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#4 Aburasumaashi

| November 8, 2010 | 0 Comments

04 油すまあし

Aburasumaashi • Light-eater

No Parade is complete without the fel flame that guides the Walkers to the route. Abura-sumaashi ensures that the stone lanterns burn throughout the duration of the Parade. To do this, he steals the holy light from vigil candles and from sanctuaries all over the world—”borrows” is his favourite term, as the monstrous mouths that are a part of his form suck in light matter and converts them to daemon oil.

Naturally curious about humans, he often deliberately causes a ruckus when he “borrows” his fuel, often drawing the attention of the First Department Chief », and incurring a memo about “proper protocol” in slipping between World Layers.

Ink on white paper.


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