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Number 6: Carn Darrak

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

Full name: Carn Darrak
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: The Firesons
Height: 5’4”
Abilities: Like all Firesons, Carn has the ability to conjure fire, which can be conjured anywhere there is oxygen. While some firesons tap into this power to become flamethrowers, Carn’s ability manifests in the form of two swords made of pure fire The heat from the fire is harmless to the wielder, however it can still cut the wielder if he/she isn’t careful. Firesons are also vulnerable to Skysons.

Appearance: Monk styled robes, ruffled black hair, thin/lean body
Bio: Carn was given up at an early age to study with the monks of the south plains. Here, we was trained to call upon his ancestry to conjure fire and use it as a weapon.

Under the monks’ tutelage, Carn learned the history of his world, which was brought out of darkness by the gods of fire, water, earth, and air, who lent their powers to the world’s inhabitants in exchange for servitude. Through his lessons, Carn came to dislike the gods for their various unsavory acts on their subjects over the years. This led him deep into the secrets of the monastery library to find the legends of The Dark King who rebelled against the gods using his ability to conjure shadow powers.

After reading about the rebellion, Carn knew he had to find the remnants of it and fight to free his world from the crushing feet of the gods. So, he fled in the night from the protection of the monks and out into a world he had never known to save his people, and maybe even the world.

Notes: Carn is just one of the characters from this continuity, his story will be a hero’s journey filled with trials, companions, and plot twists.

Number 5: Shadow Walker

| November 8, 2011 | 2 Comments

Full name: Craig Carter
Alias: Shadow Walker
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Allignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’9”(human form), up to 1 mile (shadow forms)
Abilities: Can shift between three forms (human, half shadow, and full shadow).

In half shadow, Shadow Walker retains his physical form, but can alter his body and limbs (such as extending, enlarging, or transforming into blades) by turning portions of himself into shadows. This form also removes much of his nerve endings, making him less vulnerable to pain on his physical body, while his shadow portions cannot be damaged by any conventional means.

In full shadow, Carter becomes incorporeal, allowing him to extend his shadow across great distances, over buildings, and through water at virtually the speed of light. This form is reserved for travel, since he cannot interact with the physical world in this state. Furthermore, if he stays in the shadow world for too long, he will be attacked by shadow demons and various other creatures that call the shadow world home.

Appearance: human form- short blonde hair, green eyes, thin, somewhat lanky. Half shadow form- white robe with hood, exposed shadow portions around waist, knees, chest, hands, feet, and forearms. Full shadow form- incorporeal
Bio: Craig Carter was raised by a single father, and never thought anything special of himself. However, on his 13th birthday, his father revealed to him that his mother was actually a shadow demon who had tricked his father into sleeping with her. After a one night stand, she disappeared.

9 months later, the demon returned to tell Craig’s father of her deception and give him the baby, fearing that if she kept him in the shadow world, he would be hunted down by other beasts of the realm. Then she disappeared again, but this time, she never came back.

After that day, Craig started to feel himself becoming more and more disconnected with the world, even sometimes feeling that people around him didn’t see him altogether. One night, he was walking home when a car came careening past a turn and headed straight for him. Craig froze in a panic, but the car somehow went straight through him. He looked around at himself and found that somehow he had tapped into his shadow heritage and become completely connected to shadows.

From then on, Craig Carter decided to hone his abilities, vowing that someday he would use them to find his mother and discover the truth about his history.

Number 4: The Creater

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Full name: Unknown
Alias: The Creater
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Allignment: Mercenary
Race: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Abilities: Can combine his arms together to create different weaponry. Single- handgun/knife, Double- SMG/shield, Triple- shotgun/shortsword/hammer, Quadruple- assault rifle/longsword, Quintuple- LMG/greatsword, Sextuplet- sniper rifle/giant hammer

Appearance: Six arms, long black trench coat, low hooded face, glowing green eyes
Bio: Little is known of the gun-for-hire simply known as The Creater. It is rumored that he is a demon sent from the Underworld to wreck havoc on Earth, but nobody knows for sure. In fact, his name and his skill are all that is known about him. It is said that when a client gathers the resources the pay for his services, The Creater will appear and take the job regardless of the details, demanding half his pay up front. After carrying out his mission, The Creater may or may not collect on the rest, but as far as anyone knows, he does so completely arbitrarily. One thing is for certain, though, The Creater is not a rational being, he lives only to cause mayhem for whoever pays.

Day Three: Gateway

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

Full name: Roy Scarborough
Alias: Gateway
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Allignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’9”
Abilities: Advanced telekinesis, flight (neon green telekinectic beams shoot from hands and feet when used)

Appearance: Short black hair, White suit with hunter green gloves, boots, cape, domino mask, and underwear, yellow belt
Bio: In the year 2100, the company Cyberkinetics, Inc. has perfected their designs for the Brain-Gate Neural Kinetics Chip (BGNKC), a system of computer chips attached to people’s brains and hands/feet that allow for telekinesis in soldiers and the disabled. However, it wasn’t long before the BGNKC was found in the hands of criminals, purchased off the black market. To avoid public disgrace, Cyberkinetics began a program to equip the police with the next generation BGNKC technology to combat these criminals.

The new chips had to be tested before they were handed over to the police force, so Lt. Roy Scarborough was selected as the prototype candidate. The installation was a complete success, but the cost was more than the local government was willing to pay to outfit their entire force with the chips. As a result, Scarborough was the sole recipient of the technology.

However, in his first case after getting his powers, he accidentally killed his assailant by throwing him over 500 yards and into a building. Scarborough was then fired and all records of his affiliation with the police and with Cyberkinetics were locked away.

Grieving the loss of his job, Scarborough vowed to master his new powers and become the city’s protector once again. Shedding his title of Lieutenant Roy Scarborough, he became Gateway, master of telekinesis, hero of Cyberkinetics, Inc!
Notes: Character is based off of Foxborough, Masachusetts based company Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc who is developing The Brain-Gate Neural Interface System (BGNIS), designed to transmit neural impulses that will move objects without the use of hands.

Day 2: Rage

| November 3, 2011 | 1 Comment

Full name: Gray/Rage
Alias: N/A
Age: 150
Gender: Male
Allignment: Circle of 5 (Good)
Race: Pure Werewolf
Height: 6’2” (human form), 6’10” (werewolf form)
Abilities: Enhanced agility and strength, claws and sharp teeth, can jump very long distances, able to shift in and out of wolf form at will, increased lifespan. Maintains lesser versions of these abilities in human form.
Personality: Short tempered, loyal, brutish
Bio: Gray is descended from a long line of pure werewolves, commander of the wolf army, and the right hand of the Circle of 5. As a child, his parents were killed during the first war against the Hunters. Although he was too young to enter the army, he trained from then on to fully master his wolf side, journeying to the deep forest to live with the ancestral wolves, where he was taught to harness his fury and hone his body into the perfect weapon.

Upon his return to Wolfhaven, Gray challenged the current Rage of the Circle of 5 for his title. The current Rage was eager to accept the challenge and, with some difficulty, managed to subdue Gray.

However, Rage was impressed at the young wolf’s tactics and offered to take Gray in as his apprentice. Gray, seeking any way to improve his skills, accepted.

After 90 years, Gray had learned all he could from his master and again challenged him. This time, it was Gray who stood victorious. Claiming the mantle of “Rage,” he was welcomed into the Circle of 5.

Appearance: (wolf form) Jet black fur, razor sharp claws, glowing red eyes, very muscular, leather bandolier-esque wrap on chest, barbaric leather covering as bottoms with skull adorned belt. (human form) long black hair, muscular, pale, glowing red eyes.
Notes: Rage is rarely seen out of wolf form, only changing when it has a tactical advantage. He even sleeps in wolf form.

Pure werewolves are the children of two werewolves, whether pure, slave, or mixed. They have the ability to change whenever they want, but cannot leave wolf form during full moons.

Slave wolves are humans who have been turned into werewolves. They lose most of their brain functions, becoming essentially zombies who become slaves for humans. These wolves only change on full moons.


(image taken from google, i claim to rights to it)

Day 1: The Hero

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Full name: Stanley Daniel Erikson
Alias: The Hero
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Race: White
Height: 5’4”
Appearance: Thin/scrawy, shortish black hair, black eyes (without suit). (suit on) helmet (black and yellow) with dark visor, robotic arms with enlarged hands (black), tech boots w/ rocket thrusters (black), chest armor (black and yellow)
Abilities: Extreme genius with affinity for technology. Suit allows for flight, enhanced strength and pain tolerance (by factor of 50x). Helmet has up-link to crime database and AI directory
Story: As a high school sophomore, Stan Erikson was picked on by bullies, and unnoticed by the girl of his dreams. When a mysterious super villain begins attacking his city, Stan, harboring a secret flair for romantics and super heroism, decided to use his advanced knowledge of technology to create a power suit that would allow him to become the confident hero he thought would be able to win the heart of his love. He became The Hero. After a display of heroics fighting back The Villain, Stan only wanted more. Over time, he became the city’s protector, and won the heart of his love.

Little to The Hero’s knowledge, The Villain was planning to set off a bomb that would destroy half of the milky way. What’s worse, The Villain was actually the father of his love! Upon learning of the bomb, The Hero worked his way through the city’s underworld to find out where The Villain’s base was.

Finally, he found it and squared off against The Villain for a final battle. The Villain used clever tactics and his robot army, but Stan stood victorious, ready for man-to-man combat with the mysterious foe. The Hero manages to kill The Villain, knowing it would be the only way to stop the threat permanently. Stan is victorious, or so he thinks.

Stan’s love returns home to find out about her father’s identity, as well as his death at the hands of The Hero. In a maddening rage, she picks up her father’s mantle, and his mission to destroy the galaxy.

From here, Stan learns of a new Villain picking up where the previous left off, and heads back to the base to stomp down the threat he thought was gone for good. Unfortunately, his love was not the brilliant tactician her father was, and The Hero easily kills her, not knowing it is his love.

After defeating her, The Hero looks over to body to find the truth, and is driven completely mad. Alone and hollow, he triggers the galaxy bomb as a form of remembrance to his love and to be with her forever in the afterlife.
Notes: This character is meant to be the main character of a rock opera

2011 Challenger: Tanner Levine

| October 29, 2011 | 2 Comments

Hey team,

My name’s Tanner and this is my first time doing any of this. I’ve been really into fantasy writing all my life, and I recently decided it is what I want to do professionally once I get done with college. I haven’t done much, and this is my first time doing any sort of challenge, but I’m excited to be a part of it.

Can’t draw worth a damn, but I’m gonna write some overviews and sketches for my characters. Maybe if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll draw a couple. No laughing though.