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Day 6- The Shield Bearer

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30 characters  6 shield bearer ready


From the Isle of Avalon, the mysterious Shield Bearer appears during times of battle to stand next to the king offering protection. Armed with two mystic shields, she can deflect hammers, broadswords, missiles, and even cannnon fire! But the shields are not just defensive. Swinging them at foes, these shields of mystic energy are thin- capable of chopping or slicing like any contemporary weapon would be expected to do. When the battle is over, the Shield Bearer disappears as quietly as she first appeared. Rumors have it she was last seen several times across Europe during WWII and is believed to have been captured in the background of a photo that shows her at the door of Winston Churchill’s house on Downing Street. Other reports have her helping a young woman across the Russian wilderness in 1918…

Star Crasher

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30 characters  star crasherXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Star Crasher is a hi-speed multi-system wanderer, capable of blowing his way through a star (or planet for that matter- which makes him a threat to anyone who knows what he can do!). He is making his way from system to system looking for any evidence of what happened to the Scarlett Legion- the unit he was assigned to when they were attacked. During the battle he was knocked unconscious and has no memory of who attacked and what happened.

Afterlife Hunter- Ahab Reeger

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30 characters  afterlifeHUNTER


Ahab Reeger was born with a ghost eye, and his Old World family knew immediately he would be a tracker and fighter of evil creatures and manifestations of the afterlife. Armed with his hand-held Specter mortar and the Dragon’s Tooth blade, Ahab also carries a variety of spices, herbs, talismans, rings and medallions to confront just about any kind of otherworldly evil.

Returning Challenger- John Tompkins, and first post- Crater Johnson

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Crater Johnson is a space explorer/ detective/ tough guy. There is amazing stuff to find in space, and people will do amazing things to get it. Enter Crater Johnson, the guy looking for his own opportunity or to make a little cash by helping someone with their opportunity. But under the suit and tough guy persona is a heart of gold. Crater’s look was inspired by the old Fiction House sci-fi comics.


Day 18 – The Valkyrie

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Day 16: Cannon Bill

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Ain’t no better swab to have by yer side than ol’ Cannon Bill. O’ course, ye don’t want him behind ya. Just by yer side. Or maybe it’s best to be standin’ behind him. Quite a distance behind him. Yar, that’s the best place.

Day 15: Sharkbite Sandy

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Day 12: Kindleshanks

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Day 09: Deedle

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#5 – Darren

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Darren doesn’t talk much. Truth be told, he thinks he doesn’t need to either. He’ll answer questions about his t-shirts, though. Darren lives next door to Adrian with his older brother and can often be found hanging out with his guitar and his three cats.

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Day 4, Ryl

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#4: M.O.M.

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M.O.M. stands for “Mind Over Matter”. M.O.M. is the worlds most powerful telekinetic superhero. Because he is so powerful, he really doesn’t care that his name spells out “Mom”, and villains fear his power too much to laugh at him. Because of his power, he also doesn’t care about his weight, as he really doesn’t need to be in shape to do anything that needs to be done. Even though none of his arch enemies have been able to best him, his obesity may be his true worst enemy that will finally do him in.

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Day 2 and 3

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#2 Spambot

| November 2, 2011 | 2 Comments

Spambots BEFORE the internet. That is all.

I have a feeling my entries are going to be more silly this year 🙂

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Character 1 Day 1

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2011 Challenger: Dom Gazzuolo

| October 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

A year ago I wrote a comic book related post everyday (unpaid) on my blog titled, 365 Days of Comics. It was an interesting experienced during which I learned a few things about myself. I mainly learned that I’m a huge idiot.

Every day…what was I thinking? There were some days I had to fight time, Crank-style, just to get to on a computer and write a parody of “You Down With O.P.P.” about B.K.V. (Brian K. Vaughan), so that I would not miss a day. At the time it seemed important, but looking back I see that I was, in fact, a huge idiot. It wore on my mind and made me overly stressed about something that held no real significance.

Have you ever served at a busy restaurant? Some nights are so stressful that when you go home and get to sleep you have nightmares about stupid things like forgetting to get a refill on someone’s water or bringing over an extra ramekin of potsticker sauce (P.F. Chang’S). You would wake up and have to calm yourself by grabbing your hello kitty stuffed dolls close and remind yourself that it’s over, it doesn’t matter anymore…you’re safe. Stressing over if I was going to be able to write a thoughtful post everyday is a lot like stressing over if I brought extra lemon for a big spender’s water, the previous night. It’s over. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m safe. Or so I thought…

When I saw this challenge to come up with 30 characters in 30 days my first reaction was, “no, not again!” But after a nice long cry in the shower, I began to think, “30 days…is that all?” There was something about those tears in the shower that turned me into one cocky bastard when it comes to anything that doesn’t challenge me for 365 days.

  • 117 days without sunlight…pssh! My sunglasses are broken anyway!
  • 238 dys of not being ble to use the letter “A”…hh, I lugh t the chllenge!
  • 7 days without BK. Okay…that’s different. I’m no savage. (Have it your way!)

30 days of anything…bring it on!

2011 Challenger: Harold C. Jennett III

| October 21, 2011 | 2 Comments


I did this challenge last year, and dropped out about 1/3 of the way through. It wasn’t a total washout though, as it gave me some characters I’m using for my upcoming OGN.

My previous work is all indie stuff: M.I.M.E.S., Geek Syndicate: The Comic, and Creative Compassion: Shelter, a black and white anthology I’m putting together to raise money for the homeless. My future project will be an original graphic novel titled “Good Night Captain Might”. It’s a mixture of “Astro City” and a Bruce Timm cartoon. It is being c0-written by the amazing Steeven Orr. You can check out his writing HERE.

You can check out my art at haroldjennett.wordpress.com Here are a few examples of my work (both featuring “Shadow Fox”, a character I created in last years “30 Character Challenge”):