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#7 Sandferim

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#7 Sandferim


Warrior from heaven.

#5 Sarifa – The Fallen

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#5 Sarifa


Even in heaven, there are problems and unwanted behavior. It’s really easy to give up on desires and pleasure. Sarifa is no exception. She was once a member of the heavenly clan. She spent a lot of time with the human race. Because of selfish and pernicious nature of humans, Sarifa learned those things from them. Results were disastrous. She turned against her own clan. Now she is like a beast in a cage. Imprisonment with her own thoughts.

001 – Serenitatem

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Her name is “Serenity” in Latin.  She is a celestial guardian who has a family on earth.  From time to time, when allowed, she visits her human husband and half mortal son.  Note: the picture does show one wing, but she does have a complete pair (just didn’t draw the other one to include information on the page.)

#14 – Edam pu Eman

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A fallen (she prefers ‘escaped’ or ‘liberated’) angelic being who has escaped from the Eternal Watchtowers. This being appears as a cosmic party girl and calls herself Edam pu Eman (‘made up name’) in order to hide her True Name from the Enochian enforcers trawling space-time for her. She dips in and out of space-time while freeloading off the Transit System to take cheap vacations in other universes’ misery and generally cause mischief. While in these material planes her primary power comes from her mastery of ‘Celestial Speech’; her lies can sometimes become truths, making her a target for Hype Eaters. She’s always looking for someplace new and cool to land, and often appears to seekers or ascetics in the desert — Messiahs, dervishes, initiates, burners, researchers, militiamen, whatever. She just can’t resist messing with them at that point.

known to occasionally travel with a “PETRIKIN“.

#4 Seraph

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Angel of death / Worshiper of life

Seraph has the ability to force calcium deposits out of his skin forming into whatever he desires, and what he usually desires is weaponry.  His blood is a paralyzing toxin that he coats his bones with in order to get a leg up on his enemies.  He does not know why he can grow boney wings out of his back but has become adept at using them.  He is part of a super group that can not agree on their team name (he doesn’t care to call them anything in particular other than friends).  He is a strong soldier in that group and would gladly die for any of it’s members.

#16 Art

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Art was an American train conductor in the 1920’s. He did some shady things like sleep with people’s wives and smuggle alcohol (a lot of alcohol), but he was still kind, generous and charming. One day his train accidentally crashed and now he’s dead.
The angels running Heaven (while God deals with the rest of the world) deem him not quite good enough for a nice ‘retirement’ in heaven but not really corrupt enough for hell. They decide to put him in a menial labor job, namely transporting souls to and from heaven. There are other people like him with the same job, of course, so he specializes in the souls of anyone under 1 year of age. His train is now giant, invisible and infinitely long to accommodate every soul.
Art is pretty bummed out by the whole trip back to heaven, but he’s mostly just thankful that the away-train is less full than it was when he first started the job.

#17 – Angel of Life

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Day17 - Angel of Life by George Ward

The Angel of Life is the sister of the Angel of Death and has the job of bringing new life into the world.  She must make sure there is a balance of personality types in the world in order to maintain conflict without any side having the resources to overcome the others.  She also makes sure no one dies before they have accomplished their purpose on Earth.  She has no control over when people die, which is her sisters job, but she will argue with her sister to save a life that she feels needs to be spared

#10 Sanu

| November 13, 2011 | 2 Comments

Born on the big island of Hawaii, Sanu simply thought he was getting tribal tats put on his body – adding a belly design and paying tribute to his gang, when something went horribly wrong. as the last dot of ink was added to his belly design, more tattoos grew up his neck and over his face and head, and finally over his back. Something took him over. Something otherworldly, and now he is inhabitted by a spirit of unimaginable power. Sanu was placed on the team after leveling a small village on Molokai, killing everyone. He is used by the team primarily as a “nuke” – being brought into impossible situations where there is no other hope.

#11 Ghost of the Temple

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From an early age he was raised to protect his temple, and has done so long after the priests and the nuns passed on.

He guards it still even as the temple falls into disrepair from neglect, preventing the unholy from entering, and guarding the faithful who take refuge there.

#8 Inx, Fallen Angel Politician

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Fallen angels broke their halo’s to signify their allegiance. This had an odd effect on them, in Inx’s case it turned his eyes crazy and gave him ashen skin.

Fleeing from the lovecraftian apocalypse that befell Heaven, Inx took up residence in the Void Commonwealth. He became intent on improving the living conditions of the commonwealth, and so went into politics.

However he is met with suspicion at every turn, apparently no-one trusts a politician.

#8 Angel

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#6_Avenging Ascendant

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"Avenging Ascendant"

"Avenging Ascendant"

Day #2: Ignatius

| November 2, 2011 | 3 Comments

A seraph who ran away from heaven. He likes the color red and has made it his life’s duty to become it.

Doesn’t realize that it is illogical to “become” a color.
He’ll try anyways and nobody can stop him.

#27 Zacharael, the Fallen

| November 30, 2010 | 2 Comments

Once the Angel of Surrender, Zacharael himself surrendered to the doubt building in his heart, and in so doing became one of the Fallen.

#21 Lexi

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Most see Lexi for what she is: an exotic dancer. Fallen angels in every proffession, life would be easier if we could see the wings.

#10 Angel

| November 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

Angel is a kind, gentle soul whose graceful, caring nature is infectious.  She looks like the other angels on the outside, but she has a tendency to crave just a little bit of danger.  Angel travels to the beat of her own drum and has managed to find the kind of true love that evades most of us in her partner, Gritzfalde, even though the two of them are from completely different worlds (see post #11).

(Angel and Gritzfalde are inspired by friends of mine.)