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#1 Detective Chris Finch

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Photo by Nathaniel Chadwick

In a world where Superheroes are the norm Detective Chris Finch heads up the S.P.C.D. (Super powered crime department.)

Married to his job Finch lives alone in his small apartment in the wrong part of Goldenbridge City. His dad had been a cop before the Hero event, and a damn good one. Thats what made Chris want to make detective so much, to impress him. However his dad didn’t live to see the day. Sister Sorrow murdered him during a bank heist. It was this tragic moment that prompted Chris’s determination to make it into the S.P.C.D and it is also the reason for his mistrust and distain for anyone with super powers, even his partner Holly Grant.

Finch is head strong and single minded in his pursuit to stop all misuse of super powers.

#1 – Starchild

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Said to be a baby born under a lucky star, this humanoid now travels across the universe at breakneck speeds, spreading stardust across any planets he happens to pass by. Those who come into contact with his particles are said to be blessed with good fortune for a year. To find this elusive creature is indeed no easy task, but absolutely worth it.

Character 1: Videoandy

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ANDY: Hellooooooo internet! It’s big bad club king daddy Videoandy bringing you the news of the now.

CUT TO: *The Videoandy andyVideo intro graphic*

SFX: *A clip of the Beatles singing “Oh yeah” from Glass Onion*

ANDY: Check this out, okay. Fact that will make you seem old of the day – it was one hundred years ago today that Sargent Pepper taught the band to play. That’s right, 100th anniversary of the release of that eternal album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles. That’s right, one hundred years of John, George, Ringo and John. Speaking of, guess what I got today, bitchesss??

*ANDY holds up his phone*

ANDY: Yeah that’s right – tickets to Ringo and the BeatClones!

SFX: *Flashing club lights, neodubstep remix*

ANDY: *Dancing* Awww yeah, boy, awwww yeah. Gonna get my dance on with DJ Ringoooooooo!

*CUT TO – Image search picture of a cow*

SFX: *Moo*

ANDY: Hey you know what else happened today? Yeah that’s right, Stepp Wattaaaaaa baby! Stepp hit’s the big five-oh today – not that you can tell, am I right? – can you believe it’s been fifty years since Ringo looked like this?

CUT TO: *Ringo Starr, circa 2011*

SFX: *Wilhelm scream*

ANDY: *Shudders* Ouch. DJ Ringo ain’t getting any ladies lookin’ like that. Sorry big pimpin! So Stepp’s got the biggest party of the year coming up this Fry-fry – a little birdie told me that The Rolling Stones’ll be there. The Rolling Stones. Man, you gotta say, Mick Jagger’s gotta be glad Jim Stepp found that shit. Guy’s gotta be, what, getting up to the one-five-oh? And he still can’t get no satisfaction?

CUT TO: *Picture of Mick Jagger at a 2034 Youth Regeneris Benefit*

SFX: *Wilhelm scream*

ANDY: Oh shit, my thirty seconds are up, so quick catch up on the rest of the world – someone’s fighting someone for some reason, fuck it. Stay classy, you beautiful bitches.


Videoandy, also known as Video Andy and Andrew Morwitz, is a vlogger in the year 2067. His video channel is the third highest rated streaming video channel in North America, after TMZ24-7 and CBS. Although he’s 65 years old, like many of his generation and social status he appears to be in his early 20s due to the Stepp Waters Co.-distributed water of the Fountain of Youth, which was discovered beneath a house in New Jersey circa 2009.

He is the most annoying, irritating person on the face of the earth – think Ruby Rhod in the era of YouTube.

#1 Riley Hayes

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#1 King Golem

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Name: King Golem
Species: Golem
Age/Sex/Race: 578/Male/N/A
Main Goal: To perfect the formulae of golem creation.
Occupation: Wizard/Master Craftsman
Motivation: Obsession with perfection.
Inner Need: Perfection in all things.
Flaw: Pedantic and worries too much. Overly critical of self and others.
Good/Bad Habits: Never cuts corners or takes the easy way, but is also critical of others to the point of rudeness.
Secret: The gem on his chest holds his soul, and if it is broken, he’ll die. This includes all details of his former life, and the fact that he had one.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: A wizard of legendary power and knowledge. Extremely skilled in the craft of golems.
Quirks: Polishes his metallic body excruciatingly and reacts with anger to anyone marring or dirtying it.
Attitude: Cold, gruff.
Dialogue Style: Terse, strictly logical, gramatically flawless.
Backstory/Description: King Golem was once a dwarven wizard who would occasionally craft golems for use in his clan’s mines. Although the golems he crafted were very productive, he could only see the flaws in them, and strove to improve each consecutive one. One day, however, tragedy struck when one of his golems went berserk due to a tiny flaw in its creation. It killed four miners before it could be destroyed, after which King Golem was cast out of his clan. So great was his shame that he swore he would never again speak his dwarven name and he would never make another mistake as long as he lived. He carved out a secluded laboratory deep in the earth and labored on perfecting his golems until he grew old. Still unsatisfied with his golems and running out of time, he boldly modified his golem animation formulae to bind his soul into one. He has since lived for centuries in this form and has expanded his laboratory into a vast system of subterranean mines staffed by his scores of golems.

Alright, here’s number one. This has been my internet handle for years, but I’ve never drawn him or presented him as a character, though I have thought of it.