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This is a character for a book I’m working on with writer/creative partner Bill Woodcock, Jr called  BLACK MASKS. Doc Sirius is a re-visioning of public domain superhero, Power Nelson. In the dieselpunk-meets-superhero world of BLACK MASKS- Dr. Gene Nelson West; A science-wizard-criminal of the year 1986 from an alternate universe, escapes to our Earth  in an Interdimensional starship. Dr. West’s crimes- stealing and selling weapon and other high technology to international criminal “Emperor” Seng, Warlord of NYC. West always wanted power. Seng was more than willing to trade money and the benefits of his nefarious network to get whatever technology West could successfully steal, copy or make himself to aid Seng’s goals for global dominance. In the end, the allied Earth forces deposed Seng. In the last moments of his boss’s standoff, West betrayed Seng to the invading allies- buying him time to launch himself off-planet in an experimental spacecraft containing the contents of his laboratory as well as  precious metals/gems. Dr. West, predicting the demise of his despotic employer,  had been studying an alternate universe as a getaway- surmising that an alternate Earth, back in time enough, would give him an technological advantage that would make him powerful and rich beyond his dreams. Finding a universe whose Earth was 60 years younger than his own, West used a quantum-time-space drive to escape to our unsuspecting Earth. The drive was experimental and malfunctions- West arrives on June 30, 1908. He appears over the North Pole colliding with a massive electromagnetic force emitted by Nikola Tesla‘s Wardenclyffe Tower– during a secret testing of his infamous “Death Ray”. Crashing in Tunguska, Russia, West’s ship drives itself underground and causes the most mysterious explosion in Earth’s history. Eventually rescued by a team including Tesla, Admiral Byrd and expert pilot David Nelson I. Various others vie for the wrecked craft- a motley crew of disparate villains and mysterious agents- but to no avail.

West manipulates everyone around him easily. He weaves a tale of being the sole survivor of the planet Sirius-Prime; a planet of science-wizardry destroyed by the evil despot Emperor Seng. West claims to be the sole survivor- losing his family and friends- forever mourning his lost home. Operating at first in secret, West begins to amass a technological/financial empire with David Nelson and makes allies in other technocrats like Howard Hughes. As a result, he accelerates the technology of his new home- in very limited amounts, but it comes with a cost. Science villains appear, threatening the world, but ultimately, threatening West’s power. So Dr. West decides to become a science hero taking on the mantle of his heroic ruse- DOC SIRIUS, Man of the FUTURE!






#21 – Timmy Phillips

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#20 – Myau

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#19 – Hired Muscle

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#18 – Arc

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#17 – Puli

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The rest of them

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So I guess I forfeit now, since I really can’t write all the characters down into fleshed out posts I feel satisfied with in time. But here are the ideas for the rest of the characters.
#20 A therapist for sexist guys
#21 An alien who gets every part of humanity except what the point of gender roles is since there are no sexes on their planet
#22 A woman willingly possessed by a muse scarf so she can have fame and fortune
#23 The muse scarf who’s the reincarnated ghost of an author that just wants to write books
#24 A curious naga boy
#25 A guy with the power to be friends with anyone he talks to
#26 A little girl that keeps trying reckless things because she thinks she has more than just invulnerability as a superpower
#27 A witch with powers of luck and weather, based off old cat superstitions
#28 A robot that treats bodily functions as a novelty
#29 The leader of a slightly-mutated society lving underground after a nuclear fallout
#30 A rich guy who was living in a space hotel before the nuclear apocalypse and goes down to gawk at the underground society

Next year I’ll have better time management skills, probably. Peace out y’all! It’s been fun.

#19 Natalie

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Okay so it is clear that I’m not going to be able to put all my characters in considering half of them are half baked. But here’s another, named Natalie.
She’s super nervous and insecure and dilly dallies and procrastinates all the time, except no one knows that. They think she’s a confident, super awesome, super intelligent person.
This is because she can stop time and she does so all the time so she can decide and make choices. She got this power by making a wish on her 10th birthday that miraculously got granted. Now she will stop after almost every spoken line and may debate what the best thing to say is for at least a half an hour. She doesn’t improve and become a person who can make good choices because she uses the power as a MAJOR crutch. People on the outside see her as the calm, collected, clever person she spends hours formulating.

#17 Miranda #18 James

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Miranda is a dragon. Yep. She’s been James’ dragon for a good thirty years. Usually you don’t bond so closely with a dragon because they’re specialized and you get a new one as you move up the ranks. They’re about as smart as crows and are treated as a cross between weapons and warhorses. There isn’t any permanent-magical-bond going on, but if you’re in the same rank for long enough then you do gain a strong friendship in a pet/master way.
Miranda’s a defense dragon, super bulky, super huge, super slow. She’s about 3 1/2 times the size of an elephant and has ankylosaurus-tough armor all over. She can’t fly but she can glide a bit and jump high with wing help. She’s a little rowdy and enjoys crushing people but she loves James and will listen to him when it’s super necessary. She works hard but kinda stopped caring about any human lives other than his. He has to hold her back from doing nasty things sometimes. James loves her but is also terrified that she might get angry he’s ordering her around so much and just kill him. He can never ever really forget how much power she has. She would never do that of course, he’s just kind of paranoid

Okay so James. He’s both the leader of the defensive forces in the war and the trainer for new recruits. He’s in his mid-40’s. He would actually rather…not be in the war, or at least not all up in the front lines.
He’d rather be tending to the wounded and being a nurse-person but that’s restricted to women (aka the witches). He tries to avoid getting hurt or causing hurt to anyone. He used to get in trouble for protecting his unit too well…as in not actually letting them get to the opposing forces (he was secretly trying to protect the opposers as well), and after that, pulling them away too quickly so they’d charge for like 2 seconds until he’d get afraid and tell them to leave. He managed to shape it into an excellent defense technique so that his forces would almost never get hurt and be able to wear down the other side. He’s, over time, become okay with the killing as long as HE’s not doing it, making him kind of hypocritical. He’s also a sort of feminist, less because he wants women to have more jobs and more because he wants to be able to have theirs (previously people’d thought only women could learn to do magic but even though this was proven false before the war, they’re too used to the status quo and really can’t afford to do a giant overhaul of the system cuz, yanno, WAR).

#16 Art

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Art was an American train conductor in the 1920’s. He did some shady things like sleep with people’s wives and smuggle alcohol (a lot of alcohol), but he was still kind, generous and charming. One day his train accidentally crashed and now he’s dead.
The angels running Heaven (while God deals with the rest of the world) deem him not quite good enough for a nice ‘retirement’ in heaven but not really corrupt enough for hell. They decide to put him in a menial labor job, namely transporting souls to and from heaven. There are other people like him with the same job, of course, so he specializes in the souls of anyone under 1 year of age. His train is now giant, invisible and infinitely long to accommodate every soul.
Art is pretty bummed out by the whole trip back to heaven, but he’s mostly just thankful that the away-train is less full than it was when he first started the job.

#14 Daphne #15 Serena

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Daphne is a wonderful dancer who has just ended her scholarship at a dance school and is now looking for work. Her teachers say she is skilled in most dance styles and is a very good potential choreographer as well. She finds a very small ad in the paper that seems promising, but when she shows up at the place, she’s somehow transported onto an alien mothership.
The aliens, sort of giant lumps of flesh and goo, deeply admire human culture and art. They tell her they have stolen her for her dancing talent and that she must dance for them every day. They have serums that prevent her from aging and she cannot escape. If she refuses to dance or if they get bored wth her, they will kill her. She is dismayed that she’ll be stuck forever until they murder her, but tries not to complain. This is partly because she sees no point and partly because she tries to tread carefully around the aliens.
The aliens give her an accompanyist (who they have also recently stolen) named Serena. Serena is as good a musician as Daphne is a dancer. The aliens supply her with pilfered instruments. Serena had a string of fame for a while. She was known as a child prodigy, playing instruments with ease at 7, but now that she’s an adult, people’s interest has petered out. She refused to attempt playing in an orchestra because she wants to be the center of attention. She was also desperate for work and also answered the ad. Serena is irritable and snappish, angry at the aliens for taking her away when she feels she could have become a star again. She passive agressively antagonizes them and complains loudly to Daphne behind their backs. She’s also irritated at being the dancer’s accompanist rather than playing solo. She tries to escape at any chance into the aliens’ escape pods even though Daphne tells her there’s no use.

Both Daphne and Serena are worshiped by the aliens as gods of a sort because they can do these things and the aliens can’t. Daphne feels uncomfortable about it and Serena is mostly disgusted.

Daphne and Serena constantly collaborate and try to come up with radical new material to keep the aliens appeased.

#16 – FR-045A

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To see FR-045A’s origin story please make with the clicks over to www.geekywhiteguy.com

30 Characters 2011 Raul Aguirre Jr.

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Below is a gallery containing all 30 of my  creations for the 30 Character Challenge.















#30 Dorko the Cartoonist

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30 Characters in 30 Days.


It’s been fun kiddos!


Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

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Katarina at 9 years old

#13 Lucas

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Lucas used to be a normal guy until some mysterious incident I haven’t worked out yet rendered him deaf, but also gave him mind-reading powers somehow. The mind-reading meant that he could still ‘hear’ what people were saying, but the whole shock, trauma and confusion thing led to him flunking the 8th grade (he was 13 when it happened). He’s cynical, shy and grumpy, partly because he thinks that the average person’s thoughts are generally awful, partly because he rather enjoyed being able-bodied, and partly because he gets pretty much no sleep since he can’t turn the power off so he hears people’s thoughts 24/7. He’s really self conscious since now he can tell exactly what people think of him. He also has frequent headaches that get more intense when he’s surrounded by strong emotion.

#12 Joshua

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Joshua is a hobo. He wasn’t always a hobo, once he had a wife and a job and a house and everything. He always wanted to move up in the world, rushing everywhere and being a major workaholic. He accidentally pissed off a disguised witch and she cursed him so that he would never be able to stop walking, ever. He is no longer able to take any form of transportation (except maybe a bike) because he will involuntarily get up and try to walk around. He only stops walking when his body’s too tired to go on or when he’s unconscious. Because he really can’t function in society anymore, his boss has fired him and his wife has divorced him out of frustration and despair. She takes the house too since, well, he really couldn’t do much with it.

After this soul crushing turn of events, Josh tries frantically to find the woman who’d done this to him (walking powers, go!). He finally finds her but it turns out that she’s died in the remaining period.

Angry and depressed, Josh aimlessly well, walks around. After a while he starts to notice (because you can only stew for so long) his surroundings and realizes they’re beautiful. All his years he’s been too busy and distracted to pay attention to such things, but now he’s got plenty of time.

Josh decides to explore the land he lives on. He goes sightseeing everywhere and gets known as the Wandering Hobo worldwide. He’s learned to live off the land but whenever he comes to a city people tend to just hand him food for his never-ending journey. Other than the gift food (which he keeps in a bag) and the clothes off his back, his only keepsake is a picture of his former wife.

#11 Other Nature

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Don’t have much on this gal. For lack of a better name I’m just calling her Other Nature, or ON. When you think mother nature, you usually think of life and growth and health and all that stuff, right? Well, ON has claim on death, sickness, destruction and decay. Mother Nature loves plants and animals, well, ON thinks that fungi, protozoa and bacteria are where it’s at. MN has the sun and rain, she’s got the floods and fire. She enjoys what she does, knowing it’s a vital part of nature, but is jealous and sad that everyone likes her sister so much better.

#10 Phineas X

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Phineas is a little baby that a couple found abandoned next to a forest that had recently been burned down. He is about 2 months old. The couple decided to adopt him, seeing as their children had already grown up, but he began to show some very mysterious traits. They showed him to the mad scientists at the superhero academy in town (yes, the same world as the one in my first character post); fascinated by the baby and seeing potential for him as a superhero raised from birth, the scientists convinced the couple to relinquish him to them. The couple had already named him Phineas, but the scientists added ‘X’ as a last name, representing his unknown factor.

Phineas is a very intelligent baby. The scientists have diagnosed him as having the cognitive function of at least a 4 year old, save for the fact that he doesn’t understand spoken or written language quite yet. He’s tried to mimic their sounds a couple of times but though his mind is advanced, his motor skills are not. This makes him a bit frustrated and as he quickly starts linking words to concepts he awaits the dexterity to be able to speak them. Phineas hates being a baby, but as long as the scientists dote on him, he feels he can manage.

#29 Fabulas the World’s Manliest Elf!

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#28 Mayan Dragon

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I just felt like drawing a dragon.

#27 Jetpack Jack

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Jetpack Jack is a high flying costumed adventurer who as his name implies gets around with a cool ass jetpack! That’s right! A jetpack! He built the jetpack to win a bar bet and since then he dispenses juicy jetpack justice to evildoers as Jetpack Jack!

#26 The Young Republican

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The Young Republican has never had a job. His parents bought him a BMW when he was 16. After High School he went straight to college where he joined his father and older brother’s fraternity. He spent all of his time partying and cheated his way through classes. He then graduated with two degrees, one in political science the other in business. Daddy pulled a few strings and got The Young Republican a job as a Congressional Aide. He now makes six figures and has no patience for those that expect a free ride in life and are not Protestant.

The future of the GOP, Mr. Young Republican is sick and tired of footing the bill for society ”I’m not going to pay for you, I’m not going to carry everyone else on my back any more! Get get a job! Or better yet, get rich parents, like me!”

Day 29 – Twinkle

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Twinkle, an 8 year old vigilante

Day 28 – The Wood Reeves

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Rielle the Wood Reeve



Day 27 – Jessica Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit - Not THAT one :P



#25 Spike

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Spike is a crazy biker who does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. His super strength comes from massive doses of bourbon and PCP.

#24 Dreadbot

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Dreadbot is murder machine from the year 3050 who has traveled back in time for the sole purpose of killing you! BOO!

#23 Zarna

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Zarna is a Warrior Queen from the realm of Hy-Brasil. She has magical powers as well as super strength. You don’t mess with Zarna period.

#22 Bodger Quickfoot

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Bodger  Quickfoot is a Halfling Thief. One of the best. Watch your valuables and most especially watch your back. He gets double damage on his back stab move!

#8 George and #9 Specs

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So now here’s George and Specs. Phew. After this I’m gonna take a break until tomorrow.

George is a jock. He’s popular and athletic, the quarterback of his football team. His girlfriend recently broke up with him because she was getting sick of having every single plan of theirs getting canceled in lieu of football practices or games or having to hang out with his team members. She kicked him out of her locker. He’d never bothered getting his own since he shared hers but he’s forced to now.
George takes football pretty seriously and is hoping to go to college on a sports scholarship. If he gets injured he’d rather hide it and try to work through the pain. He likes to take care of problems as soon as possible so they won’t bother him later. If he can’t take care of them he’ll agressively ignore then instead.

Specs was a girl that died in the same school about 50 years before. She doesn’t remember her real name anymore. Her nickname is a play off of her giant spectacles and the word spectre since she becomes a ghost. Ghosts are pretty uncommon and she’s only one because she unwittingly made a deal with the devil. Ya see, when she died, she didn’t really want to acknowledge the fact. She turned away from the light and in the opposite direction was not the physical world again but a mysterious figure. He told her that he was an angel that could bring her back to Earth if only she would promise him something. She said yes without thinking and he informed her the promise was that, since she didn’t want to give her soul up, she would have to take another in exchange. She then came back as a ghost, haunting her old locker (she can also haunt the lock) She was horrified at what she had promised to and decided to just hide in the locker and never come out. Unfortunately the ‘angel’ has grown impatient and is demanding she give him a soul soon or he’ll take hers now. She doesn’t want either to happen.

Specs appears to George (and only George) as soon as he’s assigned the locker and, even though she doesn’t even know if he can help, pleads for it. This seems like a problem that’s definitely out of his league so he tries to ignore the whole thing. However it turns out that she is involuntarily taking his life and energy anyway with every interaction. He can’t ignore this anymore and they both try to figure out a solution before he out and out dies.
George is frustrated and angry that this ghost girl has invaded his very happy life. He grows worse and worse at football and his teammates are startung to think he’s going crazy, talking to his lock and all.