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2013 Challenge: Day 13- :BRIK

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BRIK is sort of an urban Golem, formed from the decaying tenements of the inner city. An embodiment of the hopes, dreams and fears of those who lived there.

Day 12: Alphanatic

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Subcutaneous LED lights embedded in his chest allow him to display any letter of the alphabet and help chest-painting fans at sporting events complete any word.


Day #7 Alien Warrior Princess

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mr. Q

#11 Captain Action

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Captain Action is the ultimate super soldier on land and in space, but his only flaw is his inability to swim. The floaties keep Captain Action afloat when it is necessary for him to traverse a body of water, but he definitely does not enjoy it. His light bulb gun shines the danger away and pretty much saves the day for everyone.

#10, 11 & 12 – The Taskers

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Based on the group of underground vigilantes established in the past, the Taskers are a group of three who basically take up the grunt work for any vigilante task.  Flying through the  sky? They can do it.  Rigging a false car accident?  Already on it.  putting someone’s house atop a building?  Somehow, they’ll get it done.

Threetaskmeeeenpeeps copy

Nos. 07 and 08: Kid Afterlife and New/Man/Derthal

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IMG_002 IMG_002

#11 Cirque

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Not exactly fond of this one but it is 2am and I am tired. Vigilante circus performer who trains the elephants to do more than average circus tricks. Cirque

Day 11: Fish Head

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Advocator – Day 6

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A fighter for justice and fairness in a world where neither seem to matter any longer.




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me&Dad 1


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#11 Captain Brite of the Rainbow Corps

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Day-11-Captain Brite


In the far future, in space a advanced civilization are finally getting some of our TV signals while planning their own intergalatic peace force. They use our signals as inspiration for their new corps.

Shame they recieved kids TV….

Nos. 05 and 06: Penny Dreadnought and The Unhappy Man

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IMG_002 IMG_002

Two more entries in the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve decided to make all of these characters available for use via Creative Common, if there’s a Penny Dreadnought story you’re just dying to tell…

Creative Commons License

30 Characters Universe by Calamity Jon Morris is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

#10 – The Lost Prototype “Killer” Robot

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Originally designed to be a part of the ultimate in killer robots, this robot was eventually scrapped once they found better technology to create a better one.  Years later, she was reactivated once she found out her “little” sister was causing the chaos she was intended to cause, and must now pursue her sister, not to prove that she can be a better killer robot, but to get revenge on her creators, and fight towards an age where humans and robots don’t have to fight each other.  She might have to get herself fixed up first, though.

#10.) Fat Bird Man

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Fat Bird Man… his superpower is a disarming sense of puffy fat bird cuteness.

Day 10 Charlie Tuck

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#6 Boom-a-Rang

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Day 6Australia’s own masked marauder, Boom-a-Rang!


(In retrospect I would have liked to take a more aboriginal approach to his design, beautiful radiating dot patterns, etc.)

Day 10: Tungsten Terror

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monseur piranna

#9 – Hops the Bio-Cat Woman

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A 19-year-old woman who was transformed into a literal cat woman by a series of experiments, Hops wanders the streets looking for a cure to her “curse”.

Day 9: General Motion

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2013 Challenge: Day 9:- Big Bad Baby

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Big Bad Baby



Well, “Bad” and “Baby”, at least. Two out of three ain’t bad!

(Just don’t tell him I said that, okay?)

#5 Sarah Shannon – keeper of the Sledge

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The Sledge is an ancient alien weapon that harnesses the power of a minature black hole and Sarah comes from a long line of Sledge keepers, her Father before her, his Mother before him.  Used by Sarah’s grandmother to defend Earth from an invasion of aliens it has served as more of a symbol for peace and harmony amongst the people of Earth than a practical weapon.

Sarah stands by ready to defend the Earth at all costs.

Day 8: Kick Starter

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flying superhero prototype

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#9 Salty Fire Captain

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Day 7- Mysterious Prophet

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I did this in honor of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday. I decided to do a character retooled from the Bible and chose the prophet Elijah as the base. This mysterious prophet has some control of Fire and Water, he can communicate with animals and he can run incredibly fast. Despite all these abilities, he doesn’t spend much time fighting crime, but rather visiting the sick and invalid, feeding the needy and publicly exposing false preachers, mediums, and occultists.

#5 Alanza Pacheco

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Day 5
When Alanza Pacheco was going through her recently deceased mothers dresser,  she came across a jewelry box unlike anything she remembered her mother owning hidden in the back of a drawer.  She tried to open it but the box wouldn’t budge, until she ran her finger over a small disc of metal and the box clicked open to her surprise.  Inside she found a white bracelet wrapped in an opalescent gossamer fabric, she removed the bracelet from it’s delicate surroundings and pondered over it.  Then she noticed on the side of the bracelet another small metal disc similar to the one on the box and after a moment of hesitation she  grazed her finger against it.  With a pop the bracelet snapped open and onto her wrist locking firmly in place.  A feeling of static electricity filled her body, spreading from her stomach to the tips of her fingers, it wasnt until a second later that she noticed her feet were lifted a few centimeters off the ground.

With a gasp her concentration was broken and she fell back onto the pads of her feet.  The odd electric sensation was gone.  Why hadn’t her mother shared this with her before? Maybe with a little practice and determination Alanza can figure out the eccentricities of this odd power bracelet, and maybe with a little digging she can find out just why her mom owned it in the first place.


#10 – Dorris Ramsley

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Not necessarily what you’d usually expect in a murderous psychopath for hire, Dorris Ramsley, a pensioner from Ipswich is deemed one of the highest threat assassins on the planet.  This is largely due to the particularly effective combination of powers she was born with – her eyes are devastating weapons, they combine high power laser bolts with x-ray and telescopic vision meaning that she can be miles away with buildings, walls and other things blocking her line of sight (and those who would defend her target) and still take out someone in a single shot.  Fortunately, for the world, her former builder son acts as her manager and is not particularly good at setting up meetings with the kind of people who want people killed.  Generally, they have to track her down themselves if they want her services, and get her to a location through border-control and so on, which isn’t an appeallign prospect for those who wish to keep their dark dealings off the books.


#3 el luchador más feliz

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el luchador más feliz

El luchador más feliz (the happiest wrestler) is the only man to have fought Death and bested him. Known throughout the land as the most joyful of all of the Luchadors  when Más feliz encountered Death in his little home village he demanded that Death leave his family and friends alone.  Death challenged him to several competitions before finally succumbing before Más feliz in a battle of endurance which Más feliz of course faced with good nature and a smile.

Claiming Death’s belt and scythe as his trophies he ordered Death to resume his duties without the overzealous approach that he had been acting with.

PS I’m really loving this challenge…


Too Short to be a Stormtrooper