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11/24/2012: Tihana Zoric, Human Secret Agent

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NAME: Jagoda Tihana Zoric  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Earth (Croatia)

An Olympic swimmer for her home country of Croatia, Tihana also served her nation in a more covert fashion. In the midst of infiltrating a human trafficking ring in London, Tihana was abducted by a Voltraggi stealth vessel. Now, the Earth and its surrounding reality destroyed by a Universal Collapser, Tihana has been left without a home. Given a place within the Dominion, Tihana was now spies on Nexus City for the agency, keeping a keen eye on Circle-Tech in particular.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#29 Agent Spektor

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Agent Spektor

No one knows who Agent Spektor was before he died, but since his death he’s been working for U.N.S.C.E.N.E. as Agent Elvis-714’s partner.

Like all ghosts that try to interact with the living, Spektor wears clothes and a mask to show his form. His powers include the ability to pass through walls, levitation and on occasion, he can possess the living.

Day 22 Agent Adios

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Agent Adios is the code name for Lupe Ayon, a girl discovered to have an unusual apptitude for killing. Saved from a life on the streets she is molded over a period of years into an elite assasin.

As of this post, this years 30 character in 30 days event is over. I made 22! I’m not sure if the site will close to submissions, but I only have 8 to go so I’m going to attempt to finish the challenge.

# 20 : The Jackal

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A technological cultist, The Jackal

Once a former Loman Field Agent, Farwed Zachari came upon the Heliopolis Society and instead of preventing their operations of stealing one of the recently discovered  Emerald Tablets of Thoth, assisted in their escape and killed two of his comrades. Now a member of the Heliopolis Society, Farwed was placed within the Order of Set and donned the guise of Set’s son, Anubis. As Agent Anubis, Farwed raided and stole experimental equipment from the Loman Institutes Research Labs and became the Heliopolis Society’s top agent.

Farwed began to take on contract work on the side and gave himself the handle , The Jackal, as a nod to his membership with the Heliopolis Society. Farwed’s biggest crime was the attempted highjacking of the Loman Organization’s top airship, The Abraxis. Though the Loman Organization’s personnel were successful in fending off the invasion, The Jackal still eluded capture and is still in possession of classified experimental tech.

Abilities: As a former Loman Agent, Zachari is knowledgeable of occult and ancient cultures, while trained in weapons and hand to hand combat. As a member of the Heliopolis Society, Zachari has expanded his knowledge in all aspects of the occult, while under the Order of Set, Zachari now possesses knowledge of black magic, particularly death curses.

In addition to mystical talents, Zachari possesses a prototype nanotech/memory cloth hybrid body armor with a neural interface that enables the suit to shapeshift into components to aid the user. These abilities also include a stealth mode and physical enhancements that make The Jackal an imposing threat.

Creation: Initially, The Jackal was going to be a tiger themed villain for a superhero comic, but once the project was abandoned, I set about in reworking the look. I came up with the Jackal idea and was setting him up as a street level foe, with a Ghost Rider spiked biker suit and chain belt. Then when working on the Loman Organization, I figured a way to implement him via elements of the real-life Heliopolis Society, which was an antagonistic force in Dark Horse’s Edward Gray comics, and my fictional Order of Set cult idea. His suit is based on previous X-Men leather outfits, with the Gantz suits being the heavy influence on his visual style, while making key areas around the suit (collar & gloves) resemble something Egyptian. I also practiced a lot on drawing that head, from every angle and from every look to nail it down. In fact, when one of my friends was making a Jackal themed character, I instructed him on designing the character’s helmet based on my own experiences in drawing jackal-inspired headwear. Just wanted to make that special anecdote known.


#16: Deidra Edelweiss

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A master of the elements, Deidra Edelweiss.

Deidra was only a baby when her parents, Diplomats for the Loman Organization, were killed during a Vampire Clan conference. She was taken in by family friends, as per her parents wishes, and raised only knowing them as her family. When her powers began to manifest, she fought to keep them hidden out of fear of her family finding out. It wasn’t until she unintentionally caused a school wide blackout, that her parents figured out it was her and introduced her to Arthur Loman. Arthur introduced Deidra to other witches in teaching her how to better understand and harness her burgeoning abilities. Though she found the classes fun, Deidra still felt lonely, until she met Walter Ramsey. Walter made Deidra feel like she has a home away from home as she treated him like the daughter he never got to spend time with, and Deidra had the surrogate father/brother that she lacked while staying at the Loman Institute.

As an agent of Loman , Deidra is the second-in-command alongside Adam Mortensen for Team Zeus. She is well respected and a level-headed foil to Adam’s headstrong tendencies, and one of the team’s heavy hitters with her powerful, yet unpredictable elemental spellcasting. She is one of the more well-adjusted members of the Loman Organization as she balances time with the Organization and with her foster family and friends. Though strong, Deidra still carries a burden of not truly knowing her birth parents, and though she can access their files, Deidra is relunctant to find out the truth about her parents, and she is content with that fact.

Abilities: Deidra is a powerful witch whose magic proficiency is Elemental Magic. Deidra is capable of calling forth the elements in aiding her offensively and defensively, yet certain spells will yield unintentional results depending on the range Deidra casts it. For example, a close range fire wall is easy for Deidra to cast, yet firing off a large column of fire from afar will cause the fire to spin wildly and not land directly at her intended target. This is mainly due to Deidra having to channel the natural forces of nature, which are difficult to control in general.

Deidra has shown varying skills in the following elements;

Fire: Her most utilized ability. Deidra is able to cast fire spells of varying levels, from fireballs to flame tornados.

Lightning.: Her second most common ability; Deidra is able to cast bolts of lighting from her fingers to calling down a bolt of lighting to the ground.

Wind: Though skilled, Deidra uses this ability more for defense, or in combination with other elements.

Water: Deidra only uses water spells  when she is in proximity to a water source, yet when she does, can create various water constructs and tidal waves.

Earth: Deidra’s least used ability due to the mental exertion it causes, Deidra is capable of launching a column of stone to delivering a powerful earthquake.

Though an Element Specialist, Deidra is capable of using other spells in her field work;

-Tracking Spells

-Defensive Wards

-Potion making

– Curses

– Scrying

Deidra is trained in Basic Combat training and adept in small arms weaponry. She possesses skills in Linguistics, Forensic Research, and in Piloting.

Creation: Deidra is one of the first two magic style characters I conceptualized in my mind for the Loman Organization. Initially, I was going to utilize a traumatic experience in her power manifestation, yet it was through Carlos’s suggestion, that we made her more of a well-adjusted and self-assured character by using the Jean Grey approach to her backstory; girl’s powers manifest, causes some disruption, family seeks aid for their child to a specialist. Her outfit was influenced from a cover of Runaways from Nico Minorou’s dress. Her dress intially had torso pockets, and I extended the design to go over her shoulders. I included back packages for her to carry items/weapons and mini-pouches on her armbands, which carry implements for her spellcasting. I also added additional detail to her boots, as those were a problem for me in finalizing their final design.


#12 U.N.S.C.E.N.E. Director

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U.N.S.C.E.N.E. Director

As director of the United Nations Secret Committee on Extra Normal Events, the man known only by the alias Alan Smithee oversees a network of agents that monitor the actions of superly-abled beings and investigate reports of supernatural and extraterrestrial activities.

It is unknown whether the director worked his way up through the ranks of U.N.S.C.E.N.E. or if he was an outside candidate appointed by The Three, a cabal of 3 unknown U.N. delegates to whom the director reports.

Despite his secretive nature, the director has the best interest of the world and his agents in mind.

#11: E.S.C.O.

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The Electrifying Arm of the Law, E.S.C.O.

Standing for Electro . Static. Civil. Officer., E.S.C.O. is the go-to in dealing with intense meta-situations as he is one of the few super-powered beings working within the law enforcement path. Billed as an advanced android provided by Asimov Technologies, E.S.C.O. is, in fact, a human named Armando Ruiz who is endowed with electrical powers that he uses to stun his opponents while a constant static pulse field around his body repels all metallic projectiles, making him effectively bulletproof. Armando’s powers came about him at around puberty, when he accidentally caused a blackout during one of  Chicago’s heatwave attacks. Though powerful, Armando sought out a  practical use for his powers. First, by self teaching himself and researching all aspects of electricity and magnetism at the library, as he couldn’t use a computer without shorting it out. As he became a little more competent with his abilities, to the point of shielding himself in order to interact with technology, and was deciding on a college, he was approached by the Loman Organization to be utilized as a field agent. He spent much of college years as an Agent of Loman, until he stepped down and decided to use his abilities to serve the police force. Thanks to Loman, Armand was placed in Chicago’s S.W.A.T. division and is the starting member of the Powers Division, a unit designated to respond and engage in super-powered crime and conflicts.

With the starting of Frontline, E.S.C.O. serves as both a part-time member and as a liaison between the Chicago Police Force and the Superhuman Community. E.S.C.O. stills hides behind a mask to protect those he stands to lose most of all, his wife and newborn son.

Abilities: E.S.C.O. possesses electromagnetic and eletrostatic abilities. Capable of projecting bolts of electricity, yet possess little to no control in regards to aim; using “taser lines” housed in his gloves as focal tool in order to direct his charges. A constant electrical field around him nullifies most incoming projectiles, making him safe from bullets, knives, and metallic debris. However, energy projectiles and non-metallic objects can get past his field, while his field also disrupts most tech with his immediate vicinity. Able to make metallic objects “repel” or “attract” to one another by supercharging it with static energy. Uses this method to levitate and on a sack of ball bearings to cause confusion amongst enemies.

E.S.C.O.’s armor is harder carbon plate armor with energy channeling discs to regulate Armando’s  energy flow with standard issue S.W.A.T. attire. His equipment consists of a bag of ball bearings, taser lines, metallic discs, plastic cuffs, carbon steel telescopic batons, mini antenna, and portable riot shield.

Creation: E.S.C.O. is actually based on my best friend from High School, as this was his hip hop name he gave himself amongst his circle of friends and I used his middle name  for the secret identity of the character. I wanted to employ as a character and juggled the idea around since college. He went through various revisions until I stuck with utilizing aspects of a police uniform for his character design, more specifically in the S.W.A.T. attire. The helmet came from S.W.A.T. Team helmets with a modified face mask, while I based a concept sketch of Havok from X-Men to tool around with the top, as a Special Weapons And Tactics officer would use a special kind of attire to make him stand out from you conventional S.W.A.T. wardrobe.

#6 Santa-1

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Santa-1 is an agent for the United Nations Secret Committee on Extra Normal Events. U.N.S.C.E.N.E. is a clandestine organization that investigates extraterrestrial and supernatural threats and oversee activities of the superly-abled.

It is unknown whether agent Santa-1 is the true Santa, a clone or just an imposter. The only thing known about Santa-1 is that he has been an agent with U.N.S.C.E.N.E. since its secret founding by the United Nations in 1947, after the Roswell UFO incident alerted the U.N. to the existence of extraterrestrials and also released an energy that would later mutate people conceived after the crash.