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#16 Barefoot Bastard

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Barefoot Bastard

Barefoot Bastard

The Barefoot Bastard’s origins are unknown, though his ancestry can be traced back to the sunken islands once known as the Philippines. All that is known is that he, along with a bunch of other children, was subjected to a controversial/experimental nanobot treatment in an attempt to make superhuman circus performers who could be controlled and shut down by their ringmasters. Most of the children died within a few years — somehow, this one did not. After that he fought his way up through the Pan-Asian gladiatorial arenas and made warriors from Tehran to Ulan Bator so angry when he beat them that they called him “that barefoot bastard” rather than speak his name. So he took their curse and made it his name, made it a point of pride. When men curse him, he smiles. When their hate moves them to attack him, he smiles even wider.

Now he travels to Ultravia, to face the so-called best fighters on the globe, and make them scream his name in terror and anger.

He’s learned over the years to hear the hum of the nanotech beasts swarming in his bloodstream, in every cell. When he calms his mind, he can hear their voices, feel them rebuilding him. When he practices his kata, he begins to understand the way they dance, and where to pool them so a punch sends an opponent through a wall, or when to let them gather in his legs, so to leap across a rooftop or unleash a flurry of spinning kicks. It even works better when he’s drunk – the foreign alcohol excites the bots to no end, compelling them to race, roar, multiply. And he surfs into their excitement, and when he and his nanite symbiotes are in sync, he is unstoppable. Like when he fought the entire audience of the Tokyo Arena because they wouldn’t let him leave an honorably defeated opponent alive. But he has to keep the little critters moving, for they are greedy. They need energy, and if he does not keep moving, keep the adrenaline flowing, and consume enough food, drink, and minerals to provide enough power for the nanites, they will turn —  swarm him, and eat his body, and take on some other form.

I WON’T LET THIS HAPPEN! He chants, as a mantra. I WILL FIGHT!

The hum of the nanobeasts swells, into something he recognizes as a response:

#9 David Wise IS The Hard Man

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David Wise IS The Hard Man

The Hard Man

Growing up poor in the worst parts of Glasgow, David Wise saw the results of violence firsthand – and chose a different path. He went to school, moved to London, and became first a poet and then a journalist, to pay the bills. In his off time he was an activist, doing what he could to reduce violence of all kind – gangs, military, police, domestic abuse. Catching wind of an illegal military experiment, he broke into their lab to gather evidence. It all went wrong, and he was exposed to whatever the substance was they were testing.

Whatever it was, it made him… enhanced. With sharper senses, a more agile mind, and improved observations, his poetry reached levels undreamed of, and his journalism more sharp-edged and perceptive. Along with this, however, a long-repressed aggression grew as well. Now stronger and tougher, he realized that the practice of these new sensory abilities increased his propensity for violence, and he began to stalk the streets at night, searching for answers via the medium of punches with a Statham-esque intensity. But he’s unable to let go of the improvement in his work, so he attempts to channel the violence towards those he feels deserve it.

He now searches for more answers about his condition and the people behind the experiment, while finding those worthy of his fists at night. As his life starts to fall apart, his only connections are to a lonely and outmatched night policeman, and to a rowdy mob of thugs, ravers, and general hooligans known as THE HOODIE MOB, who act as a network of informants and a Greek chorus of sorts. They seem to show up at very coincidental times, and seem to know more about Wise than they let on, which makes him wonder at times if they’re actually fully real, or some side effect of the experiment. They call him the Hard Man, and to David’s dismay, the name is starting to stick.

Track: Timber Timbre, “Black Water”

#6 The Wheel

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The Wheel

The Wheel

Soledad Spears was raised by her parents to be a bullet aimed at the future. They trained her to hunt, cook, fix things, fight, and use every weapon, tool, artifact or vehicle imaginable for the liberation of the common man. They taught her to track, to think critically, to read, and to understand her dreams and respect the words of the prophets. They sent her off to school, which she hated. But when she came back for vacation, they were gone, their camp destroyed.

She dropped out, and went underground. Now she drives for criminals while fighting for the people and exposing crooked politicians and police. While driving for the MEDUSA LEAGUE, she realizes that the car she’s using is an experimental prototype, that will be used for evil. She takes off with it, and the MEDUSA LEAGUE gives chase.

A chance encounter with EZEKIEL, the last of the renegade prophets, results in them teaming up to escape the religious assassins of THE ELECT. Although The Wheel is more skeptical of the partnership, Ezekiel sees in a dream that they should stay together, fighting crime and exposing magicians as they search for clues to the location of the elusive School of The Prophets.

(notes: original text from my notebook: “He’s a renegade prophet, she’s a hellcat getaway driver – together they fight crime!  EZEKIEL AND THE WHEEL)

#5 Ezekiel

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Ezekiel Bautista is a renegade prophet. His prophecies, while all true, are things that a number of religions and political groups don’t want to hear, so they tend to hunt him down, especially a group called The Elect that freely mixes politics and religion. A chance encounter with THE WHEEL, a notorious getaway driver, result in the two of them teaming up to escape The Elect’s assassins. Although The Wheel is more skeptical of the partnership, Ezekiel sees in a dream that they should stay together, fighting crime and exposing magicians as they search for clues to the location of the elusive School of The Prophets.

Ezekiel can kind of come off as kind of a hippie burnout in a bathrobe, but he actually has his shit a little more together than that. But he doesn’t quite belong in this world — his prophetic abilities and ‘sacred clown’ social stylings make that clear. But he’s not out of it, he may be wide-eyed but he’s clear about his mission.

Track: Dirty Projectors, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine”

(notes: original text from my notebook: “He’s a renegade prophet, she’s a hellcat getaway driver – together they fight crime!  EZEKIEL AND THE WHEEL)

#4 Max Action

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Max Action is an android creation of Hi-Q the super-scientist.To the world at large Max is a line of toys,that are promoted on a weekly cartoon show,but the truth is far weirder.Hi-Q built Max with Adapto-Gel Technology.By outfitting Max with the right “accessories” Hi-Q can send him into any situation,or against any foe,and expect him to win.Max’s skin tone is grey,and he wears a black body suit in his basic mode.By placing special hats  or hair on the brass colored sensors on his head Hi-Q alters his programming and clothing allowing Max to be anything from a Cowboy to a secret agent.Max has a communicator in his left wrist,and through the eyepieces in the back of his head allow others to see what he does,or view playback of scenes he’s recorded.Sales of the Max Action merchandise keep Hi-Q in research money.

#1 Omar

| November 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

He either robs people or protects people with his gun, I dunno.

#5 Niele

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Yesss!!! I’ve wanted to design this character for a very long time. Such an important character to my comic! Since I’ve designed her, I can’t get my mind off of the major part she’ll be in. It feels great, too! I’ve been on a writing frenzy since.

I don’t want to give too much away with her. Randi, one of the main protagonists to my comic, is an Immortal. He’s over 700 years old. He’s met a lot of people, and has had to leave all of them behind.

When this girl stumbles upon Randi one morning, everything she knew is turned upside-down. On the flip-side, Randi’s world is turned right-side up… I’m not going to say much more than that…

#4 Charini Melton

| November 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

Fourth character design from Point Blank (my someday-to-be webcomic).

Charini Melton is a scientist—well, she’s really just a researcher. But she knows a lot of underground information. She is meek and timid, and is constantly fearful of getting into trouble, especially when Adela and Randi (the main characters of the story) start pestering her about what she knows.

She often spends her time cooped up to herself and any person she is forced to work with in libraries, like everyone else who works in the research vicinity. The place she works in is directly linked to organization mentioned in my previous post. However, claims to know little to nothing about the experiments that are run behind the scenes…

#3 Experiment 1037

| November 6, 2010 | 6 Comments

Finally got around to completing more characters!! Oh man, I feel so behind now @[email protected]

Anyway, continuing with more Point Blank (PB) concept sketches~
This has been one I’ve been wanting to draw out for a while but was too afraid because it’s not something I usually draw… I’m pretty darn happy with the end result, though! Never underestimate yourself—that’s the lesson to be taught here 😉

The bar code is something every experiment has on their right wrist. Couldn’t see it on this one because he’s not facing us >_< It's a way to identify and catalog them.

I'm going to be pretty vague with this one: In PB, there is a civil war that's beginning to break loose. Experiments like these are the cause. The organization is making these in hopes of achieving beings that are equal to the Immortals and use them against their enemies… however, they also want to increase many attributes to make super beings capable of wiping out many.

Mostly they can achieve the increased attributes, but not the immortal/invisibility part… In fact, they are far from it. Most of the experiments are failures and die off early or become to weak to function properly. This is one of the few experiments that was considered a "successes…"

#2 Bruno

| November 2, 2010 | 4 Comments

Meet Bruno, the stock-holder to a tavern, the first interior scene, from my someday-to-be comic! Since he’s more or less of a minor character, I never got around to fleshing out his design.

Bruno is a stocky guy who likes to use logic and reason. He’s honest, doesn’t kid around much, and yet he’s not the kind of guy who loses his temper very easily. He runs the tavern with his family (Bruno, wife, and son). Usually business runs pretty dry unless it rains (no pun intended). Here’s a picture of his wife being clumsy.

Bruno knows a lot about Randi, one of the protagonists of the story. He knows enough about Randi to know what he gave up to the Keeper of the Keys, as well. Having this knowledge is useful, and it actually creates a bond of trust between them.

Bruno is also the guy who finds Adela, the main character, unconscious in the Azubah Valley. In bringing her back to the tavern she and Randi finally meet.

#1 Keeper of the Keys

| November 2, 2010 | 11 Comments

The Keeper of the Keys–I decided to take this challenge as a way to start drawing out all of my character ideas for my someday-to-be comic, Point Blank. The story revolves around Adela, a girl in search of her missing father in the unforgiving wastelands of the Azubah Valley, and her encounter with the mysterious Mithrandir (or Randi for short), an Immortal.

In the Azubah Valley, there are legends circulating about Immortals, people who have made deals with the mysterious man known as the Keeper of the Keys (KOTK) in order to obtain eternal life. To do so, it is said they must trade a part of which binds them to their mortal state thus making them immortal, but what they have given up is never quite what they expect it to be. Immortality comes at a high price… Of course they want KOTK to reverse the effects, but he vanishes as soon as the damage has been done, and he leaves with whatever is taken. His motives and current whereabouts are unknown.