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| November 3, 2011 | 3 Comments

The Perfect Babysitter

Tired of seeing your children sad after a long, tiring day at work? Do you want them under surveillance, and communicate with them at such a long distance?

Fear no more for the NANIBOT will surely serve those purposes.

Built to be the perfect babysitter, the NANIBOT can recognize languages from over 40 countries! Dialects included.

Do not worry about water, because this bot is waterproof! And speaking of water, the robot comes equipped with a twin-beverage dispenser. Tap twice on the faucet to use. And tap 3 fingers on the faucet if you want to take them out, attached to a hose.

The detachable hat comes equipped with a built-in wireless camera, which could also be used for a webcam. This way, you could see the darling smiles on your children and ask about their days at school. The camera can also turn 180 degrees just in case your children are away from the robot’s eyes! Speaking of eyes, there is a projector lens we provide if your children want to watch a movie.

The printer collar is USB-enabled, so if you have no printer at home, NANIBOT will help along with that! We have put 10 cartridges of ink into the NANIBOT, and if you need more, don’t hesitate to call us.

The hands are entirely changeable, provided you give us the licence. Our catalogue of tools include staplers, swatters, scissors and more!

For all this, we bring you a lifetime warranty if your robot has its batteries gone. If you had stored albums of your family into the robot’s hard drive, we can make sure to put it into your new NANIBOT.

It’s only US$999 but your lives will surely change if you adopt this NANIBOT into your family.

Here in A.I.ma.ROBO, we try to provide customers with the most efficient products.

((I thank my friend Okibi for giving me some technical ideas for the robot!))