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#1 Sister Snipe

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Sister Suzan Napier – AKA Sister Snipe – is one of many covert operatives working for the Vatican. Part of a special armed branch of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (The Inquisition, no less), she’s deployed only under extraordinary circumstances for missions that usually involve enoucounter with violent supernatural resistance.

Whether it’s a pesky gargoyle lurking around a cathedral, werewolves stalking the parishioners or a possession case where a good old exorcism just won’t do, Sister Snipe takes position on a rooftop, ready to do the good work of the Lord with her high-power rifle and her prayers.


DRAWING NOTES: Gah! Look at that hand holding the rifle. And the other one isn’t much better. I gotta take more care in drawing those next time. However, I must say the brush pen is a real charm to work with. Never used one before…

2011 Challenger: Yannick Morin

| October 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

I'm NOT Batman. Don't let the looks fool ya.Hey gang!

My name’s Yannick Morin and this is my first attempt at the 30 Characters Challenge. I’m a thirty-something dad from beautiful Quebec City where I spend my days as a mild-mannered communications consultant. When the sun goes down however, I become a wholly different dashing figure: an aspiring comic writer, forging words into entertaining plots and fighting the forces of apathy wherever they might pop up (usually around my desk).

Of course, as writing is my specialty, I’m not expecting to wow anyone with my drawing ability. In fact, apart from thumbnailing some of my pages – just to get a feel for the graphic flow of a story – I haven’t drawn much since back when I was in college. Oh sure, I leave the occasional sketch on coworkers’ whiteboards, but that’s just subversive artistic guerilla so it doesn’t count. I really don’t know yet how my attempts will turn out. I might try a lot of different techniques to see what I’m comfortable with. We’ll just call it “eclectic” – it’ll make a nice blurb for the dust jacket someday.

The 30 Characters Challenge came to my attention because I’ve become somewhat of a regular on Tyler’s website ComixTribe. He’d go on and on and on about it so I thought: “Hey, why not try it out?” Besides, since I’m a chronic procrastinator, any excuse is a good one for getting me off my butt and doing something comicky.

Just for laughs, let’s have a look at these 10-year old drawings I just scanned. Ha! Look at that guy’s hand! Hilarious!

Some guy. In a mask.Was I trying to draw a pirate?I think this guy might be a wizard. I have no idea.