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2013 Challenger: Sebastian Chow

| October 31, 2013 | 1 Comment


I registered in 2011 but sadly didn’t produce anything. I then re-entered in 2012 and completed one pic 🙁
Its 2013 and I’m back again with the plan to complete all 30 characters!

I’m a comic book enthusiast with a passion for drawing. I am a one man band trying to write and produce my own comics.
Check out my blog or deviant site below.

Here are a few random scratchings from my sketch book and a test page from one of my comics.


clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c (1) clandestine_sketch_by_sebastian_chow-d5ays1c more_scratchings_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqk3m sketches_by_sebastian_chow-d4lqjgo




2013 Challenger: Jeremiah Spoon

| October 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

My name is Jeremiah Spoon. I am a freelance digital artist and 3d animator. I used to work professionally, but have moved on to a different profession and no only do freelance work or personal projects. I’m not really sure what kind of work I will be putting out this year. I participated in 30 characters 2011. I had several categories of characteristics written on note cards that I would pick from to make characters. I did
mostly people during that event. The majority were inks only, no color. I think it would be fun to stipulate no people at all during this event, and see what kind of stuff I come up with.  I’m glad to have the time to put in this year and I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. There is always some really interesting and creative work that comes out of this event.


Never take yourself to seriously.


2012 Challenger: Marinks

| October 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Well hello there everyone haha! It’s so nice to finally do this…

So I’m Marinna and a senior in high school. I don’t usually find myself making new characters on my own, but that’s why I’m doing this. I’ve seen all the amazing work that’s come from this challenge for a few years now and I (hopefully) will be able to finish it too.

I enjoy working on my tablet and good ol’ photoshop, but nothing beats pencil and paper 😀 Let’s have a great and productive month. Woo!

sort of

You can also call me either Marinna or Marinks.

Here’s my tumblrrrrr/the drawing tag at least -linkaroo-

; u ; /

2012 Challenger: Britney Winn

| October 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

Heya eveyone!

I am new here my name is Britney Winn but, my pen name is Buritsu. I am a recent college graduate from Wisconsin and currently aspire to become a webcomic artist . . . one day. I found this event last year but by the time I got to it, it was Christmas time so I’m here now! Yay! The stuff you will see from me will be characters I had in my head for (hopefully) future comic projects I wish to do before the Grim Reaper comes knocking at my door. Genre will range from fantasy, sci-fi and whatever else. I look forward to posting and seeing what fellow participants will come up with. Good Luck Everyone!

2012 Challenger: Canni

| October 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hola! I am going to try this one more time! I am Canni, a graphic designer who is trying her hand at drawing. I need to draw more in order to get better, so what better way to do that then by  a challenge. I’m competitive by nature an I know this wil be fun. I just get so caught up that I forget. But this yeah I’m going to make sure I draw something! i draw mostly males right now, males and cows. Now I know what your thinking and no, I’m just obsessed with cows and males are attractive xD.

I have a T blog where I post my art but it’s not really art dedicate right now >3< so hopefully after this month it will be and i can share it with you guys.

<there’s me and there’s a drawing….yep xD>

2011 Challenger: Nathan “Phoenix” Vargas

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hey there, I’m a first timer in the 30 Character Challenge.

Fresh off the 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge and still roaring to go, I’ve decided to keep the momentum going! My brain just keeps screaming…Draw more! More! MORE!

And I try and do what my brain says I should do…

Boring Stuff About Me

I’m the co-founder of BlitzComics.com, a site that has tools that help comic book creators create. I’m also a game UI designer for Habatar.com…you’ll know what that is soon enough. 🙂 My drawing skills are rusty but practice will crumble all that away.

I’m attracted to the 30Character because I’ve always had random characters milling about inside my brain but never had the structure, format, or audience to bring em out. Now is the time!

2011 Challenger: Akivos

| November 1, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello, I’ve was introduced to this contest last year right after registration closed. One of my friends was participating and I thought, why not me next year. I also am doing NaNoWriMo which means a lot of my time is going to be occupied this month, but oh well.

I draw mostly anime style, as it’s the only thing I’m half way decent at. I can’t really color any of my drawings as I am terrible at coloring so black and white is for the best.

2011 Challenger: Samar Ertsey

| October 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hello everybody!
I’m Samar from Munich, Germany. I teach comicbook drawing and recently animation in my own school for free. I’ve been in the business for over 10 years and won several prizes (some smaller, far fewer quite prestigious in Germany, none of worldwide fame so far).

It feels good to be back! Although I didn’t manage last year to post an overview, I finished right on time, and it was a great inspiration.
This year marks an important event in my career. I’m going to develop the characters for a full-fledged nostalgia album with 48 pages before your very eyes. Timing could not be better. According to my schedule, I have to finish the character drawings by the end of November, and this will hopefully give me the necessary drive to pull that off. I hope you’ll like what you’ll be seeing!

And an entirely unrelated picture to show off a little:

2011 Challenger: Lorenzo Bonilla

| October 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello, my name is Lorenzo Bonilla. I am a dual graduate at Westwood and Columbia College in Chicago. I am an aspiring cartoonist/animator with heavy emphasis on illustration, sequential art, and character design.

My own experience comes from working on several indie comic projects and freelance work. I worked on a published book called Beef O’ Keefe’s Guide to Irish Drinking Games and am attached to storyboard an upcoming television series pitch. I also am a founder and Organizer for my own Chicago Comic Creators group, where we are in production for an comic anthology entitled The Anthology of Interest, which will debut my childhood comic idea, Blazer the Raptor. I also have two comic projects in the works called Loman, an Occult Task Force series, and Moonbebes, a comic I did during last year’s 24 Hour Comic Book day Challenge.

I was introduced to the 30 Character Challenge from a news post on Newsarama, and upon reading it, I became interested in participating. I went to the site, which indeed does have loading issues, as I have tried to post to be put on the newsletter and met with failure. Until this year, when I successfully signed onto the newsletter and received my first newsletter from Tyler James. Before doing the challenge, I do my own personal challenge in October where I draw monsters from myth, legend, folklore, and literature.This challenge interests me because I like the idea behind, creating characters in an industry, like America for example, that is obstinate or stubborn to change or develop new ones while other countries like Japan and Europe, go through practically a randomizer generator of character creation content. Plus, it gives me a chance to belt out and flesh out ideas and concepts for characters I have lying around for the purpose of this site.


I am a fan of superhero, horror, and action comics. I read and research obsessively online for articles of interest and I am a fan of cartoons, anime, wrestling, and movies. I listen to a mix of metal, alternative, classical, and industrial music like Nine Inch Nails, Gojira, Alic in Chains, Daft Punk, and Tool.Some titles I like in no particular order, The Dresden Files, Green Lantern, The Flash, Iron Man, Nova, American Gods,  and StormWatch.


If you want to see what to expect from me, you can check out my website at www.lorenzobonilla.com, my deviant art profile at emeraldfury.deviantart.com, and my talenthouse profile at  talenthouse.com/labsite. They all pretty much have the same content, as I upload all sites at once for consistency.


In closing, I look forward to participating with the 30 Character Challenge. I like to thank Tyler James for starting up such a challenge and I hope to make it to the end.


Thank you,


Lorenzo Angel Bonilla

2011 Challenger: Xavier Smith

| October 29, 2011 | 6 Comments


I’m 6 years old and my dad already signed up for this (he’sMatthew D. Smith ). Whenever he’s drawing some for his comics, I sit at my small table next to him and work on my own characters. I even made some of my own little comics and sold them for 50 cents each at the last convention he did.

He thought it would be cool if we both did this challenge this year. I’ve already started working on some of my new characters. My dad scanned some of the drawings I’ve done of other characters to show you on this post. Here’s Megamind, Bartman, and two of the characters from my dad’s comic The Adventurers of Liberty City: Eclipse and Drill.

Thanks, Xavier!

2011 Challenger: Matthew D. Smith

| October 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Like some of the other people on this site, I was interested in entering the “30 Characters Challenge” previously, but talked myself out of it for whatever reason. I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot this year.

Since 2007, I’ve been self-publishing comics that I’ve been writing or drawing. I’ve been fortunate in that time to meet some really great people who have been gracious enough to work on these projects with me. With David Simonton and Brad Jaskula, I work on the superhero comic, “The Adventurers of Liberty City”, and and oddity anthology called “Wichita Gravy”. I also worked on a series of mini-comics with Katie Omberg called “Suggestion Box” and the first 8 have been collected in two digests: “Tales From The Suggestion Box” and “Confessions From The Suggestion Box”. Just this past year, I wrote two horror graphic novels: “The Curse of Stranglehold” (with art by Melanie Florencio) and “Bee Sting” (with art by Jeremy Massie). I also released the first issue of a 10 issue slice-of-life series called “Simon Says”. It’s a drama/comedy following a group of high school kids in the mid 90s. The first issue features art by Desiree Pittman (her husband, Jason, supplied the cover), and I have a different artist lined up for future issues.

I figured the 30 character challenge would help me out in a lot of ways…there are several character ideas in my head for allies and villains in “The Adventurers of Liberty City”, ideas for characters to be featured in a “The Adventurers of Liberty City” spin-off, and some minor characters yet to be introduced in “Simon Says” I want to design. I have some other ideas in my head as well for characters that may find their way into “Wichita Gravy” or some mini-comics.

You can check out my stuff on-line at my blog: www.mdsmithcomics.blogspot.com

Aaron Walls Intro

| October 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

My name is Aaron Walls this is my first year attempting the 30 Character Challenge. I am an aspiring creator with loads of Ideas and a few stories in several states of being done. I look forward to pushing myself with this and seeing what everyone else comes up with as well.

2011 Challenger: Shannel Gaddy

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hello, I’m Shannel. I’m a recent graduate of The art Institute of Tampa, and I’m a storyboard artist and illustrator. I actually stumbled onto the 30 Day challenge a few months back when I saw a tumblr post of someone who completed all 30 drawing last year. It seems really fun and a greatway to get a few good (and bad XD) ideas out and on paper.

Here’s an old drawing of mine. I want to start doing a bit more characters since I mostly domore realistic drawings. I will also probably try out drawing these characters in different ways/styles; try to really loosen me up some.

2011 Challenger: Kristin Bowles

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Hey there, people-who-are-reading-this!

I’m Kristin Bowles. I’ve got a fancy-schmancy website (www.kristinbowles.com), a fancy-schmancy blog (www.kristinkreates.wordpress.com), and a fancy-schmancy degree (BFA in Game Art & Design).

As a recent graduate from the Art Institute of Tampa, I’ve managed to network with a whole bunch of cool people, several of which showed this event to me, and at least one of which told me I’d better participate, or else.

That aside, I used to draw random characters all the time. Y’know, before I went to college, back in the days when I had time. And I’d like to get back to doing it, and having time.  And I need a huge kick in my drawing butt. So, here I am. Woo!

Tyler James instructed me to put up some pictures. So, here you go.

Kristin Bowles Logo
Whoa, it’s my logo! 
Kristin Bowles
Ugh, it’s me. Sums things up pretty well, anyway.

And here are some tiny thumbnails of some stuff that’s decent enough for me to share!



Oh, and some stuff I plan to do, or at least I’m mulling over in my brain:

  • using a random word generator
  • revisiting old character designs and improving them
  • using a predetermined list of theme words (including months, seasons, and holidays)
  • drawing more men, because all I seem to draw are ladies!

2011 Challenger: Jande Rowe

| October 19, 2011 | 5 Comments

Jande Rowe, Author of "Aedre's Firefly" Online Graphic NovelHi all. I’m the author of the online graphic novel Aedre’s Firefly. This will be my second year of doing this challenge.  On Twitter I’m @EccentricOrbits. Do say hello.

Of the thirty characters I created last year, I have only just introduced one of them to my storyline. But what the heck. The world always needs more characters, right?

Since having a medical problem with my eyes, I’ve started drawing in a more simplified style, sticking to black and white mostly except for covers. Also I won’t have time to do detailed storylines like last year.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone creates this year!


Colour Cover for "Aedre's Firefly Chapt. VI: Awakenings"

Colour Cover for "Aedre's Firefly Chapt. VI: Awakenings"

2011 Challenger: David R. Vallejo

| October 19, 2011 | 1 Comment


My name is David, aka graphiteman.  I am an artist who is interested in way too many things.  My current art projects are portrait commissions, religious paintings and pursuing illustration (mostly editorial).  I’m also kicking around several graphic novel ideas.  To supplement my income, I also do a bit of art instruction with grade schools.

I’m not sure where I fist heard of the 30 Characters Challenge, but I recently came across it on Twitter and thought it would be a good feat to take on.  I’m always looking into challenging myself and have participated in several online challenges, such as Illustration Friday, 30 Days of Creativity, and Everyday in May.  I find these challenges get my creative juices going and help build my portfolio.  The kind of stuff you might expect from me will be characters that will be used in a novel writing contest challenge http://www.nanowrimo.org/ that I will be taking on at the same time during the month of November.  So as if designing 30 characters wasn’t enough, I will be writing an at least 50,000 word novel by November 30th that uses all 30 characters.  I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep in November.

You can find my work on my website:


and my very current art projects on my blog:


While you’re at it, you can also ‘LIKE’ my fan page:


Look forward to seeing all the interesting characters for this year’s challenge.