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 Sea Humonster, Mane Wyvern. When a mutated octopus slid it’s way into Mane’s cranium, it grew… more ways than one. It became him. During the final moments of Mane’s consciousness  the mutant assumed control and burst it’s tentacles out.  Some people who knew him could still see his facial features remain in the newly sculpted concoction.

Day 24: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S BYFRAZ

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On the far off world of Jorol, 3 million years from now, the descendants of humanity have settled this among thousands of  planets.  Seven offshoots of humanity have divided this land amongst themselves.  Civilizations have risen and fallen.  Wars have begun and concluded.  Jorol currently is in a state of an uneasy peace.

That peace was broken by the return of Jorol’s indigenous species: The Frahl Wraiths, who were forced underground millennia ago and were thought extinct. This was not so as their reemergence was hailed with the decimation of Koroth and and several other city states in the lands of Norlympia.  Those who survived were either taken into slavery or forced to flee.  One of those exiles was a noble general by the name of Doule.

Doule was in search of allies from the seven nations to form a coalition against the Frahl Wraiths.  His travels at one point brought him to the arctic tundra of the Binans.  This race has evolved to where they operate in genetically identical pairs.  They are literally living computers that have developed cloning technologies, and have advanced telekenetic and telepathic skills.  The Binans, though comprised as two person units, operate, think, and have identity as one distinct person.  One of these pairs went by the name of Byfraz.

They were  simple scholars and anthropologist, but had extensive knowledge of antiquity and tales and information on the Frahl Wraithes.  The Binans are semi-pacifists, but agreed to lend the services of Byfraz to the cause, for which they have proven invaluable.


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Of vampire decent, Liare Fearice is a malevolent being. He kills for pleasure when he doesn’t need the blood to survive.  Laughs a lot too.


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Galvinix, name given due to his predisposition with metal sticking out of his body. These pieces of metal cause him to be grumpy. Soon the population which resides around him casts him out, labeling him the forsaken.


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Fred, just your run-of-the-mill alien.


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Buster, a mysterious figure. Forged in a 45 minute sculpting session in hopes to create a recorded event. He’s Silly.


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Simon is curious, at least that’s what I see when I look at this portrait. Did this one quick and dirty to try out the undo history recorder in zBrush. Should have the video up on my blog at some point tomorrow… after I sleep.

DAY FIFTEEN – The Quantum Rabbit

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NAME: Quantum Rabbit

A cosmic being of Unlimited Power and almost Infinite Cuddliness. Friends with the GMoccultist. Can be found frolicking in Heisenberg’s Carrot Patch.

Quantum Rabbit, pre-manifestation

Quantum Rabbit, typical manifestation

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Guardian of the People!

Ruben Kaae – 30 Character In 30 Day’s….. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:)

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Here are my 30 characters
It was a lot of fun.
Ruben Kaae
Signing out…:)

Steve Parks – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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30 days of thumbs

Jared Lewis – 30 Characters in 30 Days 2011

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#1 Glorious Sentai Gokaider Red#2 Aurora#3 Sixth Carbon Lama#4 Longtalon#5 Phione
#6 Deadeye Huitzilo the Vaquero The Duke of Brixton#9 The Sky Bandit Beatrix Sprawling#10 “Upstairs Bigfoot”
#11 The Uzbek#12 Xaiyoi#13 & #14 Las Hermanas de La Sombras Vigilantes (Isa)#13 & #14 Las Hermanas de La Sombras Vigilantes (Magda)#15 Skaggs
#16 Goroh#17 Munson#18 Quozark the Unflinching#19 TheBinMan.EXE#20 The Outsorceror
#21 Fe-Male#21 Fe-Male#23 Mynah#24 Caldera#25 Biata Boombata
#26 Oosailoo#27 Wee Andrew of Glenclover#28 The Dingo Demon Formerly Known as Sig#29 The Tungsten Rhino Support Crew#30 Tremendous Rowdy

Made it. Just barely. Overall, I’m happy. I had a busier schedule, but there were hours here & there where I could’ve focused & gotten better results. Ultimately, just happy to hit 30 for a second year. I will probably be posting more about the whole experience sometime soon on my sketchblog. Until then, I’ve got some projects to get back to. Thanks for the feedback & support, & great job to everyone who participated this year. Hope to see you next.


Alex Holt – 30 Characters, 2011

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I am quite surprised to find that I finished this year, a day ahead of schedule despite starting 6 days late due to a holiday.  This has ended up a 30 character 23 if you will!

The characters below all are designed to exist in the same Universe – very much an “anything goes” Universe along the lines of the Marvel or DC Universes.  It does however, have a bit more of a magical leaning than those, so something like Hellboy is probably a better comparrison.  These characters are all “good guys” and, white not a superhero team (although Kesari, Amanda, Shiqi, Rosaline, Samuel, Daisy/Percy, Charcoal, Hrolf and Zhang are all in the superheroics game andmay team up from time to time) their grouping is more that they correspond with each other to help with their own adventures.  Given that these 30 includes a detective, a bontanist, a diplomat, a lawyer, a police officer a chef and a doctor the level of action varies a fair bit!

Anyway, any comments here or on the indivdual character posts would be immensely appreciated, hope you like them!

 – Alex Holt



I did it!

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Here they are, all 30 of my creations this year!

































I still can’t believe i did it! Thanks and see you next year Tyler! 😀


































G.R. : The Internal Hero Universe’s “New 30”!

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As my longtime follows on Twitter know, I’m creating my own comic book universe: Internal Hero. ( @Retrospect360 ) on Twitter. The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents” was the first incarnation of this universe. For over a year I’ve chronicled the creation of Internal Hero’s first 40 characters, a few have been revealed as development sketches , but the majority of the “1st 40” won’t be revealed until the launch of “” which is currently under construction.

How beautifully ironic, spontaneous, strange, and wonderful that the next set of characters for Internal Hero would be revealed before the initial “1st 40″!  ‘The NEW 30”-second wave of Internal Hero Characters were drawn for the first time in November via participation of “The 30 Characters In 30 Days” challenge!

I love how “wave 2- The New 30” has been revealed before “wave 1- The 1st 40” ! Life is so wonderfully unpredictable! The Internal Hero Universe is now 70+ characters strong. It has been an absolute pleasure to take part in this challenge! I hope you enjoy my work. Congrats , shout outs, and kudos to all the creative participants of the challenge this year!

A very special thanks to God, my family, and my family on Twitter for all of their support, positive energy, and encouragement. I love you.

Best regards,


30 characters 2011 video

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My 30 characters can be seen in video form on YouTube

Don Urquhart 30 characters

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30 Characters in 30 Days

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30 Characters Follow-Up post

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DAY 8 DAY 9 DAY 10 DAY 11 DAY 12 DAY 13 DAY 14

DAY 15 DAY 16 DAY 17 DAY 18 DAY 19 DAY 20 DAY 21

DAY 22 DAY 23 DAY 24 DAY 25 DAY 26 DAY 27 DAY 28

DAY 29 DAY 30

They’re all in order, so all you have to do is click on the photos and you’ll be taken to the character page!

This challenge was very taxing for me.  However, it was very fun at the same time, and I’m really glad that I participated in this

David Bednarski’s 30 Character Round-Up!

| December 1, 2011 | 5 Comments

Here are the 30 characters I managed to create for this wonderful challenge!

If you view them in order and read their text you find a chronological story of a new universe created specifically for this challenge!

I am not through with these characters.  They are all pencil drawings begging for inks and colors, so stay tuned to my deviantART page or my blogspot page for more complete images.  If all goes well there might even be an art/story book with additional images and characters not included in this challenge but are mentioned in the text story!


This was a terrific challenge and I look forward to participating again next year!

No Thumbnails, but …

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Couldn’t figure out how to quickly make the thumbnails and didn’t really have time.  However, here is a montage of the total images that I created for the month of November.  These characters are a good start to my planned graphic novel.

Here is a trailer to my graphic novel that features the characters from November’s challenge.

Trailer 1

You can also see the trailer on my blog.

Robert McKeone – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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Bob the Bowling PinBraaainsChiangBlarglflarpTigraaxKilljoy

TiffanyWatchersIvan SchlingsteinTrixy, the Clown ProstitutePlushoThaddeus I. Turtle, Sr.

NightmareSalvador the SnailP-Fin, the Rapping PenguinLoch THIS!JerryChloallb

The Censor01Steve the Coal ElfNot-Sure-Of-Himself-ManFluffyFlaming Turkey

No. 2 and Pearl, the Pink WonderiKillDeforesterArmahGloomy, the Skully ChildThe Tired Artist... (Semi-Autobiographical)

Thanks for the challenge!  Was stoked that I was able to complete it.  Looking forward to next years!



Trey Jackson: 30 Characters, All In Together Now

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Did it! Here are all 30 Characters in one place. This challenge was kinda big for me, it was at exactly the right point to work on things I’ve struggled with in the past. I made something every day, and I shared it with the public, and the result was always satisfying, even when things didn’t come out like I wanted. I also learned a lot about how I work, what methods work better than others, and what aspects I need to build on. There was definitely a sense of “OK, I’m not trippin, I can really do this kind of stuff.” Positivity to build on for future endeavors, no doubt.

I had a couple parameters I tried to hold to: I had to finish something in color, and I had to write enough to give the character a premise, so that when I went back, there’d be enough to start plotting a story from. I couldn’t use characters from any old ideas, almost all of them came from a text file full of names that I hadn’t used. I think a couple of them had a one-line description (Days 5 and 6), but that was it. One character (Day 1) was a name from a random generator and another was a suggestion from my wife (Cutey Scorpio). But the stories and designs were all built from scratch over the month, mostly day by day. And I managed to do it. Very encouraging! The support from other creators on this site was great as well. Looking forward to next year.

Now, to get crackin’ on some stories…

tomorrow detectiveblazing arrowmr spkrimmoletteezekiel

the wheellord sapiensmart brothersdavid wise IS the hard manretaliation suit

(the infinite) tess himmelthe hoodie mobdoppelgängstercutey scorpiothe altercationist

barefoot bastardgunsmoke jonesescher catboss gravityisrafel & lucasta

king sexytimehugo's house of havocwitch-onefamous rayletitia lock

general ghostscissor sistersmoses fivemehmet and emmettdon dada, the dream merchant


J. James Final Characters

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What a busy month, I don’t remember sleep.  Thanks for all your support who kept me motivated on this project, and those who volunteered to be a part of it. Take care of yourselves, and I’ll see you next November! J. James

Natalie Metzger – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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Nathan Seabolt-My 2011 Characters Overview

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Here are the characters I created for the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge 2011.

Click the images to view the posts.


















They’re definitely not all gems, but it was tons of fun to do this challenge. I’ll be back next year!

Educatexan’s Other Land

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#31 BONUS! – Z

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Z is a mysterious young woman who uses agility, a tenacious attitude and some massive firepower to combat the forces of darkness. Sort of like Kolchak the Night Stalker or Supernatural, if those shows featured a borderline insane girl who seems to have escaped from a manga into the quasi-real world.

Coming in a comic series in 2012!



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This is a character for a book I’m working on with writer/creative partner Bill Woodcock, Jr called  BLACK MASKS. Doc Sirius is a re-visioning of public domain superhero, Power Nelson. In the dieselpunk-meets-superhero world of BLACK MASKS- Dr. Gene Nelson West; A science-wizard-criminal of the year 1986 from an alternate universe, escapes to our Earth  in an Interdimensional starship. Dr. West’s crimes- stealing and selling weapon and other high technology to international criminal “Emperor” Seng, Warlord of NYC. West always wanted power. Seng was more than willing to trade money and the benefits of his nefarious network to get whatever technology West could successfully steal, copy or make himself to aid Seng’s goals for global dominance. In the end, the allied Earth forces deposed Seng. In the last moments of his boss’s standoff, West betrayed Seng to the invading allies- buying him time to launch himself off-planet in an experimental spacecraft containing the contents of his laboratory as well as  precious metals/gems. Dr. West, predicting the demise of his despotic employer,  had been studying an alternate universe as a getaway- surmising that an alternate Earth, back in time enough, would give him an technological advantage that would make him powerful and rich beyond his dreams. Finding a universe whose Earth was 60 years younger than his own, West used a quantum-time-space drive to escape to our unsuspecting Earth. The drive was experimental and malfunctions- West arrives on June 30, 1908. He appears over the North Pole colliding with a massive electromagnetic force emitted by Nikola Tesla‘s Wardenclyffe Tower– during a secret testing of his infamous “Death Ray”. Crashing in Tunguska, Russia, West’s ship drives itself underground and causes the most mysterious explosion in Earth’s history. Eventually rescued by a team including Tesla, Admiral Byrd and expert pilot David Nelson I. Various others vie for the wrecked craft- a motley crew of disparate villains and mysterious agents- but to no avail.

West manipulates everyone around him easily. He weaves a tale of being the sole survivor of the planet Sirius-Prime; a planet of science-wizardry destroyed by the evil despot Emperor Seng. West claims to be the sole survivor- losing his family and friends- forever mourning his lost home. Operating at first in secret, West begins to amass a technological/financial empire with David Nelson and makes allies in other technocrats like Howard Hughes. As a result, he accelerates the technology of his new home- in very limited amounts, but it comes with a cost. Science villains appear, threatening the world, but ultimately, threatening West’s power. So Dr. West decides to become a science hero taking on the mantle of his heroic ruse- DOC SIRIUS, Man of the FUTURE!






G. Brett Williams #s 29 & 30 – The Starr of David and Star Boy

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Jason Michael Starr was an elite commando in the Israeli armed forces.  A decorated soldier and die-hard supporter of the State of Israel, he was the perfect choice for the Star Program.  When the government approached him about participating in Israel’s super-soldier program, he was very eager to volunteer.  The program was a success, turning Jason Michael Starr into the superhero commando, The Star of David.    Despite their attempts to keep his missions secret, the existence of the Star was difficult to hide.  Eventually his presence become known to the international public and it caused a major uproar.  It was discovered that the American government had shared it’s research and technology with the Israelis, allowing them the knowledge necessary to create the only truly successful super soldier in the world other than American Ace.  It was seen as a direct move by the Americans to have a superhero presence in the Middle East.  In an attempt to lessen the political impact of his discovery, the Israeli government enacted a huge campaign in the press to paint the Star of David as family-friendly and non-threatening.  He was seen hanging out with the public, bringing food to Palestinian refugees in the disputed Gaza strip, attending hospital openings and charity functions.  He went from being a wetwork specialist to a national publicity stunt.  Joseph Stein comes in because it was determined that the Star needed a young sidekick to make him seem even less threatening.

Joseph Stein was seventeen and already finished with high school.  He was, quite simply, a genius.  Everything seemed to come natural to him.  He was considered the smartest young person in all of Israel and for that reason he was handpicked to be the Star’s sidekick.  The government put him through advanced training in tactics, combat, science, leadership, etc.  Once he was ready, he and the Star were dispatched to deal with super-powered threats to the country.  They even joined an international team of superheroes, including the Sultan, a super-powered hero from Iran.  The Star stopped doing black ops work and focused instead on fighting costumed villains and monster threats.  When Israel was attacked by the superpowered half German, half Japanese white supremacist, the Kami-Nazi, The Star of David and his sidekick, Star Boy, were dispatched to deal with him.  The Kami-Nazi managed to get the better of the Star, killing him a suicide attack that took his own life as well.  Considering how much trouble the program had caused them, the Israelis decided to do away with the Star Program completely.  They essentially hung Joseph Stein out to dry.  That was fine with him.  At that point he’d already seen enough death and corruption in the deepest recesses of his government that he had no intention of trying to follow in his mentor’s stead.  Joseph moved to the United States and managed to get a job as a visiting professor at a prestigious East Coast college.  He was a very liberal, very vocal crusader against the increased involvement of superheroes in various world militaries.  He spent his nights moonlighting as the vigilante Jewjitsu.  When his secret identity was revealed, the university asked him kindly to pack his things and go.  Shamed in the educational community and lost on the usefulness of an overpriced education, he decided to take a job teaching superhero ethics and political science at the newly opened institute.  He’s a tough professor, a very vocal politico and he takes his job very seriously.

Day#30-Francesca the Fat Lady

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She’s singing. It’s has been great.