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#28 – Conceal

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28 - Conceal

A spirit far older than the flood that so recently devastated the city, this ghost is an amalgam of souls that died as a result of the train that once traveled across the now-defunct trestle. Long since past its prime and in disrepair, the old stories about a man eating monster that would lure unsuspecting children to the train trestle to die have largely faded into irrelevancy. Now without a purpose or even a memory, the spirit fades as children stomp on the remains of its grave.

#11 Amaya Maruyama

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#11 Amaya Maruyama

Amaya has gone through a great deal of phases in her life, but there was always a toughness to her; a violent constant throughout. In school she was a bit of a bully. A little down the road, she was what some might call a delinquent. From there, she got into the riot grrl scene in Tokyo. Wild nights on the town eventually had her crossing paths with the Yakuza. Through them, she was introduced to the world of underground fighting. And it was through underground fighting where she was introduced to Kyokushin Karate.

That was 18 years ago, & so far, it’s been the one thing to hold her interest the longest. Nowadays, she spends her time in seclusion, in an abandoned temple in the Aokigahara, far from the wild nights of Tokyo, meditating & honing her technique. She tried to rid herself of all other distractions in order to focus. Rarely even emerging for food & supplies, she strives to be the deadliest fighter on Earth.

No thought was put into the name, it’s generic & Japanese & I liked it because it’s close to being a palindrome. And I think with this one, though I’m being generous by going drama & manga, I’ve completed the cycle of all the different categories I think. So that’s at least one goal. I’m probably not posting anything else after this before the end tomorrow, but be sure to keep following as I go for 52 characters for the year on my tumblr. Thanks to everyone. Good luck other participants.

Day 27: Cole

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JFKDay27_13Contrary to be contrary… he’s always right and if your finger isn’t on the same pulse as his is? He’ll sure let you know your ideas are dumb.


Day 25: Hallie

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Day 24: Annie

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Day 23: Bethany

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2013 Challenge: Day 29:- Randy the Rock Raven

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Randy Rocks


Randy is a big music fan.

024 – Stuart Meyers

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An American student who ended up studying abroad in England.  He was hired by David to take care of his three children.

023 – David Clarke

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The father of the three Clarke children, he supports them by continuing to work at his law firm.  He lost their mother a number of years ago and still struggles and mourns.

#26 – Thea

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Thea works as a waitress at greasy-spoon diner down the Interstate that caters primarily to truckers.  Try the meat scramble!

Day 21: Jayney

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Day 20 – Long wu shi

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day 20 - Lung  Wu shi FINAL

The Dragon Warrior.

#28 Dominique

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#27 – Trestle

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27 - Trestle

In any boring town where there’s nothing to do after the lights go out, teenagers will find some old, dilapidated structure to gather around. In the remains of the old city, kids climb up onto the train trestle that collapsed during the flood. Built in the 18th century, the city didn’t bother rebuilding it, and now it stands as a kind of monument to the forgotten half of the population.

#27 Samurai Jake

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Day 24: Smiddy

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Smiddy is an unfriendly sheep farmer. He gets his nickname Smiddy because it rhymes with something that sounds like Diddy.

Day 23: High Pockets

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Working out some ideas for a Western comic that I’m doing. This guy is tall, thin and has the nickname High Pockets. Long legs = high pockets. The most fun part of this project is coming up with the names.

#26 Bathroom HazMat Incident

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#25 The Eleventh

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022 – Jessica Ann Clarke

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The youngest child, she’s a menace.  Jessica is also very smart and uses it to her advantage.. which tends to lead into fights.  Her middle name is her mother’s first name.

021 – Patrick William Clarke

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The middle child.  He tends to go into his own world and also writes it down.  A bit timid and awkward, but a very good young man.  He’s a freshman in high school.

020 – Lily Olivia Clarke

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The Eldest of three, her personality is similar to the classic character Pepper Ann.  She loves playing baseball and is a junior in high school.

Day 26: Mayor Mais-Non

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#26 – Revenant

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26 - Revenant

The term “revenant” is actually a fairly generic term for any shambling corpse that reanimates itself after death. Stories of the walking dead — and there are many — are the genesis of creature people in later years have come to know as vampires. Though the modern age may have granted it an air of power, at heart the vampire is just another rotting corpse that wants to eat people.

Day 19 – Gar Gnash, War Badger

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day19 - Gar Gnash War BadgerGar Gnash, a warrior of the Truffle clan, does his best to uphold the honor of his tribe. Inspired somewhat by Gimli the dwarf from the Lord of the Rings.

#21 King Triglos

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To be a good ruler, you have to be able to do some things yourself. King Triglos, is trying to prove a point, but this walnut is proving to be his undoing. His trusted power drill arm should do the trick… sometimes you just need a nut.

Fred 22: Michael Nedson

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Michael is an escaped prisoner with a sword.

Escape the prison! Explore a vast open world! Uncover Michael’s misterious past! None of those will ever happen!

#25 – Vlad

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25 - Vlad

A child of privilege from the city’s outer suburbs, “Vlad” is a kid deep, deep into his vampire phase. Because vampires are powerful and sexy, and above petty mortal concerns like senior thesis and prom. When he’s a vampire, nobody gets to call him Albert, which is an old, stupid name. As a vampire, he’s not stuck in a dead town or ostracized by the few people his own age.

#24 – Mr. Fletching

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24 - Mr Fletching

A professional janitor and amateur physics enthusiast, Mr. Fletching spends all of his spare time fiddling with radios and electrical equipment. He’s a massive scatterbrain, with a head full of random bits of math and physics that he only half understands. Most of the equipment that fills his small apartment in the city is junk recovered from dumpster dives, or purchased from thrift stores, but he believes firmly that he’s discovered scientific proof for everything from telekinesis to Atlantean power stone technology. Of course, thanks to his free form take on the scientific method, none of this is really repeatable, let alone verifiable. He’s become rather more eccentric since the flood, since the increased incidence of paranormal phenomena gives Mr. Fletching what he really wants; a reason not to be a janitor anymore.

Day 18 – TARGET

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#23 – Sid Browne

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23 - Sid Browne

When mass reports of ghosts started coming in after the flood, the city was subject to a deluge of self-proclaimed psychics. Some were simply convinced they had a gift, while others had more sinister intentions.

There’s a certain kind of person that sees a tragedy and thinks, “What can I get out of this?” Sid Browne is exactly that kind of person. He feels the world owes him something, and whatever material gain he can get out of the people around him is entirely justified, because he’s smarter than they are. So he has no compunction about telling people about all of the (fictional) cases he’s helped the police on, or the (non-existent) messages the families of the dead are sending them from their eternal resting place.