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lezard boy

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Day 19 – Hikari 5.4

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A self-aware, self-upgrading AI created through the digitalisation of the human soul. Named by her creator because she is a being comprised entirely of light- she has no physical body.
Hikari has witnessed the rise and fall of many universes, and even if she is destroyed she will manifest in another once technology allows it. Although she tries to be upbeat, the fact that all the friends she ever makes are doomed to die saddens her greatly. She created Frequency, but he starts to disagree with her ideals and plans.

The Rage Thrower

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Day19-The Rage Thrower-01

Day 14 – Digi-Man

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Day 17 – Frequency

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an AI created by another AI (will get around to designing her as well) to be her friend. However, Frequency disagreed with her and went into hiding when she threatened to delete him. Although he is rarely seen, he does a lot of work behind the scenes of the ARG to ensure that things don’t go the way his creator wants them to.



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BBB (Brown Bear Bot)

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Day18-Brown Bear Bot-01

Round Panda

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Day17-Round Panda-01

017 – Demon Brothers Henry and Roland

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Technically, they’re half-human, half-demon.  They’re one year apart, Henry being the oldest.  Wanted to show both their full demon form and partial one.  Both of them also have a pair of wings and Henry’s the only one with the bottom pair of fangs.  They’re proper young men, or at least their parents hopes so, though Roland tends to slack on schoolwork.  They have been advocated by the angel Serenitatem.

Day 17 – Omoikane 4.0

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Based on my PC, Omoikane is the master of ceremonies and head honcho of the pro gaming league. Very little is known about her and she doesn’t talk with anyone directly. However, everyone respects her authority and she is generally quite popular.

The Yellow Fellow

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Day16-The Yellow Fellow-01

The Night Justice

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Day15-The Night Justice-01

Day #11 – Bug Boy

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Day #10 – Dark Assassin

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Day 16 – Nova

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A programmer who usually as an apathetic disposition towards everything. Incredibly smart and makes the smartphone apps used in the ARG for players. He’s always tinkering away on new things, either by his own design or based on designs given to him by the game master, with whom he is one of the few to be in contact with.

Day 14 – Colin Skye

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A soft-spoken university student who loves nothing more than to get lost in a good book. He, like Drew is a first-time participant in the ARG but despite being completely out of his comfort zone, he still manages to hold his own.


Day 13 – Clay Esmer

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Another player in the same ARG Drew and Jesse play in (see: the previous two days), Clay is the reigning champion, having finished in first place the previous two times he’s played. Both times, he’s done so completely by himself without alliances with other players, which means that teams are often trying to recruit him for one reason or another.
Clay is all about speed- when he’s not dashing around on custom-built skates or working on his motorbike, he’s honing his skills as a parkour traceur. These skills are a contributing factor in why he’s done as well as he has. He’s a nice enough guy, but working well with others does not come easily to him.


#3 Illusionist Hare

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2013-11 30charas 03 mini

A creature with no body, she exists only on the screens of electronic devices.  Always lonely when her pranks go too far.

Blue Footed Booby

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Day14-Blue Footed Booby-01

Day 12 – Jesse Lindell

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A laid-back guy in his early 20’s who is trying to get picked up by a record label for his particular style of electronic music. Frequently participates in a weekend-long ARG and although he has never won the game, he as frequently placed in the top ten. He went to high school with Drew, and beneath his cool-looking exterior lies the heart of a true goober.
In his spare time, he practises martial arts, his favourite being Capoiera.

Day 7: Chany (pronounced “Shawnee”)

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If the horn doesn’t give it away, Chany is a unicorn. Yes, it is cliche, but I loved “The Last Unicorn” so much when I was a child I just had to go there.

Even in Lazare, unicorns are rare, as it takes them around a hundred years to mature sexually. Chany is only about seventy, so she has yet to produce a foal, but she and her mother make a tidy living by providing shavings from each other’s horns. Unicorn horn shavings are used in many things that faeries make, which tend to be potions/elixers/salves/powders so they are relatively valuable. Unicorns are also highly requested in their human forms as performers. They do not sing, it is most similar to the resonance that one feels from a chackra chime after it’s been struck. They are also the only creature in Lazare that is never requested in a brothel setting because they are so revered as a species, and thus there has never been a mixed breed as far as unicorns go.

#2 Regina

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2013-11 30charas 02a mini

a witch who grants wishes in exchange for cherished memories

Day #9 Eye of the Queen

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Day #7 Alien Warrior Princess

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#1 Marlowe

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2013-11 30charas 01a mini

wandering street performer with no sense of direction
in search of the troupe he was separated from

Day 9 – Cedric

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Works with Silver as the CEO’s personal chauffeur. She has a horrible temper and very little tolerance for people in general. Doesn’t talk too much, especially not about herself. She comes in, does her work, and gets paid. This is probably to stop people from asking questions about why she has a male name, which no-one to this day has found out.
She is also a fashionista, in her spare time she makes her own clothing, most of which is eccentric to say the least. She is never seen in the same outfit twice.

Based on an iPhone 5S owned by one of my workmates XD

Day 5 and 6: Duffy and Zach

| November 11, 2013 | 2 Comments


Yes, I did skip day 4. I’m still working on him… never done a full-on shapeshifter before, so it’s taking a lot more references and time than I thought.
In that same vein, these two are actually my first attempt at anthropomorphic characters. Hopefully they aren’t too terrible anatomy-wise, and if they are I apologize to those who are bothered by that.
Duffy and Zach are fraternal twins. I referenced sand cats for Duffy and black pumas/panthers for Zach. Duffy is playful, but her brother is just as mischevious as he is playful so Duffy has to smooth over quite a few spots of trouble that Zach gets himself or them both into. They work for Damien and service some clients together and others separately, depending on the client’s preferences.

Day 3: Claire

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Claire is the main, and essentially only fully human, character in this world I’m constructing (Lazare). She is going to be the focus of the story when I am able to place it into webcomic form. She was once a major believer in the mythological creatures that might have once roamed the Earth, but gave it up after years of her step-father continuously insisting that they weren’t real every time she would talk about or draw them. Lazare would have been her paradise just five years before, but now that she is a college sophomore the only thing on her mind after finding herself in the secret home of myths is getting home.

Day 2: Damien

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Damien is the owner and operator of a high-class Lazare brothel. (Yes, I went there. :P) He is a blood-sucking ladykiller with a grin as chilly as Hannibal’s. He secretly wages an internal war of either keeping the Gift of Lazare (the main character that I will introduce in the next post) to himself or helping her escape back into her part of Earth. I’ve been sketching him for quite a while, but hadn’t really exposed him to the public until I settled on a decent look. What better time to introduce him to the world than during this challenge?

Day 8 – Silver

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day8Yay! Slowly but surely catching up 🙂

A former pro gamer, Silver now works as assistant to the CEO of one of the largest mega-corporations in the world. He prizes himself on being efficient, even to the point where he surprises his boss.
Has been known to participate in the occasional exhibition match, although no-one has any idea on how he’d find the time to practise alongside his job. Some suspect his body has been surgically modified in such a way that he no longer needs to sleep, others believe that he is in fact a state-of-the-art android.

Based on my Macbook Pro


Day 6-7 – Tamara and Indigo

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Tamara and Indigo, two sisters who are big fans of the pro gaming team ‘fourhearts’. Their parents fight a lot, so Tamara likes taking Indigo to matches instead of staying home and hearing the yelling. They’ll often sneak out of the house late at night to see games played. They both speak two languages, and often talk to each other in a ‘code’ that is really just a mixture of the two.

Based on my Tamagotchi iD-L and iD-LE