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Day 15: Macey

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

A mysterious entity, Macey was only recently confirmed to be female.  People only catch brief glimpses of her silhouette if they’re lucky.  There are many rumors and speculations as to who or what she is, but nobody can say for certain.  Is she a ghost?  An old witch playing tricks on people, perhaps?  Or maybe she’s just an extremely sheltered and shy young girl doing her best to avoid people in general.  Who knows!

Day 14: Lee-Ann

| November 28, 2010 | 0 Comments

A 17-year-old mallrat who appears to be very comfortable with herself.  The truth is that like many teens she hates her body and has a horrible self-image, choosing to mask her bad self esteem with a loud disposition and clothes that purposely attract attention.  She is level-headed and will probably outgrow most of her friends eventually, but for now she is just a sad, rowdy, confused kid trying to figure out who she is.  She’s a virgin and doesn’t really seem to process the fact that she looks like a corner whore in this getup, but she’ll probably figure it out eventually 🙂  The pose I drew her in really doesn’t help her case though lmao

Day 13: Pietta

| November 28, 2010 | 0 Comments

Thanksgiving and work really busted into my drawing time so now I am playing catch-up!

Anyway, here’s Pietta, a harpy girl who has a very bizarre personality.  Nobody can tell if she has a dark sense of humor or if she is actually crazy.  Nobody really picks up on her sarcasm either.  She is generally well-liked and respected though due to her kind disposition and graceful nature.

Day 11: Servin’ Girl

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

whatta little cutie!!!!!!  I bet she gets ALL the tips.

Day 10: The Huehe

| November 15, 2010 | 1 Comment

Huehe (pronounced “hweh”) are creatures that make their homes largely in damp forests and in coastal areas, although smaller populations can be found in more frigid regions.  They are predators but rarely attack people, choosing to hang back from populated areas for the most part.  Huehe are very peculiar because their growth rate is completely unpredicted.  While all Huehe are born at about the size of an average newborn kitten, their sizes at adulthood vary wildly.  Some stay tiny their entire life, while others can get as big as horses.  Bigger specimens have been reported but are extremely rare.
People have spent generations breeding Huehe for different sizes and uses.  Many people keep the smaller Huehe as pets, and farmers/traders tend to use the larger ones for transportation.  There are a million other uses for the creatures though, and the people of the world won’t be done exploiting the species any time soon!

Day 9: Chipo

| November 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

I feel bad copping out with a scribbly tegakie entry on this one, so I apologize!

Anyway this is Chipo, or “Chip” as she likes to be called.  The only word able to describe her accurately is bitch, unfortunately.  A self proclaimed fashion master and alcoholic in denial, Chipo loves all the stereotypical things a woman her age (24) might like:  clubbing, flirting, acting better than everyone else, caring about stupid things like celebrity lifestyles, doing anything to be rich and spending money she doesn’t have, etc.  She is hard-pressed for any real, decent friends since she pushes everyone away after at least a few months of being around her if not a few seconds.
Her only real dream is to become a teacher someday.  The one thing she truly takes pleasure in is being around children, and she is actually quite good and responsible when it comes to them.  However, her reputation as an irresponsible, rude party girl makes it pretty hard to get any good babysitting jobs, let alone being able to teach in a classroom.  All anyone can hope is that she changes her ways before something terrible happens.

Day 8: Oleg

| November 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

Still a few days behind, but here’s Oleg!  He’s the elder of the village the other characters live in, and spends a lot of time at the bar Kerry works for.  He has a lot of life experience and tries to share it with everyone he meets.  Some children are afraid of him since he sometimes tends to play pranks on them in order to teach them lessons.  Other children and even adults will come to him for advice or to listen to stories about the old days.  The hat he wears is a memento from someone he knew when he was just a young man.

His golden horns are a pretty rare sight, inciting wonder & curiosity from the village folk, but Oleg always insists that there is nothing special about him and that “the golden horns are in the eye of the beholder” and other such old person wisdom.

Day 7: Cactikeek

| November 12, 2010 | 4 Comments

Felt like taking a break and just drawing something downright cute.  Cactus kitty!

Day 6: Len

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Len is an old dog-like creature that belongs to Judge and his family, but there is much more to his story than being a simple house pet.  While everyone considers him such, Judge and Dr. Calpensky seem to have an especially close bond with him, even talking to him for hours at a time.  Those who observe this behavior dismiss it as a master being devoted to his pet, but Judge and Dr. Calp know something about Len that nobody else does…

On the other hand, Len lives his daily life pretty much exactly as a dog would:  lounging around, eating, playing with Evans and keeping watch over the household.  He also serves as a fun mode of transportation for Evans, hence the makeshift cushion saddle strapped to his back.

Day 5: Judge

| November 8, 2010 | 0 Comments

Judge is Evans’ dad and Dr. Calpensky’s friend/business partner.  He’s one of those handsome, intelligent, successful types.  He is very respected in his village and people in other towns know his name and reputation.  He seems like a pretty perfect guy, but deep down he’s got a couple skeletons in the closet.  Calpensky is the only person who knows exactly what those skeletons are, though.

Came down with the flu this weekend so forgive me for being a little rushed/behind haha.

Day 4: Kerry

| November 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

Kerry is Sebyn’s mom.  She works two jobs, one as a tutor and the other as a barista at a bar & grill establishment.  Despite having two jobs and working hard to support her family, Kerry is always in great spirits.  She is always patient and willing to listen, especially to children (or drunk citizens who act like children!)

Day 3: Dr. Calpensky

| November 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

Dr. Calpensky (aka Dr. Calp) runs the store that Sebyn works at.  He specializes in herbal medicines but tends to be curious about a little bit of everything the world has to offer.  He is surprisingly wise, despite his jolly and almost airheaded nature.  Dr. Calp is friends and business associates with Evans‘ father.

Day 2: Evans

| November 3, 2010 | 0 Comments

Decided to create some friends for Day 1’s Sebyn, starting with the obligatory love interest, Evans!  She lives on the opposite end of the village from Sebyn, only venturing to his neck of the woods to have meetings with her father’s business clients.  Her parents own one of the largest general stores in town and are very active in the community.  Evans has a good head on her shoulders, but is a little naive about the true circumstances and feelings of those less fortunate than her.  She feels like a normal kid, but tends to get shunned by her peers because they assume she is just a pompous brat.  Her mature lack of concern for their spite further cements their opinion of her.

Sebyn knows Evans from her many trips to visit the shopkeeper he works for.  He will make any excuse to work when he hears that she’ll show up.  Evans is always kind and Sebyn has made it his personal goal to make the other kids realize that.

Anyway, Evans is a perky and bright young gal who doesn’t know it yet but will probably have very big dreams soon!  (Perhaps of the adventure variety WHO KNOWS!)

Day 1: Sebyn

| November 1, 2010 | 7 Comments

Unfortunately my day one post is sort of a quickie!  I’ve been busy and am leaving to see Tim & Eric in Seattle tonight so not a whole lot of draw time.  Anyway, this is Sebyn.  He belongs to an as of yet unnamed race of creatures who probably inhabit some distant planet etc.

He hails from a small inland village on said planet.  Sebyn is an easygoing guy who gets along with his fellow villagers and whose main role in town is helping out one of the shopkeepers.  He probably has a love interest and big dreams, but we’ll have to wait & see!

PS lots of great submissions so far, keep it up y’all!