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Day 25: O-Nose

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Day 18: Mister Tea

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JFKDay18_13Mister Tea does have pity for a proper fool… especially when one is termed a “suckah” (oh and telekinetic power over tea based items… fool!)


Day 25: Raggok Mansplitter

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RaggokThe final Killosseum entry, a remix on last years Blisterbelch (who also got further treatment here). Below, you can see the fighters and the Killosseum itself, 3D printed in all its glory!


2013 Challenge: Day 25:- Dastard Lee, Space Shark

| November 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Dastard Lee, Space Shark



In space, no one can hear you scheme.

#11 Alethea & #12 Caparina

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2013-11 30charas 07a mini


A ballet sheep puppet and her player.

2013 Challenge: Day 24:- Straygun

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An alien gunslinger with a funny name, par for the course with me.

#22 – A Goddess named Revlis

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Thousands of years ago, many gods gathered together to discuss various things that they had to.  One of them, Revlis (Silver backwards), got a little too lazy and then when the other gods noticed, they decided to banish her to a far away island on Earth.


She was then discovered in the 21st Century by a group of curious adventurers.  Upon freeing her from her curse, she mistook them for the gods that banished her and accidentally killed them in a blind rage.


She has no memory of her past, she only remembers her powers and that she’s a goddess from an ancient civilization.  It is unknown whether or not the other gods were justified in banishing her, or if they were just being complete jerks and were too concerned with their meetings.


In her time, she was supposed to be watching over would-be inventors and innovators, and she has the ability to summon any item or weapon that exists in whatever timeline she inhabits.  Being the 21st Century, this means she can summon any firearm or sword and use it whenever she wants.  There are limits to her powers, however.  If she uses them too much, she will lose consciousness and will have to wait up to two or three days to use them again.

#9 Suma & #10 Attel

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2013-11 30charas 06a mini

Bounty hunters from a strange world.

2013 Challenge: Day 23:- Greyjaw

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Greyjaw is your typical spawn of the Pit, and a great salesman to boot! Small home appliances, mostly.

2013 Challenge: Day 22:- El Peleardor Verde

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El Peleardor Verde



El Peleardor Verde (or the Green Grappler, from my woefully inadequate Spanish), is a gentle giant in the All-Class Wrestling division. His record is 19-0, all but one by submission. In that match, his opponent forfeited before he could make it to the ring.


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So mad….those lines didn’t pop up til I hit save and then it was too late. ….otherwise this creature is sort of an evolutionized idea of a bird…losing it’s need for wings developing (well de-evolving?) into more like a dinosaur counterpart. Living in the mountainous area of it’s planet (yeah decided it was to be extra-terrestrial ) it is now sentient. 125978-v1

#20 – Experimental Floating Robot Head

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Someone was having a little too much fun and decided to create one of his own floating robot heads.  He decided to make it look as if it had a beard.

#19 – Otto the Crazy Assassin

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Otto was once a star player in a football team, until he suffered an extreme injury.  He was then taken by a mad science who offered to heal his wounds.  But it backfired, and caused him to go insane.  Now an assassin, he wanders the world looking for easy targets instead of looking for a challenge, or to try to restore his lost glory.

#19 Beast

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#20 Bamtou

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Part Baboon, part crane and all party animal, Bamtou enjoys grooving it up. Unfortunately, she loves showing off those sweet moves where everything is flammable. The magic of the dance groove welling to come out also produces the flaming hairdo and fiery tail that Bamtou sports. She’s still young and the fire control still needs work, but once she’s matured a bit more she’ll be able to manage a better flaming hair and tail style that says classy with a little bit of spunk. She can’t help it if something catches on fire once in awhile…

2013 Challenge: Day 20:- Greeper

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A goblin with a very low center of gravity. Watch your ankles!

#18 – Puffligeon

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It’s a Puffligeon… what?  You don’t have those here?

#18 – A Guy in a Bath Robe

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This dude must have a lot of nerve running around wearing a bath robe.  The world must be laughing at him.

# 18 Red wasp warrior

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The Night Justice

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Day15-The Night Justice-01

Day 17: Hypnohound

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Day 16: Trained Bear

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I came up with “Kapow Bears” with my carpool group when I went back for my masters degree what seems like yesterday but it’s actually been quite a few years ago now… oddly I haven’t given it much thought although they became characters in my first attempt at webcomics but it wasn’t till today (when trying to figure out a character) that I thought… huh… I suppose there were multiple “Kapow Bears” and rather than symbols of caring or compassion they all probably had symbols of ACTION! Like a Steam Train! Hence the very punny “Trained Bear!” shout out to the Blair 2 Car Pool! Just like being in a cloud car headed back to Care-a-lot!

#14 – ST-4PH

| November 17, 2013 | 2 Comments


In the Phaelanyx galaxy… it was discovered that the brain is the most important part of the body… and that bodies are in fact a distraction.  At birth, a small scientifically selected group is set aside to produce future generations of the species.  After they’ve served for reproduction reasons (or are deemed not to be breeders) the head is removed from the body and plugged into the codex… where the brain is programmed, and cultivated.  But every now and then, an anomaly arises…  This anomaly is named ST-4PH.

#16 – A Mysterious Wrestler

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Face or Heel?  This guy is in it for the thrills, either way.

#15 – The Denim Rebel Ghost

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In a far away city ruled by an evil leader, a young man wearing denim decided it was time to take the city back.  Putting together a resistance group, he decided to fight the leader and his henchmen.  The attempt was a failure, and he was killed.  Now his ghost haunts this city to annoy his killers, and to warn all who visit the city of the dangers that lie ahead.

2013 Challenge: Day 16:- Mavis

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There’s just something about Mavis.

#15.) Mask Face

| November 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

30characters15 Mask Face is a mysterious creature with an incredible sense of balance and dexterity. It usually doesn’t interact or attack anyone, unless provoked. Unfortunately, what exactly it considers “provocation” is anyone’s guess.


#14 – The Death Marine

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This mysterious woman sets out to wreak havoc on the world and kill as many who oppose her as possible.

2013 Challenge: Day 15:- Max Olotol

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Max Olotol



Despite living almost entirely underwater in a small stream, Max longs to be a lumberjack.

#13 – Bandit

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Why would the resurrected spirit of a wild west bank robber… with a skull for a head… need a mask?


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laugh riot