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#18 : Zintar

| November 30, 2012 | 0 Comments

The last wish of Joseph Zintar was to live forever. His son, a scientist working on the CHAMPS project granted him that wish. Before he died, his son transferred his brain waves into an experimental synthoid giving him everlasting life.

Day Nine: Space Piratex

| November 13, 2012 | 0 Comments


Space, that was the dream. Space — the place children (our future) all across her country had lived for, before they discovered reality TV in their teen years, the place though which ufological wonks of all ages had wanted to drift.
The actual place was less majestic than the men and women of science-based television programing had promised and closer to an afternoon floating with the refuse of a billion people in the waves of a Lama Island beach in a waning Summer.
The Space Piratex probe didn’t mind, for a start she’d never been to any of Lama Island’s waste-disposal beaches and so was unable to see the sad similarity. No, an enterprising class of public school over-achievers hadn’t built her to despair at the state of the space, Space Piratex had been built to win that class the finals of the “Sweep It Under the Rug: Environmental Solutions” competition. Her directives were clear: clean, clean that cosmos up long enough to get her masters a photo in three of their local papers. It was a task she probably could have completed too, if it weren’t for those attention lacking kids and their rudimentary android building skill sets.

#18 H.A.R.O.L.D.

| November 20, 2011 | 0 Comments


The Hardware Assistant Resistance and Organizing Lackey Droid is an automaton built by The Event following the first Invisible War.  The only one aware of The Event’s cosmic will, H.A.R.O.L.D. is an intermediate, doing The Event’s bidding and communicating for the entity.

Day 15 Matik

| November 19, 2011 | 0 Comments
Day 15 Matik for the 30 CharactersChallenge!Thanks for Checkin in!

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#4 Max Action

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

Max Action is an android creation of Hi-Q the super-scientist.To the world at large Max is a line of toys,that are promoted on a weekly cartoon show,but the truth is far weirder.Hi-Q built Max with Adapto-Gel Technology.By outfitting Max with the right “accessories” Hi-Q can send him into any situation,or against any foe,and expect him to win.Max’s skin tone is grey,and he wears a black body suit in his basic mode.By placing special hats  or hair on the brass colored sensors on his head Hi-Q alters his programming and clothing allowing Max to be anything from a Cowboy to a secret agent.Max has a communicator in his left wrist,and through the eyepieces in the back of his head allow others to see what he does,or view playback of scenes he’s recorded.Sales of the Max Action merchandise keep Hi-Q in research money.

#19 Z70, Medi-droid

| November 27, 2010 | 8 Comments

Z70 is a standard issue medical droid, equipped with the latest procedures and remedies for most ailments and injuries a human can endure.  Z70 happens to be more advanced than the Vega 7 and her medical unit – something that Z70 constantly runs into with every medical issue that arises onboard the vessel.

Z70 prides itself in being a cure-all, and to-date, has only lost one patient while aboard the Vega 7.

Z70 has been aboard the Vega 7 for one week.

#5 Commo D (Commodroid)

| November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

Robots from the future created these new creatures in the form of the obsolete computers of the past.This one is based on the old Bread bin styled Commodore C64. Retro fitted with 2 laser light guns, was this a good move…..?

This is just an ongoing test of these Retro Computer/Robot designs. Trying to create as many as possible within the 30 day challenge.

#4 Mega D (Mega Droid)

| November 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sega Megadrive robot. Created by sentient robots in the distant future.

Im soooo far behind in the 30d30c challenge, I’ve had no internet for the past few days, and I’m sticking with this excuse :) It’s no excuse really I’m just slow at making these robots, I have several Ideas for these characters but they are proving to be very hard to finish off, I’ll try to make as many as I can in the 30 days. Here is the latest Mega D (MegaDroid).