s actually interested in something, which actually isn’t all that often in the first place.


(Fell way behind – didn’t have time for sketches and then things didn’t get written down and so on…so I’m skipping the illustrations and just writing things down. Will be posting multiples over the next few days to catch up, sorry for the spam!)

#2 Trent Kenna

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Trent used to be your average jock. He played soccer from middle school through freshman year of college, slept with more girls than he could name, and was generally an asshole to anybody he could get away with. And to be honest, this was getting him through life far better than he would have ever imagined, except for when it ended up with him on a hotel room floor, attacked by vampires.

Now living life as a vampire, he rooms with his once-hated college roommate, Val, who is the only one who knows his secret. Cut off from the sunlight and stuck using Val as a renewable food resource, Trent has notsomuch come to terms with his situation as much as he’s tolerated it for the sake of his continued existence. Being technically undead is beyond depressing, and the vibrant jock has morphed into a loner even more reclusive than his bookworm roommate.

Trent wants nothing more than to be human again, but he knows he’s nowhere near smart enough to understand what vampirism even technically is, let alone how he might cure it. Sure, he can’t die (easily), won’t age, et cetera, but all of that is worthless now that his life has lost its meaning. He works the night shift at a local supermarket to help pay the bills, since Val has promised to find a cure for his ailment, and the least he can do is keep the electric on. The rest of his time is spent either sleeping, or, more typically, playing as many sports video games as he can afford.

#1 Valentine Mora

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Val tries to consider himself a fairly normal guy, but he knows enough to understand that he really isn’t. He reads a lot – no, seriously, a lot – and even volunteers at the library to have easier access to new books to read. Sports don’t really interest him much, he likes run-of-the-mill food, and he’d much rather run his fingers through his hair once in the morning than touch a jar of styling gel. People tend to assume he’s a hipster from the scarves he wears about his neck, but he really just wears them to cover up the bite marks from his roommate.

When the cruel fate of college stuck Val with his jock roomie Trent, he had no idea how he was going to get through even a single semester with his sanity still intact. But a freak situation ended up with Trent turning into a vampire, and Val was open-minded – and well-read – enough to be willing to put up with it. He even let Trent feed from him instead of going off to attack random citizens, much to Trent’s continued amazement. The two stayed roomies – and eventually friends – all through college and beyond, where they now share a run-down two-bedroom apartment just outside the city limits.

Val knows full well that people consider him a doormat, but he’s really just happy to help. He has his reasons for helping Trent, and uses his connections at the library to bring in books so he can read more about his roommate’s condition. He’s even learned a small bit of magic, in the hopes that maybe one day he can restore Trent back to full humanity. Until then, he’s more than happy to stay quiet and reclusive, working an administrative day job at a local temp agency to pay the bills while he focuses on his studies.

2011 Challenger: Carolyn Gabriel

| October 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

Greetings, fair sirs and madams! How farest thou on this fine Hallow’s Eve?

Terribly butchered olde English aside, I’m a writer/dreamer who comes up with a character in less time than it takes me to pay my mortgage each month. I don’t have time for NaNo this year (let’s not get into my massive obligations over the next few weeks), but I absolutely love making new characters. I look forward to making (a bare minimum of) 30 of them this November, and assailing all you wonderful viewers with an assortment of crudely-drawn illustrations to go along with them. I’m no Frank Miller, but I do like drawing ponies!*

*Okay, I promise, no ponies.**

**That promise may be a lie.***

***Totally a lie.