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Creator of Tears & Pain a Fantasy Webcomic That updates on Mon., Wed.,Fri. with additional updating on every other day except Saturday,cus well I need some time off! :)

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# 9 Elusius

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

I shall Rule them all.

The Storytellers – Part 1 Elusius

Elusius the Mad was storyteller between 435 -472 P.R. (Post Rhiannon). A human from the spine, Elusius was chosen because he led his village to victory over an evil Allasian Monarch who set his Golems upon the Valley. Chosen by Etheria to become the fourth human Storyteller Elusius showed signs of trouble from the moment of his transformation. He immediately declared his Lordship over the valley in which he lived * An act of Treason according to the Act of Thorns, a Treaty signed between all Countries after the Death of Rhiannon in 0 P.R. *

He then chose to build an army. *This too as an act of Treason.*

The Council of Thorns was content to let the mad man rave in his valley as long as he did not leave the valley and cause trouble for the greater citizenry of Daeneris.

In 470 Elusius decided that he wanted to no longer chafe under the restrictions of the Council Marched on Queens Landing.

After Razing the country for two years on his way to the city gates of Queens Landing, his army was met by the combined forces of the Council’s independent armies. The battle raged for almost a week, The ragtag army of Elusius was hardly a match for the Trained armies of Elves,Dwarves, Humans, & Kitha’ari.

As the sun rose on what would become the last say of Elusius Short Mad life, the gates of the city opened onto the planes and out walked the Slayers. These chosen warriors were given the power to resist the magics of the Storytellers and the ability to end their existense.

Elusius all but alone on the field ran.

He did not make it far.

#8 Bill The Accidental Demon.

| November 8, 2010 | 2 Comments

I umm..I really don't understand why I'm here.

There was a guy, His name was Bill.

Bill was an accountant, and Bill was no more dishonest than any other accountant at his firm.

Unfortunately he stayed late on the wrong night & was witness to his Office managers meeting with the Elder bosses. HE remembered a flash, and then he woke up naked in the alley, his skin red, and his vision blurred with horrid visions of death & Rape. naturally he stumbled into a bar and ordered a whiskey sour. After escaping the burning building he stumbled off into the darkness. Searching for answers he has learned to stay out of sight & work withing the shadows.

But the ones responsible for his change are looking for him, and all too soon Bill the Accidental Demon will know his destiny…

#7 Monolith #347B

| November 8, 2010 | 0 Comments


First found on the Northern Shores of the Shield islands these Rusted monoliths gained a bit of fame in the year 231 AR as novelties of an ancient civilization.

Almost a hundred years later, a small village that had grown up around one of the monoliths, burned to the grounds when the monolith suddenly exploded. Many lost their lives and the Queen from that point on declared all of the Monoliths off limits to all peoples of Etherian.

Not almost 300 years after that fateful incident most of the monoliths have been forgotten, or torn apart for scrap. not many know of their existence anymore because of the strict laws against even approaching one.

But on the Spine, at the top of the World on the Shores of Daeni’s lake sits Monolith #347B This monstrosity is larger than most of the other Monoliths and unlike the others who were all rigid, or standing in simple positions this one sits, with his arms crossed on his legs and one could almost say a look of fatigue. As if one day he just stopped.

Out on the Spine the Queen’s laws do not mean much *Much to her dismay* and the Monolith has become a bit of a tourist attraction.

On the eve of the last solstice it is said that from deep within the spine there came a rumbling, as if something was moving the mountain itself. Later that night a strange thing happened. A Piercing whistle screamed across the valley, waking human & beast alike. Confusion about waht was happening set in,  and then  a villager noticed  a strange green glow emanating from the Monoliths shoulder, highlighting some sort of liquid in it’s shoulder, and the ancient steam whistle on it’s back was spewing steam once more…

#6 Elias Loras – The Information Broker

| November 8, 2010 | 0 Comments

Yes, I know, but how much are you willing to pay to know too?

Not much is known beyond the name of the man who has the reputation of being able to get you information on anything…for a price.

Elias Loras, has his hands in everything from mob bosses, to the vatican. If you need to know something Elias has known it for at least a month.

He is so sought after by certain agencies that he is very rarely seen in public. this photo snapped of him is almost 20 years old. Elias is said to be based out of New Queensland, but as always his true whereabouts is unknown.

#5 Minion

| November 8, 2010 | 1 Comment

I have only ever known Service.

Minion is a character I came up with may years ago when I was a teenager but never really used. He had been a dservant his entire existence, and suddenly finds himself with no master. He wanders for a while masterless and alone until he finds that he has the power to control others. He does not know how to handle these powers and it drives him mad,

Not the best thought out character but I was in the mood to draw a super type character.

#4 Lucian

| November 7, 2010 | 4 Comments
Or Lucifer...whatever

Hello, my Beautiful Angel.

This old photograph was found in the attic of one Amelia, angelheart. its origins are unknown but the fact that even though the photograph has aged and dulled in color the rose still stays red. Amelias grandmother, will say nothing more about the mysterious man in the photograph other than “He’s the Devil.”

#3 Jolly Jim

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

Ho ho ho...Mother$%^&%$#@

Jolly Jim is anything but, he was kicked out of The Toy shop for attempting to set the old mans cookie jar on fire.

He now lives in the recesses of a cavern in the North Pole making twisted toys that deliberately drive adults mad. *He has some height issues and blames grown ups for it. Don’t ask me I’m just the Narrator*

He has become somewhat of a Boogey-Man at the N.P. with the younger elfs being told that they sould stay in line lest they end up like Jolly Jim.

And it is said on the lonely nights between Christmas & New years if you listen closely you can hear the bang of a wooden hammer and the tinkling laugh of a madman alone in his cave…

# 2 (Sorta) The Killbot Mark 10

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments
K-10...get it?

The Best your Creds can buy!

The Killbot Mark 1o or K-10 for short was designed as  the supreme  hunter killer mechanoid. We assure you good customer, its predecessor, the K-9 unit that was stolen by the strange man in the Blue box was much less aggressive than this model.

Outfitted with a double barrelled Gauss Rifle that reloads via quantum wormhole, and a Slashomatic 9000 blade on it’s opposing limb.

Upgrades are available for this model to the long range model which includes the Gauss rifle on both appendages, or the new Wetworks model with Slashomatic 9000’s on both appendages, Sure to carve up your competition in no time!

Contact Davros for more information

#1 Lord GreenStone

| November 1, 2010 | 3 Comments

I present to you Lord Garian GreenStone, of the Noble clan of GreenStone, Ruler of the Seventh house, Slayer of the Horrid Vagaraian, Ruler of the nine valleys, keeper of the Second seal.

Garian, is an aged veteran ruler, who after losing his arm in an attack by the Horrid Vagarian when he was young swore to one day slay the ferocious beast.

After 30 years of training hunting and political maneuvering *Only nobles were allowed to hunt the Horrid Vagarian* his day finally came.

Chasing the Beast through the ancient wood, he stopped to rest for the night. Upon closing his eyes to the peaceful slumber, he heard a all too familiar rustling in the bushes.  Pretending to slumber still, he rolled slowly and gripped his mighty spear. As he heard the beast lunge *for the beast it was*, he rolled and brought up his spear.

The creatures bulk slid onto the spear with the force of an onrushing wave and crushed Garian. He lay helpless  as the vile hulk of a creature thrashed back and forth in its death throes , his body being broken and crushed, Garian made peace with himself and prepared to be accepted into the arms of the creator. Darkness fell upon Garian and the pain washed away.

Soon the sun rose on a new day and Garian GreenStone was still alive. The creature, a being of pure evil and wretchedness had dissolved into a foul mist and burned away with the dawn fog. Garian lie there broken, and waiting to die when he was found by a hunting party of the Queen’s. Garian related his adventure and was soon welcome at Rhiannon’s court.

Hi I’m Thorne

| October 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Hey Everyone, My name is Thorne, and I am the Creator of Tears & Pain a Fantasy comic that I can’t decide if I want to be funny or dramatic so I slide between both! 🙂 You can find it at

Born & Raised in Illinois, I now live in Florida, after a brief but annoying stay in Alabama *Note: If you currently live in, or like the State of Alabama, take no offense it just wasn’t for me.*

Tears & Pain has been running for two years now, with Book II launching last month, I joined the Challenge to work on my character creation skills and to push myself to create more.

I’m your basic Geek, with a twist for all things Medieval.

Good Travels,