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30 Characters Challenger: Bobby Timony

| October 26, 2010 | 5 Comments

Thirty days. Thirty Characters. I’m in!

My name is Bobby Timony, and I like this sort of thing. I’m in it for a few reasons, but before I get to that, here’s a little bit about me. I’m a cartoonist and storyboard artist living in Brooklyn with my wife and two bunnies.

Earlier this year DC Comics published a creator owned comic book called The Night Owls, by me and my twin brother Peter. It’s about a trio of detectives that solve supernatural crime in New York during the roaring twenties. (The first issue is free on Comixology. I think you’ll like it.) Before that I’ve been drawing my own comics and stories for as long as I can remember.

Here’s why this sort of thing appeals to me.

1. The FUN.

Drawing is a ton of fun, but lets face it, sometimes when deadlines are looming or you’re forced to draw something boring, it can be a drag. A challenge like this is just the thing to reignite that love of drawing that drives us to ruination!

2. Pals.

Drawing is something we have to do by ourselves, and some people (some anti-social people) prefer it that way. Not me. having grown up drawing comics with my twin brother, I see the value in collaborating and sharing ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

3. Showing off.

My characters are gonna be awesome, and I’m gonna force you all to be awesome too. Bring it!

4. Woodshedding my axe.

You gotta work those skillz everyday if you want to improve, and we all want to improve, right? RIGHT? Right. This is great practice and a good way to warm up in the morning.

5. The Payoff

At the end of the month I expect to be rewarded with a fulfilling sense of pride and accomplishment. I’ll also have 30 new character designs in my back pocket. Maybe they’ll inspire a new story or series. Maybe they’ll show up as supporting characters in future stories. Maybe I’ll never use them at all, but I will have them, and they’ll provide me a bit of insurance in case I’m stuck for ideas in the future.

Okay, enough Jibber-Jabber! Lets do this!

30 Characters Challenger: Eric White

| October 25, 2010 | 1 Comment

After 12 months of anticipation…it’s finally here.  The 30 Characters Challenge!! As one of the alumni from year one, I think I’m more excited now than I was the first time around.  In 2009…I think I looked at the characters as a sort of…extended Suicide Sketch (which, if you’ve never heard of that, is a requested sketch that you draw & post online in only 10 minutes) but this year I have a plan to use the characters I come up with…so I’m going to put more thought and effort into each day’s offering.  What is that plan…and better yet…who the heck am I??  Let me fill you in!!

What I would look like with a rock'n porn stache

My name is Eric. I live in Omaha, Nebraska.  My wife and I have two great kids (5 and 2).  I work during the day as a graphic designer for the University of Nebraska Medical Center and at night (and I mean ALL night)  as a flatter.  Over the past few years my flatting work has grown to the point that most weeks I barely make my deadlines and I average 3-4 hours of sleep a night.  It has, however, allowed me to meet some amazing people and work on some world class titles.  I’ve had LOADS of fun with it but I’m beginning to start thinking about my time after flatting.

A recent I.M. Sketch card

That's right...SpiderPig

This past year I made a commitment to myself to begin drawing more and start turning down some flatting work.  I’ve began working on sketch cards and more suicide sketching.  I’ve also began jotting down a lot of ideas into some loose story ideas. From those ideas…a story is beginning to gel.  In the end…it’ll all come together as a web comic.  We’re still a long way out from having anything resembling a finished product…but it’s a work in progress.

(watch me bring this mug back around full circle)

Where last year my entries for the 30 Characters challenge were a bit whimsical and sort of thrown aways…this year I have a purpose.  I’ll be creating and sharing 30 characters that will inhabit the universe of my web comic.  I’ll also be unveiling a lot of other exciting things like locations, logos, icons, etc…which I’d like to begin doing right now!  The title of my web comic is (wait for it…) Solar Maximum!

What can you expect to see from me? I want to be able to tell you that I’ll have a complete, colored and polished piece of artwork as well as a 1500 bio every single day…but lets be honest here. Between Day job, daddy duties and my night job I’m already over worked.  My goal is to post complete and (digitally) colored pieces for each of the main characters but you’ll probably see (fairly) tight pencils for the supporting cast. As for character information…that’ll be based on the importance of the character. Some will be lengthy while other will be relatively short.

So there it is!!  You’ll be seeing all the main characters and many many of the supporting cast from my upcoming web comic, Solar Maximum. This will be a big month for me. I’m looking forward to sharing this process with everyone and I hope you enjoy it.