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 Sea Humonster, Mane Wyvern. When a mutated octopus slid it’s way into Mane’s cranium, it grew… more ways than one. It became him. During the final moments of Mane’s consciousness  the mutant assumed control and burst it’s tentacles out.  Some people who knew him could still see his facial features remain in the newly sculpted concoction.

#8 Zebra-Corn

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When most people hear “Zebra-Corn” they maybe picture a regal unicorn like beast with a single horn and zebra stripes… But it’s actually something far less regal with a horrible reputation for how it “stalks” its prey.

#5-The Roasted Jalapeno

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The Roasted Jalapeno

#2 Alcatraz

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#2 Alcatraz

Character Back Story:
Like most fighters of the pit, nothing is known about Alcatraz’s past. What his real name is, where he was born, who his family is. He ended up in the pit like most fighters do. At some point he was abducted from his former life and injected to this dark underworld. The need is high for new recruits, since fights often end with a death. The life expectancy of a pit fighter is a little over a month. New recruits go through reconditions and rebuilding. First their minds are erased, they become blank slates ready to be programmed to fight. To only care about fighting and winning. There are several managers (big bosses) that recruit, train, and house these fighters. Alcatraz fights for Boss Holiday.

Unlike most fighters in the pit who only dream of fighting and winning, Alcatraz dreams of escaping. To escape this violent world he knows he needs to survive the fights. Which means he has to be smarter, tougher, stronger and more lethal then his opponents. For him winning is living. Living for the next day, living to be free. He’s heard rumors that if you survive long enough, the “Boss” will take you out of the fights. Give you another job as one of his enforcers. Enforcing what, he doesn’t know. But he believes it has to be better then fighting everyday to the death.

When Alcatraz first started in the pits there was a top fighter named “Concrete Stain”, an undefeated fighter who had survived over a year. Then one day he was gone, not dead from a fight just gone. That’s when Alcatraz first heard the rumor. That elite fighters work for Boss Holiday in the outside, not just fighting for him in the pits. It might only be a dream but Alcatraz will keep surviving until he’s chosen, until he’s free.

Behavior Traits:
Resortful, Determined, Creative

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Hand to hand fighting, Weapons (blunt objects, knives)

I mentioned Boss Holiday in Alcatraz’s back story. He’s a character I created for the first 30 Characters Challenge. A Rockabilly Crime lord who employs “Super-Villains”

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#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

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#1 Dra’Zun, Guardian Droid

Character Back Story:
A rouge asteroid hit and destroyed the planet Azari Prime, home of the Dra’Azari Royal Family. The Royal family and the planets inhabitants mounted a vast interstellar survival plan. Financed by the Royal family and all the resources of Azari, 20 ark space ships were created. The survivors would travel to Azari-3, a colony on the outskirts of their solar system. Azari-3 rich with natural resources would be their new home world. The Royal family created their own ship for the voyage, it was to carry their entire Dra’Azari Family. Guardian Droids were built and placed in all ark ships, also named GD-Units. Their primary functions and programming was to care for the needs of the ark passengers. These droids would maintain the ships, cook, clean, police, and educate. On the Royals ship there were 8 GD-Units.

Ezbeet Dra’Book (Ezbeet equaling to a Duke in Earth terms) sees this migration as a great opportunity to rise higher in the family court. He reprograms the Guardian Droids on the Royal’s Ark to turn on the family and kill them all. In the middle of the mayhem Dra’Book sabotages all the escape pods and uses the only functional one to escape. The GD-Units manage to slaughter almost everyone on the ship within hours. A few of the royalty manage to survive the attack in the children’s nursery, including Ezbeet Dra’Hexra. Dra’Hexra uses the ships computer to reset one of the Guardian Droids, GD-Unit 5.

As a result of the reset, GD-Unit 5 malfunctions merging both it’s origin programing with that of Dra’Book. It believes that it must educate and protect the Royal family by eliminating it. It quickly destroys the other Guardian Droids to protect the survivors. GD-Unit 5 then gathers the remaining Royalty including the children. GD-Unit 5 explains that in must protect the Dra’Azari Royal Family. It then attacks them, killing everyone except the 6 youngest. It has calculated that it must educate, train, and manipulate these six children to be the new leader of the Azari people.

In the chaos of the GD-Units attack, the Royalty’s ark ship was sent severely off course. Years pass by and the children become adults, they began calling the Guardian Droid, Dra’Zun. “Dra” for their family name and “Zun” meaning teacher. In the years that have passed Dra’Zun has taught his students to be ruthless, calculating and unforgiving in all matters. It has also manipulated their genetic code to enhance their strength, durability, speed and intelligence. Dra’Zun’s final lesson will be to have the his students fight and kill each other, until the strongest and most intelligent one survives. This “Winner” will be the rightful ruler of the Azari people. He or she will begin by conquering small worlds to build an army, then take back the kingdom. Dra’Zun plans to remain as this true ruler’s faithful servant.

Behavior Traits:
Patient, Calculating, Loyal, ruthless

Powers / Abilities / Skills:
Invulnerability, Strength, Records of all Azari knowledge

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#1 Dancing woman

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Not the most original for a fantasy genre, but still a good beginning!

Hi Everybody!

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At the last moment I’ve decided that I will commit to the #30characters challenge!  I attempted this challenge last year only to not actually post any of the five designs that I created and subsequently fail.  This year I plan on at least submitting some characters!  🙂

I’m the artist and co-creatof of the webcomic Kid Robo (with my writing partner Marc Deschamps) and the Art Director of Gray Haven Comics.

It’s nice to meet you all and let’s have some fun creating characters!  🙂

Pencils and Inks by Christopher Chamberlain, Colours by Kell Smith.

2012 New Participant: Shaun Richens.

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Shaun was born, a baby, like most. He grew up in a small village in the U.K and went on to read The Hobbit, play tabletop fantasy games and see the greatest movie of all time, Die Hard. Through these wondrous events he grew into the man he needed to be. The one who spends his Saturday nights at home drinking Pepsi, (other fizzy pop brands are available) whilst writing comics he one-day hopes someone will actually draw into a nice pretty comic book. Until then he will just keep on writing.
Shaun can be found on the Internet at his blog.
Or if you’d rather have his words 140 characters at a time over on Twitter under the very imaginative and clever handle of@ShaunRichens

2012 Returning Challenger: Jesse Kiefer

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Jesse Kiefer here at your disposal. Returning for a second year of 30characters! Last year I cut my teeth on this project with the idea in mind that I’d create characters for my webcomic projects (specifically Tank-Monkey), and while I did use a handful of the characters from last year most of them wound up being just for fun (30 is more than I thought, ha!). This year I’ve tinkered with some vlogging on YouTube where I’ve been coming up with some fun characters for a series of short webisodes that I’ve been collaborating on with a friend. Most of my time on these episodes has been spent as a green screened Hologram.

This year I’m not going to box myself into making characters for a specific project, but I do hope to come up with some characters for my vlog channel meaning some of my character studies might look like me in costume but I’ll try to vary the looks as much as I can (or as much as I can for a big hairy red-head).

Click the link below to see my work from last year

Or read my Challenger Entry from 2011

2012 Challenger: Marinks

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Well hello there everyone haha! It’s so nice to finally do this…

So I’m Marinna and a senior in high school. I don’t usually find myself making new characters on my own, but that’s why I’m doing this. I’ve seen all the amazing work that’s come from this challenge for a few years now and I (hopefully) will be able to finish it too.

I enjoy working on my tablet and good ol’ photoshop, but nothing beats pencil and paper 😀 Let’s have a great and productive month. Woo!

sort of

You can also call me either Marinna or Marinks.

Here’s my tumblrrrrr/the drawing tag at least -linkaroo-

; u ; /

2012 Challenger: Aubrie Johnson

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Hey! I’m a graphic designer, comic nerd and MMO gamer in the San Francisco area. (My League of Legends summoner name is Daughter Phoenix, look me up!)

I’m still getting used to the craziness of working salary, but when I get some free time, I try to get my comic stories and characters out on paper/pixels. I love sci-fi like Skydoll and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and game concepts like Mass Effect, Bioshock, and, of course, LoL, so expect some aspects of those in my submissions.

Good luck, everyone!

2012 Challenger: Ralph Contreras

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SHAZAM! Hey everyone!

My name’s Ralph Contreras, I’m a three year alumni of the 30 Character Challenge. This will be my 4th time around. The first year was the only challenge I was able to complete. I’m very excited and determined to finish all 30 this year. It’s a great challenge and I’m really looking forward to it. In past years I’ve made some great online friendships with fellow creators. I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing characters everyone will create this year.

I’m a huge comic nerd with aspiration of working in the comic field professionally. Comics have always been a part of my life. I even owned and ran my own comic book shop. For the past few years I’ve really been trying to make the dream a reality. My day job is graphic design, but at night I work on sharpening my storytelling, drawing and inking skills. I setup a personal blog Comic Book Graphic Design where I combine my comic artwork with my graphic design skills. I post all my pencils, inks and character designs on the blog. I also post great comic book resources to help other aspiring comic artists in their journey too.

Plans for the future, I’ll be focusing on my personal comic projects in 2013. A quarterly print comic Hero Guard, and a weekly webcomic Amazing Hero Adventures (website under construction). Several characters in these projects were created during the past 30 Character Challenges.

Check out my characters from the last challenges: 2009 Challenge, 2010 Challenge, 2011 Challenge

Samples of some Character Designs.


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Returning Challenger 2012: Rachel Ross

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Steampunk GoodnessHi, my name is Rachel.

I played along last year, and managed to get 30 characters done – but a lot of them were “pretty terrible”.

So this year, I want to churn out 30 characters that are “less terrible”.

I’ve been practicing, but not as much as I should!

Here’s my website, where I will cross-post these characters: Glimmerville


2012 Challenger: Canni

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Hola! I am going to try this one more time! I am Canni, a graphic designer who is trying her hand at drawing. I need to draw more in order to get better, so what better way to do that then by  a challenge. I’m competitive by nature an I know this wil be fun. I just get so caught up that I forget. But this yeah I’m going to make sure I draw something! i draw mostly males right now, males and cows. Now I know what your thinking and no, I’m just obsessed with cows and males are attractive xD.

I have a T blog where I post my art but it’s not really art dedicate right now >3< so hopefully after this month it will be and i can share it with you guys.

<there’s me and there’s a drawing….yep xD>

2012 Challenger: Miss Kristin Bowles

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Hello, hello, hello again!

You’re actually going to see some uploads from me this year – I swear! I’ve got oodles more time and quite a bit more motivation to lock down and take care of business this time around!

My name is Kristin Bowles

I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa with my BFA in Game Art & Design in 2011; I have a fancy website and an official wordpress blog, as well as a deviantart account.

I haven’t been as active as I should have been with making art this past year…

For reference, here’s my intro post from 2011.

What I HAVE done this past year…

(“Sleepy Time” Pokémon, done during Megacon 2012)

(Pottermore portrait; Mmm! Candy! Project; “Self-Satisfaction)

(Jinora: Legend of Korra Fanart; Anyu: Legend of Korra O.C.; EVE: Megamind Tumblrverse O.C.)

And, uh, here’s a picture of me?