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Day 2 – Mano Dura

| November 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

Mano Dura is the closest thing to a zombie cowboy you’ve heard of!
He just doesn’t die! Mano Dura got his nickname for never getting a shot wrong, with such a steady hand.
Born from criminal parents, he became one himself, and fighting officers gave him his so feared aim.
One day however, upon falling on a trap, he’s surorunded by the local police, except instead of executing him on sight, his punishment was to get rid of a mohawk tribe that was giving the village headaches. Mano Dura overdid it – singlehandedly killed every single person from the tribe, women and children alike, but that wouldn’t go unpaid for – once again instead of being wished dead, on their least breath the tribe’s leader cursed him to live eternally with his sins – his soul to carry his bones eternally.

Some say he can be spotted even nowadays, riding his long time friend’s carcass, the Red Hot Star.

Presentation and Day 1 Character – Cortex “Lucky” Mite

| November 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hi there! My name is Aluísio! I’m a returning participant from the 2010 edition, for which I wasn’t able to complete haha! So let’s try my luck again! I’m best know for my work as the artist for Image Comics’ Grim Leaper series. I hope you enjoy some of my own creations!

To start with:

Lucky is a special acari species. Very inteligent, it feeds of brains, and no, it’s not a zombie, but does have a symbiotic parasite  lifestyle. The more it feeds, the more smart it grows, and the bigger it gets. The species is literally immortal as long it can find a new host to be a parasite of.
The most famous Cortex Mite in the universe is known as Lucky – the right hand of a gallactic mob leader. Guess what? Some of these mites get so big it’s essentially a fully grown brain – Lucky has taken over an entire human body’s brain, and commands it as a hollow shell. Lucky has been living this way for 5 hundred years already. His plans include taking over his own boss, possibly changing bodies whenever he catches him asleep!

#4 – Communist Rollerbabe

| November 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

I know, the last 3 characters or so doesnt have NAMES haha, I created all three i nthe same period, more or less.. 2008 I think.

This one was the main character of my 2009’s 24 hour comic. She’s a general badass, hottie, who beat and explode shit up. Don’t mess her up!

Brush again. The problem now is the double tip the brush is getting.. which sucks!

#3 – Hoodie Knight

| November 10, 2010 | 3 Comments

Couldn’t make it to post twice in a day, but at least once then!

Hoodie Knight, whose name’s base don Final Fantasy classes, is the main hero of the story! The knight looks for the mysterious diseappeared king, (not related to Randy) and seeks to find a solution to the throne of the land, only to discover the prince was captured by Football Ninja in order to obtain a ramson.

I wish I had developed this one more, but it’s more of a design thing that keeps me liking it. And also a spoilerish secret.

#2 – Football Ninja

| November 9, 2010 | 7 Comments

Another ¨old character¨. I think I’ll be focusing on these characters I have that never got properly drawn yet, or I haven’t drawn in a while.

Football Ninja was the first villain, and later to be an ally to the main character of the story, Hoodie Knight.

He is the most fearsome orc bandit in the lands, and as a ninja, he has the ability to clone himself enough times to form an entire football team, which is also his robber gang, the ¨Stillmoon Eleven¨. Curiously, each copy has a different number on their back.

Another experiment with brushes, and as always, some photoshoppin’ action.

#1 – Randy the Lost

| November 9, 2010 | 7 Comments

Randy is a long forgotten king, betrayed by his best friend, and abandoned in a desert. Funny is they left him with a sword to defend himself, but this same sword would only serve for toothpicks to the blue dragons surrounding the area.

Also, hi! It’s my first post, hoping to catch up till it’s all over.